To turn around sales declines, Pizza Hut is stepping up its digital ordering and delivery

Digiday :: Ordering pizza doesn’t mean calling Pizza Hut anymore. You can go to the company’s website or download an app, then track your delivery. You can speak your order to Amazon Echo by saying, “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut for a pizza.” You’ll soon able to do the same on Google Home.

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How food publisher Great British Chefs used research to increase branded content sales by 35 percent

Digiday :: The branded-content supply has become crowded. So U.K. foodie site Great British Chefs is trying to stand out by offering in-depth audience research.

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Wall Street was ready to write Twitter off, but rebound surprises investors

Reuters :: Twitter heads toward its quarterly earnings report on Thursday with a stock that has risen more than 40 percent since April when much of Wall Street was ready to write off the tech company.

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Google ruins to search for select users with auto-playing videos

The Verge :: For a select number of users, Google searches are about to become more annoying. The company is testing auto-playing videos in the Knowledge Panel of search results, as spotted by SEM Post.

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The Telegraph launches audio show for Google Home

Digiday :: “We’re at a point of inflection. In-home devices will make a big difference to bespoke audio content."

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Publishers are seeing another big decline in reach on Facebook

Digiday :: A publisher's Medium post lamenting declining Facebook reach sparked agreement and concern from a wide range of publishers.

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British media regulator Ofcom is considering whether 21st Century Fox is a “fit and proper” owner of Sky

Guardian :: Campaigners say the allegations against O’Reilly should alarm the watchdog, which can recommend that the government blocks 21st Century Fox’s £11.7bn bid for the 61% of Sky that it does not already own.

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