We all live in a place called Screenworld. As magazines go to video

Huffington Post :: The average American now spends a mind-boggling 8.5 hours a day, every day, staring at screens. iPhone screens, computer screens, tablet screens, television screens, screens in elevators, screens in gas stations. What do you think you are doing now but watching a screen.

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Trinity Mirror profits slip due to print ad slump and phone-hacking costs

Guardian :: Daily Mirror publisher says it will make further cost cuts and expects to hit its full-year profit forecasts.

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How Yahoo and AOL measure up in live video news

Digiday :: Yahoo's and AOL's approaches are slightly different, as Yahoo is counting on personalities like Katie Couric to drive interest and consumption, while AOL with its plans for The Huffington Post wants to build a 24-hour streaming news network.

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From The New York Times to Quartz, which publisher is king of the visual web?

Digiday :: Millennials don’t read, they scan. So publishers that aim to capture that coveted demographic are leaning toward images to catch their attention. But not all publishers handle this with the same panache.

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The Twitter bot that 'corrects' people who say 'illegal immigrant'

BBC News :: Two American journalists have created a Twitter bot that "corrects" people who tweet the term "illegal immigrant".

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The agency view on Vox Media: ‘The modern-day Condé Nast’

Digiday :: Vox Media has raised $110 over the past six years, and is reportedly about to raise more -- raising the question of how they’re going to produce the revenue to justify it. 

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Mashable published its first story that will be embedded with vertical videos for desktop, mobile and iOS

AdWeek :: The media company published its first story this morning that will be embedded with vertical videos for desktop, mobile and iOS, riding the wave of growing usage on mobile. 

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