As Shortlist publishes 400th issue editor predicts no new paid-for men's mags in UK

Press Gazette :: The editor of Shortlist has said he doesn’t think a paid-for men’s title will be launched again in the UK.

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China releases journalist accused of leaking state secrets

Wall Street Journal :: Gao Yu released on medical grounds after a court also separately reduced her sentence.

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Google GMail must login as a telecommunications services

News Directory :: Google is likely to go against the judgment of the Cologne Administrative Court in accordance to estimates by market observers to appeal. Google needed the announced on Wednesday Selection of 11 November on request not comment.

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National Readership Surve UK: More than half of Telegraph's national readership is mobile-only

Journalism.co.uk :: More than half of those who read The Daily Telegraph in the UK now do so from mobile devices only, according to the latest National Readership Survey (NRS) figures released today.

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Interception watchdog confirms 'reckless' Police Scotland abuse of RIPA to find journalists' sources

Press Gazette :: The government's interception of communications regulator has confirmed that Police Scotland unlawfully accessed phone records to find journalistic sources without judicial approval.

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Responding to digital change: Insights from The Huffington Post

Journalism.co.uk :: Jimmy Maymann, president, content and consumer brands, AOL, outlines how The Huffington Post has adapted to new trends in online news consumption

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Saudi Arabia to sue Twitter user who called poet's death sentence 'ISIS-like'

Newsweek :: Saudi Arabia's justice ministry plans to sue a Twitter user who compared the death sentence handed down on Friday to a Palestinian poet to the punishments meted out by Islamic State, a major government-aligned newspaper reported on Wednesday.

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