Russia 'will block' Google, Twitter and Facebook if they withhold blogger data

Guardian :: Russia’s media watchdog has written to Google, Twitter and Facebook warning them against violating Russian internet laws and a spokesman said they risked being blocked if they did not comply.

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New York Times: we can no longer review every movie

Guardian :: Chief critic AO Scott says newspaper lacks staff for universal coverage in move that could hit small documentary-makers’ chances of Oscars qualification.

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A Chinese secret: why mobile publishers are spending big bucks on their own in-app purchases

Venture Beat :: Seeding is definitely necessary,” NG told GamesBeat in an interview. “It’s important to keep your ranking in the app stores. Overseas, you only need to keep your download ranking, but in China, you have to worry about the revenue.

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Pakistani Journalists resign from developing Pakistani television network, Bol, to cut ties to its parent Axact

Guardian :: Several senior journalists resigned from a developing Pakistani television network, Bol, on Saturday, in the latest fallout from a crisis engulfing the channel’s parent company, Axact, a software firm that profited immensely from international sales of fake diplomas.

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Why does so much bad news about Africa emanate from foreign media outlets?

Sahara Reporters :: However, a few days later, the BBC would recant this story and apologize for misinforming and misleading the public. But it did not apologize for tarnishing the image of Nigeria in the international community and for scaring tourists away from us.

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Yemeni Oscar nominee Sara Ishaq banned from entering Palestine for literature festival

Mada Masr :: Israeli border staff barred filmmaker Sara Ishaq from entering Palestine to participate in the Palestine Festival of Literature on Friday at the Allenby Bridge between Amman and the West Bank.

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Snapchat to hire journalists for 2016 US presidential race

Guardian :: Photo-sharing platform continues move into news and media by building content team.

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