Hedge fund firm Tashtego mines Twitter information for stock tips

Bloomberg :: Tashtego, backed by early Twitter Inc. investor Spark Capital, plans to raise a fund that will use consumer sentiment and trader behavior from social networks to bet on and against U.S. stocks.

Read Sabrina Willmer, www.bloomberg.com

In 10 years from now on 90% of news will be produced by bots

New York Times :: LET me hazard a guess that you think a real person has written what you’re reading. Maybe you’re right. Maybe not.

Read Shelley Podolny, www.nytimes.com

When your newspaper wants to make a big statement, make sure you’re making it online too

Nieman Lab :: Indiana’s passed a bill that many say allows state-sanctioned discrimination by businesses against gays and lesbians, and it’s led to a huge backlash. The state’s dominant paper, The Indianapolis Star wanted to take a strong stand on the matter, so it pulled out perhaps the biggest weapon a newspaper has — a front-page editorial:

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Rubicon CEO Frank Addante predicts ad tech will both consolidate and boom

Venture Beat :: The ad tech industry will undergo a “combination of consolidation and expansion,” Rubicon Project CEO and founder Frank Addante told VentureBeat today, the day after his company announced its purchase of intent marketing firm Chango.

Read Barry Levine, venturebeat.com

The Economist wants to give you a sense of completeness, even if that’s an illusion

LinkedIn Pulse :: The Economist wants its audience to feel like they have learned whatever they need to know about a topic by reading its coverage, regardless of the format.

Read Mathew Ingram, www.linkedin.com

Facebook's Newest Video App Is A Viral Video Experiment

Buzzfeed :: The purpose of Riff is to create short clips — anywhere from one to a few seconds, preferably under some kind of theme or “Topic,” and then send them out into the world for friends to add their own clips to create a longer montage-style video.

Read Charlie Warzel, www.buzzfeed.com

A substantial majority of smartphone owners use their phone to follow along with news events

Pew Internet :: According to a new report from Pew Research Center, a majority of American smartphone owners use their devices to check the news.

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