Google just boosted the odds that it will eventually acquire Twitter

Fortune :: That's why Google decided to bury the hatchet recently and cut a deal with Twitter to get access to the company's real-time “firehose” of user data. 

Read Mathew Ingram, fortune.com

BlockFeed’s geotagged approach to local news

Digiday :: There’s no shortage of challenges for local news publishers. Not only are the scale and monetization issues still unresolved, but now local news sites also risk being edged out on tech and data by their pure-play tech counterparts. 

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

Why Wendy’s went upscale on Instagram

Digiday :: Wendy’s has revamped its Instagram strategy in favor of more arty content, even roping in Instagram influencer and photographer Nathan Michael to shape this “more professional” new look. 

Read Tanya Dua, digiday.com


The Walt Disney Company reported profit of $2.48bn for the fiscal third quarter

New York Times :: The Walt Disney Company reported profit of $2.48 billion for the fiscal third quarter, translating to a higher-than-expected $1.45 a share.

Read Brooks Barnes, www.nytimes.com

The state of self-publishing in Germany

Publishing Perspectives :: In a new survey on self-publishing in Germany, indie authors report more satisfaction, longer term commitments to self-publishing, and wariness of traditional publishers.

Read Ingrid Süßmann, publishingperspectives.com

Periscope has launched “Couch Mode,” which lets you scroll through people’s livestreams

AdWeek :: Do you want to watch an endless stream of people’s videos online? Great, Periscope has launched “Couch Mode,” which lets you scroll through people’s livestreams just like you would click through your channel guide on your TV.

Read Karen Fratti, www.adweek.com

Snapchat spurs debate on how life in Cairo should be represented

Mada Masr :Multimedia posts on life in Cairo, uploaded to photo-sharing application Snapchat and compiled into a video following a call for contributions on Sunday, have elicited sentiments of pride and shame among Egyptians.

Read Staff, MadaMasr, www.madamasr.com