DirecTV settles Al Jazeera suit

Multichannel :: DirecTV has reached a settlement with Al Jazeera on its one-year-old lawsuit against the programmer in a deal that is likely part of a broader carriage agreement.

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How Grasswire wants to be a 'looking glass into the editorial process'

journalism.co.uk :: Crowdsourced news platform Grasswire relaunched this week, allowing readers to contribute to stories, write their own pieces, and even join the site's digital newsroom through Slack.

Read Catalina Albeanu, www.journalism.co.uk

Publishers today cannot longer display ads on their terms

Stratechery :: The future for most publishers is likely that of pure content production only, save for the few — like Gruber — who are destination sites capable of selling native advertising in stream.

Read Ben Thompson, stratechery.com

Sun and Independent launch Aylan-inspired refugee campaigns as Mail maintains tougher line

Press Gazette :: The Sun today launched a campaign urging the UK to give 3,000 orphan refugee children foster homes in the UK. This figure is based on the UN's "fair shair" analysis that Britain should take a proportion of 26,000 migrant orphans in Europe.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

BBC Russian's Seva Novgorodsev: 'The facts are the last thing they think of'

Guardian :: The veteran World Service presenter on how his homeland has changed under Putin, his 38 years with the BBC, and why news needs a ‘human face’.

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Rebekah Brooks' ex-security boss vows to blow whistle

Guardian :: Mark Hanna says he is disgusted Brooks has been re-employed and will reveal details of time at Murdoch papers

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Should Twitter lose the 140-character limit or would that be suicide?

Fortune :: Some believe Twitter’s 140-character limit is holding it back. But removing it risks losing one of the things that made the service so successful in the first place.

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