Instagram will top 100 million US users by 2018

eMarketer :: The number of US Instagram users increased nearly 60% in 2014, bringing the social network's US monthly user base to 64.2 million people,.

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Publishers see finite rewards from infinite scroll

Digiday :: Publishers are in a battle for readers' attention, and one way they're fighting back is with the endless scroll that serves up a continuous stream of articles. But while some of its adopters insist it's leading people to read more stories, there are questions about its user-friendliness and effectiveness in driving pageviews and advertising goals.

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Political journalism in a networked age: value of digital data and the era of transnational news network

Columbia Journalism Review :: The leak of the NSA documents provides much information about political journalism in a networked age. The most important patterns are these: Individual sources have improved leverage, transnational news networks are becoming both essential and normal, and digital data is undermining older patterns of journalistic reputation.

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Uber launches print magazine in the US

Business Insider :: Uber, the $41 billion ride hailing company, is launching a quarterly print magazin.

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How China uses j-visas to punish international media for critical coverage

CPJ :: An emailed report on results of the most recent survey (which can be viewed here) found the visa registration process was smoother than in previous years, but "Chinese authorities are continuing to abuse the press card and visa renewal process in a political manner."

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Twitter has launched an embedding feature for Twitter-hosted videos

TechCrunch :: Twitter has launched an embedding feature for Twitter-hosted videos, letting you put any movies shot using its native video capture and publishing tool on your site, complete with an embed button on Twitter’s on website.

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Death is the only reliable news in Aleppo. It doesn't need to be confirmed by any source. People are the source

Al Akhbar :: Battles are raging in the Aleppo countryside, but the residents of the city itself have stopped following the news of the fighting.

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