Raju Narisetti named CEO of what was Gawker Media

CNN Money :: Raju Narisetti is the new CEO of the Gawker-less Gawker Media Group, which is being renamed the Gizmodo Media Group.

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Fanning the flames: Reporting on terror in a networked world

CJR :: Terrorism is a brutal and violent practice, but it is also a media phenomenon. Terror is vital news: a dramatic, important story that the public needs to know about and understand. But terrorism also relies on such publicity to disrupt society, provoke fear, and demonstrate power. This problematic relationship predates digital technology. 

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Social media during terrorist attacks: How useful is it for journalists?

GEN :: The role that social media plays in the process of gathering, and sharing the news of a terrorist attack, is bigger than it looks. How useful is social media for journalists covering terrorism?

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Apple adds ABC News to Apple TV's 'Live Tune-In' support

Apple Insider :: Apple on Thursday added ABC News to the roster of apps supported by Live Tune-In, a feature of the fourth-generation Apple TV.

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Old Gawker Media stories are getting new life in Spanish

Poynter :: The Spanish-language media company is also experimenting with ways to magnify the audience of the newly rechristened Gizmodo Media Group. 

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Google's Jigsaw subsidiary is building open source AI tools to spot trolls

Venture Beat :: Can Google bring peace to the web with machine learning? Jigsaw, a subsidiary of parent company Alphabet is certainly trying, building open source AI tools designed to filter out abusive language. 

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Elle teams up with Twitter in activation at Australian HQ

mUmBRELLA :: Elle is partnering with Twitter Australia on September 12, in a ‘world first’ activation that gives exclusive insight into the production of the women’s magazine.

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