In the shadow of Facebook, Twitter loses traction with publishers

Digiday :: Social publishing is becoming a zero-sum game. As media companies clamor for readers on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter is losing the attention battle.

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News app retention: How ESPN uses “live cards” to keep people in their app

Digiday :: For ESPN, getting users to watch video on its mobile app is a pretty big deal. But the sports media giant thinks it can serve you video in a way that doesn’t prevent you from accessing other content on the app — and in doing so, getting you to stick around longer.

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Takeaways from world’s first constructive journalism conference

WAN-IFRA :: Constructive journalism is about reporting problems – like traditional journalism – as well as providing solutions that inspire readers to take action rather than leaving them feeling hopeless.

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Journalism that bursts Britain’s Eurosceptic bubble

Guardian :: This year’s European Press Prize, as always, reveals a diverse, outward-looking culture far away from the familiar Brussels stereotype.

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Who on earth would want to be BBC chair now?

Guardian :: The mighty new corporation board needs a big player to run it. But who will take such a high-stress job on Mrs May’s austerity wages?

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Facebook reportedly cloning Snapchat Discover to add more real news to your feed

Fortune :: Facebook’s envy of Snapchat has been well-documented—as have its attempts over the years to imitate various features of the mobile video-messaging service. Virtually none of these efforts have managed to gain much traction with user

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Twitter may have predicted the election

MIT Technology Review :: The votes for Brexit and Donald Trump contradicted pollsters, but some researchers say Twitter was sending accurate signals all along.

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