Twitter generates more revenue from each of its advertisers than Facebook or Google

Business Insider :: Google and Facebook may have a massive lead over Twitter in terms of number of advertisers, but this isn't actually such bad news for Twitter, BI Intelligence finds.

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The ISIS Twitter census: Defining and describing the population of ISIS supporters on Twitter

Brookings :: Although much ink has been spilled on ISIS’s activity on Twitter, very basic questions about the group’s social media strategy remain unanswered. In a new analysis paper, J.M. Berger and Jonathon Morgan answer fundamental questions about how many Twitter users support ISIS, who and where they are, and how they participate in its highly organized online activities.

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Predictive Consumer Generated Ads: Brands can now insert your social media photos into Facebook ads

AdWeek :: Brands already incorporate social media photos from consumers into their next big advertising campaigns. Now, there's a new way for them to promote those images in Facebook campaigns too.

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You can geotag over 80% of public Tweets just based on whom a user interacts with

Business Insider :: A paper from Ryan Compton, David Jurgens, and David Allen explains a new method for tracking the location of Twitter users to about 6km based on whom they interact with. Using the method, the researchers say, they're able to "geotag over 80% of public tweets."

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The next stage in the battle for our attention: Our wrists

Nieman Lab :: News companies have moved from print dollars to digital dimes to mobile pennies. Now, with the highly anticipated launch of the Apple Watch, the screens are getting even smaller. How are smart publishers thinking about the right way to serve users and maintain their attention on smartwatches?

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How four top publishers use Facebook for video?

The Media Briefing :: How are The Economist, Al Jazeera, the Financial Times and Le Nouvel Obs using Facebook video - and what benefits are they each seeing?

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Why Mail Online remains a responsive design holdout

Digiday :: Not all mobile-first design trends are desirable from a commercial point of view.

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