Global game: The internationalisation of UK newspaper audiences

The Media Briefing :: For many publishers, finding ways to expand into new territories isn't just a huge opportunity, it's absolutely necessary.

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Iranian photojournalist reportedly detained after covering protest against acid attacks

New York Times :: An Iranian photojournalist was reported to have been detained on Friday, two days after his images of protesters deploring acid attacks on women in the city of Isfahan were published by news organizations around the world.

Read Robert Mackey, www.nytimes.com

Contributoria and De Correspondent: New models for sustainable independent journalism?

The Media Briefing :: New projects like De Correspondent and Contributoria have the admirable aims of creating truly self-sustaining independent journalism models - but is the start of a trend or just a series of flukes?

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Guardian CEO on openness, platform responsibilities and why the BBC should share its video

The Media Briefing :: The Guardian's ownership structure and may put it in an unusual position as a media company, but it's allowing the newspaper to build a an editorial and commercial model around principles better suited to the web than most of its competitors.

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TV-Twitter integration: you'll never watch alone

The Media Briefing :: Microsoft has begun integrating Twitter feeds into its video-on-demand service on the latest versions of its home console, the Xbox One.

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Snowden filmmaker Laura Poitras: ‘Facebook is a gift to intelligence agencies’ (washingtonpost.com)

Washington Post :: In January 2013, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras received an e-mail that would eventually change what the world knew about government surveillance.

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Afghan newspapers blasphemy causes protests after rebuking Isis and Islam

Guardian :: Comment piece in Afghanistan Express launched ‘by technical error’ also attacked Taliban and said Islam is parochial religion.

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