How The Verge is trying to shed its tech-for-bros image

Digiday :: The Verge, like many of its tech-news peers, started out as a predominately guy-focused site, but to meet the growth demands of the digital economy, it has had to become more female-friendly. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Snapchat is building an ad technology platform

Digiday :: Snapchat is starting to work on a crucial part of any growing digital ad business: an API that would let third-party technology partners plug in and start buying ad spots.

Read Garett Sloane, digiday.com

EU executive body to debate controversial new Polish media law

RFERL :: The European Union’s executive body will take up the issue of controversial new amendments to Poland’s media law when it meets later this month. 

Read Staff, RFE/RL, www.rferl.org


2016 predictions: Can upstarts like Vice and Buzzfeed keep their cool?

Guardian :: Last year saw the digital media upstarts step up a gear, and 2016 looks set to see them consolidate their place alongside established media businesses.

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

Content tax makes German iPhones, iPads (a little) more expensive

Recode :: If you’re reading this in Germany, and you waited until the New Year to buy a new iPhone or iPad, your device-to-be just got more expensive.

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

What the Boston Globe's former editor felt while watching Spotlight

Cinema Blend :: Baron oversaw the investigation into the rampant child abuse in and around Boston. You can imagine that seeing yourself being portrayed up on screen is somewhat bizarre, but rather than being unable to invest in the film because he was one of the characters, Baron insisted that he actually became emotional while watching it. 

Read Gregory Wakeman, www.cinemablend.com

Will you e-read on your ‘e-frigerator'?

The Digital Reader :: Chris Meadows over at Teleread brings our attention to Samsung's next refrigerator. It comes equipped with a large screen but something tells me that we're not going to be reading on it.

Read Nate Hoffelder, the-digital-reader.com