Sarah Koenig on 'Serial': 'I think something went wrong with this case'

NPR :: On Thursday's All Things Considered, creator — and sudden celebrity of a very particular kind — Sarah Koenig talks to Audie Cornish. Koenig says that she doesn't regret being as open as she was about her own reactions to people in the case, despite the fact that journalists, like anyone, can be manipulated.

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Why New York magazine isn’t changing its bogus headline

Poynter :: New York magazine ran with a too-good-to-be-true tale Sunday featuring a teen who managed to score millions on the stock market before getting his high school diploma.

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A PR perspective - The Sony hack, shooting the messenger in a time of crisis

Huffington Post :: There are a few good reasons as to why Sony's latest approach violates traditional rules of crisis communications.

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Politico editor Susan Glasser: We’re in a ‘period of growth and rising ambition’

Washington Post :: Since the start of 2014, about 40 reporters, editors and producers have left Politico.

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Tip: How to make images on your blog work on social media

Journalism.co.uk :: Find out what sizes work best and what data you need to add when uploading images to Wordpress

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Kenya goes after Al Jazeera as government expands powers

Huffington Post :: Kenya's government is going after the global news network Al Jazeera for running a documentary that exposes widespread government-sponsored violence.

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New York Times to set up digital hub in London

Guardian :: US newspaper plans to move 100 staff into refurbished UK headquarters.

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