Cafe Art distributed 100 cameras to homeless people in London

mic.com :: Cafe Art, a United Kingdom-based social enterprise, distributed 100 single-use cameras to homeless people in London in July and asked them to take photos with the simple theme, "My London."

Read Natasha Noman, mic.com

Behind TIME's cover with Stephen Colbert

TIME.com :: Platon photographed the comedian as he prepared for his 'Late Show' debut.

Read Olivier Laurent, time.com

Is there a statute of limitations on correcting errors or updating flawed stories?

Steve Buttry :: How long after publication should a news organization be responsible for correcting a story whose very premise appears later to be bogus?

Read Steve Buttry, stevebuttry.wordpress.com

How KGO-TV/ABC7 in San Francisco put live footage from drones into a news broadcast

YouTube :: KGO-TV/ABC7 in San Francisco is one of the first local news operations in the United States to put footage from a remote-controlled aerial drone live onto the air

Read Reuben Stern, www.youtube.com

What's the best length for online news videos? Recent research

Journalists' Resource :: For many news organizations, a common approach to producing online video is that shorter is better. There is no industry standard for how to create news videos that are guaranteed to grab viewers’ attention and keep an audience glued to a website.

Read Denise-Marie Ordway, journalistsresource.org

How News-Decoder wants to help young audiences understand global news

Journalism.co.uk :: Many news organisations are still trying to crack the code when it comes to serving their younger audiences. They can now be reached across a variety of social media platforms, but how can journalists best tell a story to capture their interest?

Read Mădălina Ciobanu, www.journalism.co.uk

Black female celebrities on magazine covers do sell, but will the fanfare last?

Guardian :: September issues are among the most profitable for consumer magazines and although several black women are gracing the covers, progress has been slow

Read Kristal Brent Zook, www.theguardian.com