VICE Media to launch $100m Canadian TV channel and production studio

Reuters :: Vice Media has partnered with Rogers Communications, one of the largest cable providers in Canada, for a CA$100 million deal to create a Toronto-based television network and production facility in 2015, Rogers announced in a press release on Thursday.

Read Jackson Connor, www.huffingtonpost.com

Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor threatens to shut down radio station critical of Putin

Reuters :: A Russian state watchdog has warned a radio station known for its critical reporting of President Vladimir Putin's government over a talk show it broadcast about the Ukraine conflict, the station said on its website on Friday.

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Vice holds talks with pay-TV services on plans for new networks

AdAge :: Vice Media, the online news organization that reports from remote corners of the globe, plans to create television networks in the U.S. and other markets in the next year.

Read Staff, Bloomberg News, adage.com

Production cost-cutting: How low can we go?

AdAge :: As marketers increasingly use video to engage with customers and work to keep a steady stream of relevant and engaging content in the marketplace, conversations about production costs are reaching a fever pitch.

Read Steve Humble, adage.com

Solange Lusiku Nsimire shows courage & strength as a female journalist in the Congo

IVOH ::Solange Lusiku Nsimire has had to exhibit great courage as a female journalist in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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BBC now has more staff outside London than in the capital

Guardian :: Corporation has hits target set in 2004, with 8,169 based in capital after relocation of more than 2,000 posts to Salford.

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Facebook announced it is now providing direct access to its service over the TOR network

VentureBeat :: In an early morning blog post, no doubt targeted at overseas users, Facebook is experimenting with providing direct access to it social network over TOR network.

Read Ruth Reader, venturebeat.com