Two tech groups share common goal of building a better Miami

Knight Foundation Blog :: Two groups in Miami’s emerging technology scene are working to bring journalists, developers, innovators and residents together to create solutions that benefit the community.

Read Lindsay Brown, www.knightfoundation.org

Q & A with Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian

Washington Post :: The following is a transcript of questions and answers with Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, about British government pressure on the newspaper.

Read Anthony Faiola, www.washingtonpost.com

Futures Lab: Apps and tips for mobile reporting

Mediashift :: This week the RJI Futures Lab brings together a few of its best segments related to mobile reporting to give you ideas for producing news via smartphone.

Read Reuben Stern, Olga Kyle, Chelsea Stuart, Kacie Yearout, Kelsey Merriam, www.pbs.org

New Monty Local World memo strikes upbeat tone: 'We have people, vision and finance to lead regional media into bright future'

Press Gazette :: Local World chief executive David Montgomery has said the group is leading the industry in terms of digital audience growth and has ambitions to stem print circulation decline.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Pay-TV penetration reaches 40% in Bolivia's cities

Rapid TV News :: Bolivia's pay-TV has reached 40% penetration in the cities of Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz, compared with 17% in 2005, according to the telecom authority ATT.

Read Juan Fernandez Gonzalez, www.rapidtvnews.com


Toronto’s Watergate? The inside scoop on how the media exposed Rob Ford

Canadian Journalism Project :: It's driving eyeballs to websites and media organizations love it. From Miley Cyrus to Gwyneth Paltrow, media outlets are betting--for better and for worse--that names in the news will sell. Is celebrity gossip real news or simply “click bait” in the digital universe?

Read Tamara Baluja, j-source.ca

Toronto’s Watergate? The inside scoop on how the media exposed Rob Ford

Canadian Journalism Project :: Recorded live blogging of this event.

Read Tamara Baluja, j-source.ca

Detective.io launches as platform for data investigations

Journalism.co.uk :: The open-source project from data journalism collective Journalism++ lets users upload data and then search relationships.

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

Viral content is going to be a terrible business model

PandoDaily :: BuzzFeed and UpWorthy are the best known of the bunch, and have come up with some innovative content models that garner huge Facebook referral visits. Their ingenuity has proven easy to replicate, though, and given rise to sites like Distractify and ViralNova.

Read Bryan Goldberg, pandodaily.com.feedsportal.com

Upcoming: "A new reality publishers have to deal with"

NDR :: Editor-in-chief Jochen Wegner explains the difference between Buzzfeed and Zeit Online or traditional media and what to learn from the new ecosystem of sites like Upworthy & Co.

Read Daniel Bröckerhoff, www.ndr.de

"BuzzFeed ist kein Journalismus, aber effektiv"

NDR :: Editor-in-chief Jochen Wegner explains the difference between Buzzfeed and Zeit Online or traditional media and what to learn from the new ecosystem of sites like Upworthy & Co.

Read Daniel Bröckerhoff, www.ndr.de

We get the press release 15 minutes early? Whose ring can we kiss? 25 PR habits that drive reporters nuts

Read Brian Morrissey, digiday.com

Content marketing as journalism (and where that ends)

LinkedIn :: Marketers are getting so good at journalism that they want it all. The practice of content marketing is simply to create useful content for a specific audience to get new customers. But plenty of corporate content marketers use this approach to do better journalism than journalists - particularly when it comes to focused, tangible news-you-can-use kind of information.

Read Chris Seper, www.linkedin.com

Hasty switch from analogue to digital radio could hit poor, warns MP

Guardian :: Helen Goodman says listeners cannot afford to buy new digital sets and accuses government of putting big business first

Read John Plunkett, www.theguardian.com

Former News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis was hacked from inside News International building, court told

Press Gazette :: A News International "private wire" phone line attempted to hack the voicemails of former News of the World deputy editor Neil Wallis, the hacking trial has heard.

Read Staff, Press Association, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Social media jobs to become obsolete within 10 years – report

WAN-IFRA :: If a teenager creates a Facebook account at age 13 (the minimum age, according to the site’s own rules), by the time they graduate from high school, they will have had five years of experience in social media. If they attend university or college, that number will have jumped to at least eight years.

Read Staff, WAN-IFRA, blog.wan-ifra.org

Egypt's Bassem Youssef given Press Freedom Award

RapidTVNews :: Egyptian television satirist Bassem Youssef has been honoured with a Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), as one of four highlighted media personalities who "face imprisonment and other threats for exposing realities".

Read Rebecca Hawkes, www.rapidtvnews.com

UK multichannel sector booms as revs reach £5BN

Rapid TV News :: Doubling employment in a decade, driving international success and even surpassing the BBC and other public service broadcasters, the UK multichannel industry is now worth £5 billion a year says the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA).

Read Joseph O'Halloran, www.rapidtvnews.com

Press industry's proposed watchdog 'not up to snuff', says ex-Sun editor

Guardian :: A former editor of the Sun will on Friday dismiss the press industry's proposed new watchdog as "not up to snuff", leaving the public potentially less able to seek proper redress for the excesses of newspapers.

Read Jason Deans, www.theguardian.com

Washington Post headquarters to sell to Carr Properties for $159m

Washington Post :: Graham Holdings, the former parent of The Washington Post, has reached a deal to sell the newspaper’s longtime headquarters at 15th and L streets NW to Carr Properties for $159 million.

Read Jonathan O’Connell, goo.gl

Morgan State and Fayetteville State Launch New Academic Journals

Afro Briefs :: Morgan State University and Fayetteville State University will publish academic journals that explore issues in global journalism and education, respectively.

Read Zenitha Prince, www.afro.com


Paul Steiger: Obama administration’s actions threaten U.S. journalists

Poynter :: In an important speech on press freedoms this week, ProPublica founder Paul Steiger warned that the Obama administration’s surveillance of reporters, denial of access and efforts to silence sources constitute an assault on American journalists’ ability to do their jobs.

Read Sandra Oshiro, www.poynter.org

INSI supports NUJP appeal to help journalists hit by Typhoon Haiyan

INSI :: In the morning of November 15, the massive typhoon Yolanda (International name: Haiyan) struck Central Philippines and in one blow, thousands of lives were lost, scores of people left hungry and homeless and entire communities flattened. The community media have of course not been spared.

Read Staff, INSI, www.newssafety.org

Raju Narisetti’s top 9 challenges facing journalism

Mediashift :: Narisetti recently shared his predictions about the future of media with students at the West Virginia University P.I. Reed School of Journalism, (where I am dean) as part of our Future of Media — Now series.

Read Maryanne Reed, www.pbs.org

Outspoken Chinese journalist leaves magazine

Yahoo! News :: Chinese journalist who made high-profile corruption allegations against a senior official has left his magazine post,

Read Staff, AFP, au.news.yahoo.com

Harding hires former Times deputy as managing editor of BBC news

Guardian :: Keith Blackmore was deputy editor of Times under Harding, who has also hired Jonathan Munro of ITV News.

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

Lessons from journalism startup Matter: Paywalls make growing readership difficult

GigaOM :: After a year as a new-media startup. Matter says it has learned a number of lessons about online journalism — including the fact that paywalls make it hard to attract new readers and also be part of “the rhythms of the web”

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

HarperCollins UK boss tells publishers: take storytelling back from digital rivals

Guardian :: Charlie Redmayne warns that publishers must take their space back by going beyond ebooks to apps, games and video.

Read Jennifer Rankin, www.theguardian.com

Journalist creates web app for audio transcription

Journalism.co.uk :: oTranscribe has an audio player and text editor and works in the browser.

Read Sarah Marshall, www.journalism.co.uk

South Korean intelligence accused of spreading 1.2 million tweets to sway elections

The Verge :: Prosecutors say National Intelligence Service used Twitter to smear opponents of President Park Geun-hye.

Read Amar Toor, www.theverge.com

Know your rights: Journalists don't need permission to live-tweet from council meetings

Press Gazette :: A reporter's experience covering a parish council meeting earlier this month exposed an apparent gap in government guidelines on live blogging.

Read Cleland Thom, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Monty's vision for local newspapers is not as bad as critics suggest

Guardian :: I can hardly believe I'm writing this, but I want to speak up for David Montgomery. On re-reading that sentence I realise that people will think I've taken leave of my senses. So be it.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

'What I learnt by launching a web magazine'

Journalism.co.uk :: A little over a year ago I did something that most of my friends still think was a mistake – I quit my blog. After six years of writing about the future of journalism I wanted to try something new. Not just write about something new, but publish in a new way. The ambitious aim: to build an unexpectedly in-depth magazine, about a topic I only knew a little about, and hopefully make some money. You know, no biggy.

Read Adam Westbrook, www.journalism.co.uk

Vietnam to fine citizens $5,000 for criticizing state on social media

The Verge :: Communist regime intensifies crackdown on internet freedom.

Read Amar Toor, www.theverge.com

BBC Sports: Live coverage service for mobiles/online/tablets has launched in 'beta'

BBC :: As Tony Hall announced in October,  the BBC is revamping its digital live experiences to enable more live events to be delivered across four screens - PC, tablet, mobile and connected TV. Today, an early Beta version of this new approach to live event coverage across the BBC’s web and mobile offering has been launched.

Read Neil Hall, www.bbc.co.uk

Access census data from your smartphone with Dwellr

GigaOM :: Census statistics are now just a swipe away, as the U.S. Census Bureau has organized its data into a free mobile-accessible, location-based app available today on iPhone and Android.

Read Lauren Hockenson, gigaom.com

Facebook tests 'save-for-later' feature for the second time, makes it better than the first

Engadget :: New function currently appears for some mobile users as an iBook bookmark-esque button next to status updates with links, although it actually saves the content of the link itself.

Read Mariella Moon, www.engadget.com

How do we use (English) language to convey evidence?

Great fun to watch ...

Read Andy Carvin, www.youtube.com

Greek editor Kostas Vaxevanis acquitted anew over publication of Swiss Bank account names

New York Times :: A Greek magazine editor who caused a political storm a year ago when he published the names of more than 2,000 Greeks with Swiss bank accounts in a bid to shine a light on unpunished tax evasion was cleared of violating privacy laws on Wednesday.

Read Niki Kitsantonis, www.nytimes.com

How we turned a world record in journalism crowd-funding into an actual publication

Medium :: De Correspondent is a Dutch-language, online journalism platform that offers background, analysis, investigative reporting, and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of mainstream media because they do not conform to what is normally understood to be ‘news.’

Read Ernst-Jan Pfauth, medium.com

Trinity Mirror data journalism project to be called Ampp3d

Guardian :: Site follows success of publisher's Buzzfeed-style social content site UsvsTh3m, which attracted some 3 million users in October.

Read Dugald Baird, www.theguardian.com

Japan secrecy law stirs fear of limits on freedoms

AP :: Japan's more powerful lower house of Parliament approved a state secrecy bill late Tuesday that imposes stiffer penalties on bureaucrats who leak secrets and journalists who seek them.

Read Mari Yamaguchi 山口真理, hosted.ap.org


At The Miami Herald, maybe newsroom place still matters

Nieman Lab :: Does the rise of mobile devices mean journalists no longer need a newsroom in the middle of where news happens? The Herald’s move out of downtown suggests physical proximity still means something in the digital world.

Read Nikki Usher, www.niemanlab.org

#GuardianGreenRoom opens at Rough Trade NYC

Guardian :: The Guardian today announced the opening of #GuardianGreenRoom, a multi-purpose interactive digital lounge housed inside one of the shipping containers that makes up Rough Trade's new NYC store.

Read Staff, The Guardian, www.theguardian.com

Extra Terrestrial: Consumers still tuning in to traditional radio despite out-of-this world competition

Nielsen :: According to Nielsen’s most recent Music 360 report, traditional radio is still the predominant way people listen to the radio. Sixty-three percent of music listeners report that radio is their dominant source for music discovery. In fact, in 2012, Nielsen measured more than 133.7 million song spins on traditional radio.

Read Staff, Nielsen, www.nielsen.com

Daily Mail to launch Australian site in 2014 in partnership with Nine

Guardian :: Free dailymail.com.au site likely to increase pressure on paywalled competitors such as news.com.au and smh.com.au

Read Amanda Meade, www.theguardian.com

TV multitasking trending towards related activities

Marketing Charts :: The preponderance of research indicates that multi-screening behavior most often involves activities unrelated to the content being seen on TV. Recent data from the Multimedia Research Group (MRG), though, suggests that dual-screeners are starting to engage more in TV-related activities.

Read Staff, Marketing Charts, www.marketingcharts.com

CBS suspends Lara Logan over faulty Benghazi report

Guardian :: Logan's 'leave of absence' coincides with the release of internal review listing damning series of failures behind the broadcastTom McCarthy.

Read Tom McCarthy , www.theguardian.com

How big is real-time bidding really?

Digiday :: Advertisers are buying more of their display media through real-time auctions than ever before, but exactly how much remains unclear.

Read Jack Marshall, digiday.com

New York Times CEO says Chinese language site under review

Reuters :: New York Times Co Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson said the publisher is going to keep all its money losing operations under review.

Read Jennifer Saba, www.reuters.com

Google helps the political get active with Map Your Representatives

The Verge :: It's safe to say that US citizens live in a time of extreme political dissatisfaction, but in order to change that they need to know who to take to task. A new web tool called Map Your Representatives does just that.

Read Bryan Bishop, www.theverge.com

Twitter continues Tweet recommendation experiments with fav happy @Magicstats

TechCrunch :: Twitter continues to pull the string on personalization and recommendation with a new account called @magicstats. The account, whose description reads ‘I favorite the best tweets I see in real-time' appears to be doing just that.

Read Matthew Panzarino, techcrunch.com

Barnes & Noble reports profit, but sales decline 8%

New York Times :: Barnes & Noble reported tepid sales in its bookstore and digital divisions for its most recent quarter, reflecting an overall weak publishing climate and flattening demand for e-books.

Read Julie Bosman, www.nytimes.com


The Guardian’s Gabriel Dance on new tools for story and cultivating interactive journalism

Nieman Lab :: “I really look forward to the day where the types of people we have in our newsrooms, and the roles they play, aren’t defined by the medium in which they present their work.”

Read Justin Ellis, www.niemanlab.org

eMarketer raises its programmatic ad spend estimate, again

AdAge :: Programmatic advertising is growing so fast, ad spend analysts just turned in their second upward revision in only three months.

Read Alex Kantrowitz, adage.com

East African governments turn on vibrant media in bid to stem criticism

Guardian :: Kenya and Tanzania are among several countries in the region who are introducing laws to curb press freedom.

Read Sudarsan Raghavan, www.theguardian.com

Google brings Street View inside more than 65 airports and train stations

The Verge :: Foreign airports and train stations can often be confusing places to find your way around. Perhaps with that in mind, Google today launched an interactive map featuring Street Views of over 65 mass transit hubs.

Read Aaron Souppouris, www.theverge.com

Bending copyright rules

CJR :: In January of 2010, Daniel Morel, a professional photojournalist, was in Haiti when an earthquake struck. Within a few hours, he had taken hundreds of photos and uploaded a select few onto Twitter. A photo editor at Agence France-Presse found them being passed Twitter, under another user’s name, and he put them into the AFP photo system, which linked to Getty Images.

Read Sarah Laskow, www.cjr.org

France Télévisions' pay-VOD service takes off

Rapid TV News :: France Télévisions's pay-VOD service PluzzVad has grown sales over the past few months boosted by France 3's daily prime time series Plus Belle La Vie.

Read Pascale Paoli-Lebailly, www.rapidtvnews.com

New study shows one in five adults never reads a national newspaper

Press Gazette :: The research published by corporate communications consultancy Open Road has shown that internet search engine Google is now the second most popular source of information behind television.

Read Darren Boyle, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Women successful yet sidelined in film writing and directing

Guardian :: A new study for the BFI finds that UK independent films were more likely to be profitable if they had women in key backstage roles, yet the gender is still under-represented.

Read Catherine Shoard, www.theguardian.com

Robert Peston - how the Daily Mail revealed my wife's cancer

Guardian :: BBC business editor says in James Cameron Memorial lecture that he does not favour royal charter press regulation.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Hacked Off warns local paper publishers not to join new regulator

Guardian :: A battle for the hearts, minds and pockets of small and medium-sized newspaper publishers is being fought over the new system of press regulation.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

UrtheCast cameras to live-stream Earth views from ISS

CNET :: UrtheCast is poised to offer free, near-real-time views of our big blue marble from the point of view of the International Space Station.

Read Amanda Kooser, news.cnet.com

Local TV revolution begins in Grimsby

BBC :: A new breed of TV stations launches on Tuesday, when the first of almost 50 local channels goes on air. This broadcasting revolution is beginning in Grimsby with the launch of a station airing local news, sport and chat shows.

Read Ian Youngs, www.bbc.co.uk

Turning comments into conversations that matter to you

YouTube Official Blog :: Let’s say you’re enjoying Lindsey Stirling or Epic Rap Battles’ latest video and want to join in the conversation. Would you rather see comments from people you care about (including Lindsey or ERB themselves), or just whoever in the world was last to post?

Read Nundu Janakiram, Yonatan Zunger, youtube-global.blogspot.de

Wikipedia’s Astroturf problem

Digiday :: Wikipedia is one of the largest and most influential websites in the world, so negative comments posted there about brands can give those brands major headaches. Unsurprisingly, that’s led some companies to try to game the system.

Read Jack Marshall, digiday.com

Inside the numbers: Were the first Instagram ads a success?

Digiday :: Social metrics and ROI can get murky — there are no hard and fast rules about what a like really means for a brand’s bottom line. But a company’s followers do count, and their comments and likes are readily available and visible.

Read John McDermott, digiday.com


The New York Times moves away from its dual-reporting structure for video

Nieman Lab :: These sorts of dual-report positions have become increasingly common at many newspaper companies.

Read Joshua Benton, www.niemanlab.org

Thailand's protests produce surprising innovation: Drone journalism

The Atlantic :: Thai newspapers covering ongoing protests in Bangkok have adopted a new reporting tool in recent weeks: small, camera-equipped helicopters they’re using to capture images of massive crowds.

Read Newley Purnell, www.theatlantic.com

PandoDaily acquires NSFWCORP to double down on investigative reporting

Pando Daily :: There are three people who have long been on my dream team to help me build PandoDaily. One of them I’ve still gotta work on. The second is Mike Tatum, who keeps saying no and then keeps doing work for us for free anyway. The third is joining us today by way of acquisition.

Read Sarah Lacy, pandodaily.com

Journalism schools dig deeper into videogames

PBS Mediashift :: Along with courses in fundamental journalistic skills like writing, editing, photo and data, students will be able to take a class on the fundamentals of games. “The Design of Game Play” is  taught by Lindsay Grace, a well-known designer of games who previously started a similar program at Miami University.

Read Dena Levitz, www.pbs.org

11 journalists in one day appear in court on charges relating to police payments probe

Press Gazette :: A total of 22 defendants appeared in court on Friday last week, 22 November, facing individual charges arising from the Metropolitan Police's Operation Elveden probe. In total, 11 of the accused are journalists.

Read Staff, PA Mediapoint, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Chris Johanesen on design, testing and launching new products at BuzzFeed

SND :: How do you make GIFs, listicles and longform stories all work together in the same place? Those are such different content types that they seem at odds with each other.

Read Kyle Ellis, www.snd.org

Medium’s metric that matters: Total Time Reading

Medium :: How we measure engagement: One million page views! 50,000 signups! Five million posts! 165 million active users!

Read Pete Davies, medium.com

At 'Business Insider,' it's time to sell

USA Today :: Henry Blodget is a savvy operator who took brilliant advantage of the dot-com bubble and who then, after having taken too much advantage and getting banned from the securities industry for life, was able to redeem himself as a high-profile Internet publisher.

Read Michael Wolff, www.usatoday.com

Do readers give infographics a free pass? Why we need to learn to scrutinize them like any other journalism

New Republic :: We live in a datified world, and artists and journalists are coming up with more and more creative ways to visualize it. Over the past few years, infographics have become so prevalent that they have become a medium unto themselves.

Read Linda Kinstler, www.newrepublic.com

Inside a Twitter robot factory

Wall Street Journal :: Fake activity, often bought for publicity purposes, influences trending topics.

Read Jeff Elder, online.wsj.com

Drones offer journalists a wider view

New York Times :: The best way to film the destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, the Philippines, said Lewis Whyld, a British photographer, was from the air.

Read Leslie Kaufman, Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

Coca-Cola digital chief: 'Kill the press release'

ragan Public Relations :: By 2015, the press release will be a thing of the past at Coke, thanks to its new brand journalism website, which replaced its home page.

Read Russell Working, www.ragan.com

Signs of change in news mission at Bloomberg

New York Times :: Last Monday, Bloomberg began to lay off roughly 40 people, about 2 percent of its news staff. Coverage of culture and sports would be scaled back, and the investigative unit had losses as well. The signal accompanying the announcement was clear: “We must have the courage to say no to certain areas of coverage..."

Read Amy Chozick, Nathaniel Popper, Edward Wong, David Carr, www.nytimes.com


Twitter introduces #Birdsignals, a ‘research community’ to solicit feedback from UK-based users

The Next Web :: Twitter appears to be adopting that approach in the UK, where it has opened an online research group to help understand more about how people use its microblogging service.

Read Jon Russell, thenextweb.com

Publisher as tech vendor: Forbes licenses its CMS

emedia vitals :: As publishers invest more heavily in technology to build their digital businesses, some are discovering a new revenue stream: selling their home-grown technology to other publishers.

Read Rob O'Regan, www.emediavitals.com

Publisher as tech vendor: Forbes licenses its CMS

emedia vitals :: As publishers invest more heavily in technology to build their digital businesses, some are discovering a new revenue stream: selling their home-grown technology to other publishers.

Read Rob O'Regan, www.emediavitals.com

10 lessons as BBC News hits social media milestones

Journalism.co.uk :: BBC News is hitting a series of social media milestones. Earlier today the @BBCWorld Twitter account hit 5 million followers, at the weekend the Google+ celebrated 4 million +1s, Facebook is about to hit the 3 million mark, and the @BBCBreaking account is about to pass the 8 million milestone.

Read Sarah Marshall, www.journalism.co.uk

Local World's David Montgomery: Role of the Journalist in the transformed local world

Press Gazette :: Apart from the elite and usually elitist newspaper writers the role of the journalist remains entrenched in the industrial age as a medium grade craft.

Read Axegrinder, www.pressgazette.co.uk

What's Twitter's real value? Don't ask an economist

Guardian :: Those who measure GDP need to find a way of assessing the contribution of social media.

Read John Naughton, www.theguardian.com


Philadelphia woman archived 35 years of local and cable TV news

The Verge :: Former librarian Marion Stokes began recording the news in 1977, after having done a stint co-producing a local news broadcast with her husband. By the time cable helped create the 24-hour news cycle, what started as something of a hobby turned into an obsession.

Read Kwame Opam, www.theverge.com

Wall Street would cheer Time Warner Cable sale but media watchdogs worry

Los Angeles Times :: Two big cable operators — Comcast Corp. and Charter Communications — are interested in acquiring Time Warner Cable, the nation's second-largest cable operator, which boasts more than 1 million customers in Los Angeles and an additional  11 million around the country.

Read Joe Flint, Meg James, www.latimes.com

Dan Fletcher has built a home for journalism outside of Facebook… where it belongs

PandoDaily :: After 15 months with Facebook, he moved on. Now 25, Fletcher is the co-founder and COO of Beacon, a young news startup that asks readers to subscribe to individual writers for $5 a month. The writers collect on average 60 percent of the revenue from their subscribers, and for the price of entry readers also get to access the rest of the content on the site.

Read Hamish McKenzie, pandodaily.com

Is foreign journalism in China under threat?

PBS News Hour :: Bob Dietz on the recent string of events have raised questions about the freedom of the foreign press in China.

Read , www.youtube.com

Twitter turns into a TV remote as Comcast begins rolling out SEEit service

Lost Remote :: Last month Comcast and Twitter announced a groundbreaking partnership to tie tweets to Xfinity’s TV service. Today SEEit began rolling out, enabling subscribers to click tweets about SyFy’s Haven and Naked Vegas to watch the shows on an iOS device or set a recording on their DVR.

Read Cory Bergman, lostremote.com

Haiti photographer wins $1.22m in AFP copyright case

Global Post :: A US jury on Friday awarded a Haitian photographer $1.22 million in damages after ruling that Agence France-Presse (AFP) and its US partner Getty Images wilfully infringed his copyright in 2010.

Read Staff, AFP, www.globalpost.com


Mapping Syria’s conflict through the Storyful archive

Storyful :: Civil wars can’t always be confined by national borders, and with its Borderlands Project, the Wall Street Journal is examining the effect of the Syrian conflict in neighbouring Turkey.

Read Alan O'Riordan, blog.storyful.com

AOL pauses to rethink live video programming

AdAge :: AOL has already made a substantial commitment to live programming on the web with HuffPost Live, but five months after AOL announced a second live-streaming video network under its own brand name, the exec in charge of AOL Live has left the company and the debut of its flagship show has been postponed

Read Tim Peterson, adage.com

AOL pauses to rethink live video programming

AdAge :: AOL has already made a substantial commitment to live programming on the web with HuffPost Live, but five months after AOL announced a second live-streaming video network under its own brand name, the exec in charge of AOL Live has left the company and the debut of its flagship show has been postponed

Read Tim Peterson, adage.com

A behind-the-scenes look at AJ+, Al Jazeera’s upcoming online news network

GigaOM :: Al Jazeera’s AJ+ is an ambitious attempt to produce news for a generation that doesn’t watch news networks on TV anymore. Here’s a first behind-the-scenes look.

Read Janko Roettgers, gigaom.com

A behind-the-scenes look at AJ+, Al Jazeera’s upcoming online news network

GigaOM :: Al Jazeera’s AJ+ is an ambitious attempt to produce news for a generation that doesn’t watch news networks on TV anymore. Here’s a first behind-the-scenes look.

Read Janko Roettgers, gigaom.com

Long-form publisher Matter stops charging for articles

Journalism.co.uk :: Matter, which had adopted a micro-payments model when it launched a year ago, was bought by blogging platform Medium earlier this year

Read Rachel Bartlett, www.journalism.co.uk

After 17 years online, Pitchfork is launching a magazine

The Verge :: 1
While outlets like The Onion are being forced to end their print circulation in order to focus on the web, Pitchfork is moving in a somewhat different direction — next month will see the release of The Pitchfork Review, the iconic music site's very first magazine.

Read Andrew Webster, www.theverge.com

Majority of global TV goes digital

Rapid TV News :: New research from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is claiming to have unveiled a tipping point for the TV market marking a ‘massive shift’ from analogue to digital.

Read Staff, Rapid TV News, www.rapidtvnews.com

How Google Glass can change journalism

Digital Media Law :: Wearable technology is creeping into society, gradually finding its way onto the street and into the gym, offices, classrooms, and more. Though not yet widely commercially available, Google Glass is at the front of this wearable device trend.

Read Kristin Bergman, www.dmlp.org

Reporting from a conflict zone

ABC Splash :: This program features ABC journalists Elizabeth Jackson and Geoff Thompson, plus photojournalist Kate Geraghty responding to questions from Year 9/10 students on reporting war and conflict.

Read Staff, Splash ABC, splash.abc.net.au

TweetDeck for real-time tracking, breaking news: A Q&A with @Circa’s Anthony DeRosa

TweetDeck Blog :: In this edition of #TweetDeckTips, Circa’s Anthony DeRosa explains why TweetDeck is the single most valuable tool he uses to source news.

Read Erica Anderson , blog.twitter.com

David Leonhardt explains how the NYT will replace Nate Silver

New Republic :: “You pulled a Dick Cheney,” New York Times graphics editor Steve Duenes has teased Washington, D.C. bureau chief David Leonhardt. Leonhardt will take over a new Times website located “at the nexus of data and news [that] will produce clear analytical reporting and writing on opinion polls, economic indicators, politics, policy, education, and sports,” as executive editor Jill Abramson said in a memo

Read Marc Tracy, www.newrepublic.com


The deadly cost of news

Free Press :: In 2010, we set out to make the documentary Killing the Messenger: The Deadly Cost of News. As we began researching, one thing became clear: There are often no consequences for those who persecute journalists. Indeed, this impunity is at the root of the dangers journalists face.

Read Eric Matthies, Tricia Todd, www.freepress.net

Growth in foundation support for media in the U.S.

Media Impact Funders :: The research offers a far-reaching exploration of philanthropy’s role in media funding between 2009-2011, and is part of a new taxonomy project to better track and understand trends in media-related funding nationally.

Read Staff, Media Impact Funders, www.mediaimpactfunders.org

Impaq.me tool puts the $ in sharing

Media Impact Funders :: Generating social buzz about a public interest media project can be exciting, flattering, or grueling‚ but rarely is it lucrative. The Investigative News Network (INN) and the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation have set out to fix that with a new “social reward” project.

Read Staff, Media Impact Funders, www.mediaimpactfunders.org

Photojournalists want better access to the White House

Poynter :: A coalition of news organizations, including the Associated Press, ABC News, The Washington Post and Reuters called for better access to the president and the White House today in a letter addressed to White House press secretary Jay Carney.

Read Kristen Hare, www.poynter.org

Bauer unveils digital brand The Debrief aimed at 20-something wealthy women

Guardian :: Publisher of Heat says The Debrief will have aggregated news and sex advice for connected, influential readers.

Read Jason Deans, www.theguardian.com

WSJ publishes in-depth video interactive on Syrian refugee crisis

Journalism.co.uk :: News articles, videos and social media are plotted on a map to tell the story of events of the last year on the Turkey-Syria border.

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

Mediaset, TVE lead Spain's Web TV boom

RapidTVNews :: Web TV consumption is on the increase in Spain, led by Mediaset channels and the public channel TVE, which had 17 and 16 million unique users respectively during October, according to OJD.

Read Juan Fernandez Gonzalez, www.rapidtvnews.com

The New York Times launches "Times Minute"

New York Times :: The New York Times today unveiled “The New York Times Minute,” a video news report, released three times every weekday. Each one-minute segment will summarize three important stories of the moment, including breaking news and major topics of interest during the day.  Microsoft Corp. is the official launch sponsor.

Read Staff, New York Times, NYTimes.com

The evolution of Bloomberg News

Reuters :: Yesterday was a big day for layoffs over at Bloomberg, and Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke has the official memo from editor-in-chief Matt Winkler. In typical Bloomberg style, the defenestrations seem to be taking place in much the same way as they would on Wall Street, with reporters being escorted from the building, never to return.

Read Felix Salmon, blogs.reuters.com

Pinterest will launch a travel channel to push users from inspiration to booking

Skift :: Pinterest will soon launch a section devoted to trip inspiration and planning, Skift has learned from multiple sources.

Read Jason Clampet, skift.com

Syria: "The Middle East is full of ambiguities"

Deutsche Welle :: Houssam Aldeen has been given political asylum in Germany. He’s a political scientist who was based in Damascus and had secretly provided information to the Western media. At the "Medien International’s" panel discussion held in August in Berlin, he expressed his concerns. "It’s extremely dangerous for Syrian journalists there. Cell phones, laptops – everything’s monitored when you’re on the move."

Read Ellen Schuster, www.dw.de

Media International: How free is Myanmar's press?

Deutsche Welle :: Myanmar's newspaper industry is booming thanks to a looser censorship and ownership regulations. DW Akademie and Germany's ARD public broadcaster invited experts to Berlin discuss the changing media landscape.

Read Nadine Wojcik, www.dw.de


Kepler: Semantic network visualization of New York Times topics

NYT Labs :: Kepler is a visualization of these three data sources as they relate to each other. Connections drawn between words indicates an article that includes both connected concepts.

Read Staff, NYT Lab, nytlabs.com

Diff, a live comparator for the web

 NYT Labs :: Diff is a small device that monitors the internal events stream of The New York Times and prints out a summary each time an active headline is changed.

Read Noah Feehan, blog.nytlabs.com

Former 'Observer' president launches digital wine magazine with e-commerce component

Capital New York :: Christopher Barnes today launched Grape Collective, a website that creates and curates content about wine, wineries and the wine industry and offers readers the ability to order many of the wines under discussion directly from a distributor working in partnership with the site.

Read Johana Bhuiyan, www.capitalnewyork.com

Tribune Co. to cut 700 newspaper employees

New York Times :: The Tribune Company, owner of The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times, will lay off 700 employees at those newspapers and the six others it owns, it said in memos to the staff on Wednesday.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

Google launches Play Newsstand: A hybrid magazine store and RSS reader

Ars Technica :: Google Currents, Google Play Magazines merge into a Flipboard-style reader app.    

Read Ron Amadeo, arstechnica.com

Vice Media's 'Correspondent Confidential' brings journalists' hard-to-tell stories to popular audiences

Capital New York :: It's notoriously difficult to win large audiences for important documentaries about current global events.

Read Johana Bhuiyan, www.capitalnewyork.com

How a blogger confirmed that Syria had used chemical weapons

The New Yorker :: As rockets fell in Syria, Eliot Higgins was asleep at his house twenty-three hundred miles away, in Leicester, England. He woke a few hours later, roused his toddler daughter, Ela, and padded downstairs to make her porridge. It was August 21st.

Read Patrick Radden Keefe, www.newyorker.com

CNN experimenting with late nights

Mediabistro :: Almost a year into Jeff Zucker‘s tenure as CNN Worldwide president, and the network continues to experiment with the lineup, this time in late night. CNN will give two new shows three-week trial runs beginning Dec. 2.

Read Merrill Knox, www.mediabistro.com

Twitter's new app refines DM experience with suggested users, introduces new interface experiments

TechCrunch :: Its latest update adds several features to everyone’s version of Twitter, but depending on which experimental bucket you’re in you might see any number of ‘versions’ of Twitter once you update your app today.

Read Matthew Panzarino, techcrunch.com

The new science of disaster prediction

New Yorker :: Our knowledge of how disasters occur, and how they will occur in the future, has never been more sophisticated. We are now able to prophesy impending cataclysms with a specificity that would have been inconceivable just several years ago. Several factors have contributed to this progress.

Read Nathaniel Rich, www.newyorker.com


How the New York Times gets around censors in China

Huffington Post :: While China's government blocked access to the newspaper's main site last year, in both English and Chinese, the Times found another route into its lucrative market through the October launch of a Chinese-language T Magazine site.

Read Michael Calderone, www.huffingtonpost.com

Easy to find and follow: The Times and The Sunday Times Twitter directory

Times Digital Development Tumblr :: Lots of our journalists at The Times and The Sunday Times use Twitter to break news and engage with readers about what they write.  Some of our journalists have built up large followings whilst others have been contacted with stories as a result of the loyal and engaged following they have.

Read Staff, Times Digital Development Team, timesdigitaldevelopment.tumblr.com

Trad media revs to remain steady, newspapers digital will rise

Mediapost :: BIA/Kelsey sees local media climbing 2.8% to $151.5 billion by 2017. It projects 2013 levels to be at $132.9 billion.

Read Wayne Friedman, www.mediapost.com

Iran state media rejects Reuters investigation as 'disinformation'

Reuters ::  Iran's state news agency dismissed a series of reports by Reuters about a multi-billion dollar organization controlled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as "disinformation".

Read Isabel Coles, www.reuters.com

Mike Forsythe leaves Bloomberg, as do others

Poynter :: Bloomberg News reporter Mike Forsythe said on Twitter Tuesday he had left Bloomberg News.

Read Andrew Beaujon, www.poynter.org

Russian oligarch finds a new vocation

New York Times :: In Russian terms, Aleksandr Y. Lebedev is down but not out. The boxing metaphor is particularly apt for the 53-year-old businessman whose troubles got worse in 2011 when he took a swing at a fellow guest on a Russian TV talk show, a bit of bravado that last July earned him a conviction on battery charges and a sentence of 150 hours of community service.

Read Celestine Bohlen, www.nytimes.com

3 ways publishers are repurposing content and 'underlying data'

Journalism.co.uk :: A look at ways to do more with your digital content, using case studies from three publishers, one online-only and two with print magazine products.

Read Rachel Bartlett, www.journalism.co.uk

Survey condemns high level of bullying and harassment in journalism

Press Gazette :: All journalists working for local newspapers have been bullied, harassed or discriminated against, according to a survey.

Read Darren Boyle, www.pressgazette.co.uk

The ratings are in for Alpha House, Amazon’s first made-for-the-web TV show

AllThingsD :: Last Friday Amazon started streaming the first three episodes of “Alpha House”, its first home-grown TV show. Wouldn’t it be great to know how many people watched it?

Read Peter Kafka, allthingsd.com

Even as they monetize consumer news, the AP says selling content to members is its core business

Nieman Lab :: “One of the biggest issues that every supplier of content faces today is that the market for news around the world is flat to declining. As we looked forward, we felt as if we needed to have other positions available to us to monetize the content.”

Read Caroline O’Donovan, www.niemanlab.org

ITV sees advertising revenues rise

BBC :: Broadcaster ITV has seen advertising revenues across its channels inch higher, helped by a strong performance from its production arm.

Read Staff, BBC News, www.bbc.co.uk

Hollywood studios facing upheaval at highest levels

 New York Times :: Advice for the power players at Hollywood’s coming round of black-tie galas: Don’t leave your seat to table-hop.

Read Michael Cieply, Brooks Barnes, www.nytimes.com

What kinds of headlines repel people? Negative effects on engagement

Outbrain :: The elements you should avoid, when writing headlines.

Read Staff, Outbrain, www.slideshare.net

Salon Media Group Revenues Continue to Rise

Folio Mag :: Fiscal 2014 first-half revenue up 83 percent, losses shrink 52 percent.

Read Bill Mickey, www.foliomag.com


TV fears 'race to the bottom' with real-time bidding

AdAge :: Programmatic buying might be common for digital publishers, but for TV networks, shaking up legacy media buying won't happen easily.

Read Jeanine Poggi, adage.com

CNBC streams live TV to mobile apps, but not all pay-TV operators are on board

Variety :: CNBC is now letting biz-news junkies watch live programming on Apple iOS devices, but customers of two of the biggest subscription TV services won’t be able to access the service for now.

Read Todd Spangler, variety.com

Radio Times Discover TV: A problem-solving digital product consumers will pay for?

The Media Briefing :: It's a question magazine brands, hardly any of whom are successfully replacing print magazine sales with digital versions, should be asking themselves.

Read Jasper Jackson, www.themediabriefing.com

Online video ad views continue to scale new heights

Marketing Charts :: The number of video ads Americans are watching on desktops and notebooks continues to increase seemingly with every passing month, with the rate of growth easily outpacing concurrent increases in online content video views.

Read Staff, Marketing Charts, www.marketingcharts.com

The FT offers up “gift articles” for subscribers

Financial Times :: The Financial Times has launched a new ‘gift article’ feature for subscribers which simplifies the sharing of articles with their networks.

Read Staff, Financial Times, aboutus.ft.com


Can police relations with the press be ruled by a checklist?

Guardian ::  Chastened chief constables and journalists alike are drawing up codes of conduct that are long on safety, short on realism.

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com

Freelancers need help to meet the challenges of conflict zone reporting

Guardian :: Hostile environment conference aims to coach journalists to prepare for assignments – and cope with the aftermath.

Read Sian Williams, www.theguardian.com

Journalists are on the move in America – and creating a new vitality

Guardian :: Big-name reporters are moving for very significant amounts of money to a wide variety of new and surprising places.

Read Emily Bell, www.theguardian.com

Is ultra-shareable news killing journalism?

Washington Post :: Here at The Switch, we love it when our readers offer smart and thoughtful feedback. That's why, every weekend, we highlight a few standout comments from the stories we've published over the past seven days.

Read Brian Fung, www.washingtonpost.com

Andrew Sullivan expands The Daily Dish with monthly subscription-only magazine called Deep Dish

GigaOM :: Blogger Andrew Sullivan, whose site has crossed the $800,000 mark in reader funding, is launching a monthly subscription-only magazine that he says will be filled with longform essays, audio interviews and even poetry.

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Andrew Sullivan expands The Daily Dish with monthly subscription-only magazine called Deep Dish

GigaOM :: Blogger Andrew Sullivan, whose site has crossed the $800,000 mark in reader funding, is launching a monthly subscription-only magazine that he says will be filled with longform essays, audio interviews and even poetry.

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Bloomberg cans reporter who talked about editors killing China story

Gawker :: Bloomberg News is clearing house in the wake of a series of embarrassing leak s that revealed the would-be news agency killed stories to win the favor of the Chinese government.

Read Max Rivlin-Nadler, gawker.com

Paywall no bar to social media growth as Sun recruits six-strong team

Press Gazette :: The Sun is recruiting a six-strong team of "social media managers" to "work 24/7 to deliver The Sun's message in a joined-up way".

Read Staff, Press Gazette, www.pressgazette.co.uk

New press regulator just like the old, says Media Standards Trust

Guardian :: In what it claims is "the first external assessment" of the publishers' new press regulator, the Media Standards Trust (MST) argues that it satisfies only 12 of the 38 recommendations in the Leveson report.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

150 years later, newspaper retracts editorial panning Gettysburg Address

CNN :: In what might be one of the oldest corrections in the history of journalism, the editorial board of a Pennsylvania newspaper has retracted its predecessor's famous panning of President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address as "silly remarks."

Read Michael Pearson, edition.cnn.com

Private Universities in Azerbaijan are prohibited to prepare journalists, doctors and lawyers

ABC.az :: Azerbaijan Ministry of Education prohibited teaching law, journalism and medicine in private higher educational institutions.

Read Staff, ABC.az, abc.az


What it would sound like if a newspaper curmudgeon wrote ‘Royals’?

Medium :: It may lack the mass appeal of Lorde’s original.

Read Aaron Edwards, medium.com

12 best practices for media companies using Facebook Pages

Facebook :: Pages are a great way for media organizations to share stories, connect with readers and create an ongoing dialog around current events. Your Page is a powerful tool that can help you distribute content and inform existing readers while helping you reach new audiences.

Read Scott Hershkowitz, Vadim Lavrusik, www.facebook.com

How users read and share Boston Globe posts on its Facebook Page

Sonja's Thoughts :: In the previous study, I presented data analysis that examined how users read and share Boston Globe posts on its Facebook Page. In this extended analysis, I’ve included qualitative analysis with a focus on content, cognition and emotion. My goal is to help newsrooms better promote their stories on and attract more attention from social media.

Read Sonja Song, sonya2song.blogspot.de

Chips, beer, Tweets: Why TV is key to Twitter's prospects (audio)

NPR :: One thing Twitter has that other social networks don't: Users who talk about the world in real time. In practice, this largely means one thing. Millions of people use Twitter while they're watching TV.

Read Zoe Chace, www.npr.org

When patents hit the podcast

NPR :: Back in the nineties, Jim Logan started a company called Personal Audio. The concept was simple — people could pick out magazine articles they liked on the internet, and his company would send them a cassette tape of those articles being read out loud.

Read Staff, Planet Money, www.npr.org

Facebook goes ahead with updates to data use policy

Adweek :: Facebook went ahead Friday with edits to its data use policy that the social network says really changes nothing about its advertising and policy practices.

Read Katy Bachman, www.adweek.com

Assam journalists demand powerful media council

dna India :: Media persons of Assam on Saturday raised their voices for a powerful media council in the country comprising both newspaper and electronic media organs.

Read Staff, DNA India, www.dnaindia.com

French newspaper removes all images in support of photographers

British Journal of Photography :: To coincide with Paris Photo's opening, French newspaper Libération has chosen to remove all images from its 14 November issue in a bid to show the power and importance of photography at a time when the industry is facing unprecedented challenges, say the newspaper's editors.

Read Olivier Laurent, www.bjp-online.com

With new leadership, online video site Hulu changes TV strategy

LA Times :: With veteran Fox TV executive Mike Hopkins as its new CEO, Hulu will throw off its old mantle of TV disrupter as it seeks to work in partnership with cable and satellite companies.

Read Dawn C. Chmielewski, www.latimes.com

Time-shifted viewing increasingly becoming the norm in UK

Rapid TV News :: With the necessary recording equipment becoming increasingly commonplace in the country, the UK is set to see time-shifting gain majority status in homes.

Read Staff, Rapid TV News, www.rapidtvnews.com

CNBC teams with Philips for branded content campaign

Rapid TV News :: Leading leading global broadcaster of live business and financial news CNBC has entered into a global, cross-platform branded content commercial campaign with CE giant Philips.

Read Staff, Rapid TV News, www.rapidtvnews.com

Safaricom looks to IPTV for new revenue stream

Rapid TV News :: Kenya’s leading mobile operator Safaricom plans to launch bundled television and internet services within a year.

Read Rebecca Hawkes, www.rapidtvnews.com

Spanish viewers opt for Internet over TV

Rapid TV News :: If Spanish viewers had to choose between switching off TV or the Internet, 71% of them would opt for a house without TV.

Read Juan Fernandez Gonzalez, www.rapidtvnews.com

Contact: A short story about a TV Cameraman in Afghanistan

Image Junkies :: There had been no sunrise, just a chilly transition from black to grey. Jason Ackland looked around him, admiring the barren beauty of the vast Helmand countryside: Myriad shades of brown and green battled for supremacy, separated by the silvery threads of narrow irrigation canals. Here and there imposing mud-walled compounds dotted the landscape like small, ancient fortresses.

Read Christian Parkinson, www.imagejunkies.com

War Reporter by Dan O'Brien – review

Guardian :: This collaboration between a haunted war photographer and a poet is a masterpiece of truthfulness and feeling.

Read Patrick McGuinness, www.theguardian.com

The rise of Twitter bots

New Yorker :: Last Tuesday, Google decided that I was a spammer, and I lost access to my e-mail for twelve hours. It was my fault. One of my Twitter accounts, RealHumanPraise, was mentioned on “The Colbert Report,” where I work as a writer, at 11:46 P.M. In the course of the next hundred and twenty seconds, it acquired over two thousand followers.

Read Rob Dubbin, www.newyorker.com

Pinterest launches a localized version of its social network in the Nordics

The Next Web :: The move to have a Nordic version appears warranted as Pinterest says the number of Pinners in the region has “more than doubled” since the end of last year.

Read Staff, TNW, thenextweb.com


#gunfire: can Twitter really help cops find crime?

The Verge :: In January 2012, the Federal Bureau of Investigation made an open request to "industry" for a "social media alert, mapping, and analysis application" with the "flexibility to change search parameters and geo-locate the search based on breaking events or emerging threats."

Read Matt Stroud, www.theverge.com


Third time’s a charme? Shelby.tv tries a comeback with new social video iPhone app

paidContent :: Shelby.tv launched an app, then shut it down, then launched another app too late… now it’s back with yet another iteration. Is third time a charm for the social video startup?

Read Janko Roettgers, gigaom.com

JP Morgan Twitter plan halted by barrage of abuse

Guardian :: Investment back cancels question and answer session with vice-chairman after #AskJPM was inundated with insults.

Read Staff, Guardian, www.theguardian.com