Interrogating the network: The year in social media research

Nieman Lab :: Do comment sections build a bias against expertise? Do people remember Facebook posts? How much does news drive search, and vice versa? These are some of the most noteworthy findings in academic research in 2013.

Read John Wihbey, www.niemanlab.org

Can you really say you've experienced The Wall Street Journal until you've experienced it #throughglass?

Engadget :: The Dow Jones-published paper is among the latest batch of Glassware apps coming to Google's wearable.

Read Brian Heater , www.engadget.com

A new generation of global correspondents

Munk School of Journalism :: The Munk School of Journalism is seeking 20 outstanding professionals, scholars and specialized freelancers from around the world, who want to lead the coverage of their disciplines in global media.

Read Staff, Munk School of Journalism, munkschool.utoronto.ca

Doing journalism with data: First steps, skills and tools

Data Driven Journalism :: A free online data journalism course with 5 leading experts.

Read Liliana Bounegru, datadrivenjournalism.net

How local magazines figured out what Patch never could

Folio :: From Patch to Citysearch to Sidewalk to (the recently-restarted) EveryBlock, local journalism networks haven't been able to scale. Local markets need individual, customized management—each one is different.

Read Mike Rondon, www.foliomag.com


Financial Times gets 23% of special offer subscription sales through Twitter advertising

Subscriptionsitecentral :: A Case Study Examples from The Financial Times’ experiment with Twitter’s Promoted Tweets.

Read , subscriptionsitecentral.com

UGC: Source, check and stay on top of technology

BBC Academy :: Since it was established in July 2005, a lot has changed in the way that we - and all other news organisations - source, authenticate and broadcast content created by the public.

Read Trushar Barot, www.bbc.co.uk

MediaNews Group and 21st Century Media are merging

John Paton :: Sometimes a press release just isn’t enough to say what has happened. Or can do justice on how important this new development truly is to our company.

Read John Paton, jxpaton.wordpress.com

Brown Moses to launch site for open investigative journalism

Journalism.co.uk :: The website will publish work from a network of investigative bloggers and detail tools and techniques for investigating issues using 'open-source information'.

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

The Forbes 'feedback loop': The impact of web analytics on the newsroom

Journalism.co.uk :: How Forbes Media built its own 'statistics engine' and turned concern from some journalists about the public display of data, into it becoming 'integral' to their workflow.

Read Rachel Bartlett, www.journalism.co.uk

Riding Bus 19 to the top, a Twitter tale

Storify ::

Read Billy Baker, storify.com

Facebook to test video ads this week

GigaOM :: Facebook has announced a limited test of its new video ad system.

Read Lauren Hockenson, gigaom.com

AOL’s hyper-local hubris: Patch is dying because local journalism is artisanal, not industrial

GigaOM :: AOL maintains that its Patch hyper-local news venture is not shutting down, but it has clearly failed to meet the promise of CEO Tim Armstrong's vision -- because the model it was built on was the wrong approach to the problem.

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Amazon’s streaming data service, Kinesis, is now available

GigaOM :: Kinesis, the streaming data service that Amazon Web Services announced in November, is now publicly available. The service is comparable in theory to popular open source technologies such as Apache Storm.

Read Derrick Harris, gigaom.com

Buzzfeed on fact-checking viral stories

CBC Day 6 :: You just know some stories are going to go viral. Like the one about The New Jersey women who refused to tip a gay waitress, an in-flight squabble, and the epic twerk fail.  Well, all of those stories turned out to be false.

Read Staff, CBC Day 6, www.cbc.ca

AP national political editor moves to BP

Poynter :: Associated Press national political editor Liz Sidoti is leaving the wire service for BP to serve as the energy company’s head of communications in the U.S., Jim Romenesko reports.

Read Sandra Oshiro, www.poynter.org

Why adding a feature to edit tweets after the fact might not be such a good thing

GigaOM :: According to one report, Twitter is considering a new feature that would allow users to edit a tweet after it has been published. But is that really something we need, or are we better off without it?

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Exclusive: Twitter working on “edit” feature for tweets

The Desk :: Twitter is working on a new feature that would allow users to edit tweets once they are published, three sources close to the project have confirmed to The Desk.

Read Matthew Keys, thedesk.matthewkeys.net


News as a dynamic, living conversation

Nieman Lab :: Twitter: It’s a combination newsroom, water cooler, stock ticker, and gossip mill, and still utterly addictive to journalists. Among its many other benefits, Twitter has crystallized a certain realization for me about the future of news: the increasing tendency of a set group of talented writers to coalesce around a given topic.

Read Maria Bustillos, www.niemanlab.org

GMG announces changes to Guardian News and Media management team

Guardian :: Andrew Miller, CEO, Guardian Media Group (GMG), today announces a series of executive management changes that will further solidify the Guardian's position as a leading global news organisation.

Read Staff, GNM Press Office, www.theguardian.com

Univision pacts with YouTube Latino network MiTú for short-form content

Variety :: Univision Communications cut a syndication deal with MiTú, a Latino-focused YouTube multichannel network whose backers include Chernin Group, which will provide short-form content for the Hispanic broadcaster’s digital properties.

Read Todd Spangler, variety.com

Video boom forces Verizon to upgrade network

AllThingsD :: Laboring under a surprising load of online-video traffic, Verizon Wireless has had to spend millions more this year to upgrade its network.

Read Ryan Knutson, allthingsd.com

How to conduct a trauma risk management interview

BBC Academy :: Professor Neil Greenberg of King’s College London demonstrates with the help of an actor how to conduct a trauma risk management (TRiM) interview.

Read Staff, BBC Academy, www.bbc.co.uk

Channel 4's Gogglebox has captured the nation: Watching people watching TV

BBC Academy :: Watching people watching TV doesn't sound like the most fascinating of programmes, but Channel 4's Gogglebox has captured the nation. Producer director Jon Cahn reveals the technical and editorial secrets behind this winning formula.

Read Staff, BBC Academy, www.bbc.co.uk

U.K. politicians attack BBC for ‘culture of cronyism’

Variety :: A powerful committee of U.K. politicians has made a stinging attack on the BBC’s management and trustees, claiming that a culture of “cronyism” had developed at the pubcaster.

Read Leo Barraclough, variety.com

14 years between two shootings: Denver Post, breaking, then and now

Poynter :: On Friday, Ryckman, now at The Denver Post, learned of the school shooting at Arapahoe High through the police scanner. A lot has changed since he covered Columbine.

Read Kristen Hare, www.poynter.org

Apple is building an RTB platform to sell in-app ads

AdWeek :: Apple leadership has given the iAds team a new mission: always be selling iTunes Radio. And while the sales team is busy pushing Apple radio inventory, the company will build a real-time bidding exchange to automate selling in-app ads, multiple sources said.

Read Garett Sloane, www.adweek.com

NSA divided over possible amnesty deal for Snowden

CNET :: Surveillance agency says it has spent tens of millions of dollars to remove computers the former NSA contractor had access to, including the cables that connected them to the network.

Read Steven Musil, news.cnet.com

Showdown: Will on-demand kill the big TV get-together?

Guardian :: Christmas is a time to gather round the TV for seasonal specials. But will Netflix, LoveFilm and iPlayer make that way of watching a thing of the past?

Read Mark Lawson, www.theguardian.com

Here’s Digg founder Kevin Rose’s idea for a new blogging platform called Tiny

The Next Web :: Digg founder, Google Ventures partner, and Web personality Kevin Rose has a new blogging platform idea called Tiny. He published a prototype video on YouTube today.

Read (author unknown), thenextweb.com

Daily launches campaign to get trains back on track

Hold The Frontpage :: The Bolton News, a daily newspaper has launched a campaign urging transport bosses to reinstate axed peak-hour train services.

Read Nick Brimacombe, www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk

NPR gets $17m in grants to expand coverage and develop digital platform

New York Times :: NPR has amassed nearly $17 million in grants to increase substantially its coverage of education and global health and development, and finance creation of a new mobile and web platform that is expected to allow it to reach more listeners and better compete with outside aggregators of public radio content.

Read Elizabeth Jensen, www.nytimes.com

Brands predictions for media in 2014

Digiday :: Will real-time marketing actually get better in 2014? What about brands realizing that TV isn't what it used to be? Brand execs weigh in and give the more common predictions a reality check. The post Brands Reality Check Predictions for Media in 2014 appeared first on Digiday.

Read Saya Weissman, digiday.com

Is this a preview of Medium’s business model?

Digiday :: In a move that suggests possible monetization plans for the future, blogging platform Medium has teamed up with ESPN’s soccer network to build a new place for fans to write and read about the sport in the run-up to the 2014 World Cup.The post Is This a Preview of Medium’s Business Model? appeared first on Digiday.

Read Brian Braiker, digiday.com

Is this a preview of Medium’s business model?

Digiday :: In a move that suggests possible monetization plans for the future, blogging platform Medium has teamed up with ESPN’s soccer network to build a new place for fans to write and read about the sport in the run-up to the 2014 World Cup.The post Is This a Preview of Medium’s Business Model? appeared first on Digiday.

Read Brian Braiker, digiday.com


White House press angry over access

CNN :: Amy Holmes, Christina Bellatoni, Peter Hamby and Brian Stelter on the feud between the White House and the White House press corps, who want more access to President Obama.

Read Brian Stelter, reliablesources.blogs.cnn.com

Finding data in Scotland

Help me investigate :: Some tips on what data is available in Scotland, given that most guidance on data journalism focuses on data in England or the US.

Read Staff, Help Me Investigate, helpmeinvestigate.com

People are hoarding TV episodes, so they can binge-watch them later

Quartz :: The new season of Scandal premiered on ABC two months ago, but Anna Holmes hasn’t started watching yet. She’s letting episodes of the soapy political drama pile up. “It’s more satisfying to watch them all at once,” she writes in an email.

Read Zachary M. Seward, qz.com

Tony Hall has made a good start at the BBC – but now it's time for the big idea

Guardian :: Charter renewal and an election add to the pressure on the Corporation to prove great services at better value.

Read Steve Hewlett, www.theguardian.com

Colombian reporter Jineth Bedoya Lima gives voice to abused women

Guardian :: Journalist tortured and raped by paramilitary fighters is now working to raise awareness of sexual violence in warfare.

Read Ed Vulliamy, www.theguardian.com

Syrian opposition vows to prevent journalist kidnappings, but its power is limited

Huffington Post | Reuters :: Syrian rebel leaders said they would do all they could to protect journalists but were hampered by infighting, after international news organisations complained kidnappings were preventing full media coverage of the civil war.

Read Katherine Fung, www.huffingtonpost.com

Global Radio backs down over Competition Commission ruling - The Guardian

Guardian :: Commercial radio broadcaster to sell off some stations after dismissal of appeal on ruling of £70m GMG Radio acquisition.

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

Technology can save the news — If readers change how they consume It

Wharton :: Could this new band of news media owners shape a technology-led business model that will be profitable and protect the integrity of impartial, ideology-free journalism? Ultimately, according to Wharton experts, the ball will rest with the consumer.

Read Staff, Wharton, knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu

Does Upworthy prove media outlets are hurting themselves by publishing so much content?

Washington Post :: Two years ago, Upworthy didn't exist. Today, it gets more than 80 million unique visitors every month. That dwarfs traditional media outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Read Ezra Klein, www.washingtonpost.com

Newtown’s media blackout forces journalists to find other ways

Poynter :: The one-year anniversary of a tragic event is a significant moment. But for journalists, such moments too often become opportunities for emotional exploitation rather than real journalism.

Read Kelly McBride, goo.gl

Journalism before the Internet and now

John L. Robinson :: Twenty years ago, journalism was different. Here are some ways.

Read John Robinson, johnlrobinson.com

Against 'long-form journalism'

The Atlantic :: When it comes to great magazine writing, what’s in a name?

Read James Bennet, www.theatlantic.com


Twitter test shows ‘nearby’ tweets

WSJ :: The short-messaging service appears to be testing a new timeline for its mobile app, called “Nearby.” It shows recent nearby tweets, whether you follow the tweeter or not.

Read Yoree Koh, blogs.wsj.com

EU-funded project to facilitate copyright use launches publicly

Journalism.co.uk :: Rights Data Integration aims to simplify the way digital content rights are traded and managed in its 27-month test run.

Read Alistair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

'The Book of Tebow': He prayed. He won. And then he disappeared. Will we ever see Tim Tebow in the NFL again?

Sports Illustrated :: He arrives early, wearing a white T-shirt and red cotton shorts, and during the handshake he reaches out with his free hand, as if to say, I’m open to hugging, but I’ll leave it up to you. You would like him. He would like you.

Read Thomas Lake, sportsillustrated.cnn.com

How Sports Illustrated reporter Thomas Lake captured the athlete in ‘The Book of Tebow’

Poynter :: Earlier this year, Sports Illustrated writer Thomas Lake embarked on a challenging project: to profile Tim Tebow, an athlete who’s been covered as thoroughly as any in America and who didn’t want Lake to write about him.

Read John Woodrow Cox, goo.gl

Journalism Leadership INSIGHT: Lessons for media innovators

Journalism Leaders :: The inaugural Journalism Leadership Insight report isn't only created for those on the frontline of the media industry – it draws on original research by those leading and transforming the business.

Read Francois Nel, journalismleaders.blogspot.co.uk

Managing editor @SteveMatthewson: Exploring social media strategies, practices, -cc: @FrancoisNel

Read Francois Nel, journalismleaders.blogspot.co.uk

Facebook, fighting TV with reach

TechCrunch :: The full “Facebook For Business: Video On Facebook” presentation including slides and Facebook’s notes is splayed out in the article.

Read Josh Constine, techcrunch.com

Twitter let me know friends are talking about a TV show. What does it mean?

Alex Rainert Tumblr :: As we know, Twitter has become absolutely indispensable - for many, it’s the 1st screen - for live events (Breaking News, Sports, Awards Ceremonies, etc.) but in order to benefit from and participate in the discourse, you need to get there in the first place.

Read Alex Rainert, www.alexrainert.com

Nielsen: 'news and talk' category still dominates radio

 Capital New York :: Nielsen has released a new survey looking at the most popular formats on radio. News, talk and information programming like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ed Schultz and Glenn Beck lead the way, according to the survey's respondents.

Read Alex Weprin, www.capitalnewyork.com

Nielsen: 'news and talk' category still dominates radio

 Capital New York :: Nielsen has released a new survey looking at the most popular formats on radio. News, talk and information programming like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ed Schultz and Glenn Beck lead the way, according to the survey's respondents.

Read Alex Weprin, www.capitalnewyork.com

Comic Relief whistle-blower says Fleet Street ignored 'bombs, booze and fags' investments story

Press Gazette :: The man who uncovered Comic Relief's investment in "bombs, booze and fags" said he tried to tell the national press the same story four years ago.

Read Darren Boyle, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome killed journalist sleeping rough to make documentary

Press Gazette :: A 26-year-old film-maker who was sleeping rough for a project on homelessness died from natural causes, a coroner has decided.

Read PA Mediapoint, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Should journalists stay away from Newtown this weekend?

Poynter :: According to The Washington Post, a long list of respected journalism organizations including ABC News, CNN, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, NPR, The New York Times, USA Today and the Post itself say they plan to stay away from Newtown, Conn., Saturday, the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Read Al Tompkins, www.poynter.org

California publisher plans to start a new paper

New York Times :: Aaron Kushner, the owner and publisher of The Orange County Register, has already hired 200 employees for the daily paper he is planning for the Los Angeles area.

Read Christine Haughney, www.nytimes.com


Robot writers and the digital age

American Journalism Review :: The printing press put a generation of scribes out of a job, and the telegraph sent couriers scurrying to find new employment. Could software robots do the same for reporters?

Read Samantha Goldberg, ajr.org

'New York Times' held back reporting on Levinson, too

Capital New York :: The New York Times revealed today that it, too, withheld reporting on Robert Levinson, a retired FBI agent who went missing in Iran in 2007 and was revealed by the Associated Press and Washington Post yesterday to have disappeared while on a rogue assignment for the C.I.A.

Read Joe Pompeo, www.capitalnewyork.com

Charter said to prepare offer for Time Warner Cable

Bloomberg News | AdAge :: Charter Communications Inc. is preparing an offer letter to acquire Time Warner Cable for less than $140 a share, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Read Staff, Bloomberg News, adage.com

Mail Online passes 10m daily browsers

Guardian :: Daily Mail website continues spectacular growth, also attracting a record 168 million monthly unique browsers in November

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

At 'Cape Times the night Madiba died

Cape Times :: I was at home when word came: “Madiba’s dead.” I had just a few seconds to mourn Madiba before running out the door. As I drove, the National Anthem was playing on my radio. I wept. On the fourth floor of Newspaper House there was controlled chaos.

Read Tony Weaver, www.iol.co.za

YouTube copyright crackdown hits multichannel network affiliates

Variety :: Internet video service says has enabled copyright holders to scan material uploaded by MCN affiliates.

Read Todd Spangler, variety.com

Aereo welcomes Supreme Court intervention in fight with TV broadcasters

AllThingsD :: Online television startup Aereo Inc. said it would welcome the Supreme Court's intervention to resolve a legal fight with broadcasters, who argue its service violates their copyrights.

Read Amol Sharma, online.wsj.com

Education channel creativeLIVE goes 24-7

PandoDaily :: Live broadcasting hasn’t had quite the same panache since demand TV and movies via Netflix and Hulu have come on the scene. It was starting to seem like consumers preferred the power of the web, letting them watch video anytime anywhere, over the power of the broadcast.

Read Carmel DeAmicis, pando.com

Twitter reversed changes that it made to its blocking policy on Thursday

GigaOM :: Twitter has changed its policy on what happens when a user blocks another user, and some of those who have been subjected to harassment on the network say the changes actually make things worse instead of better.

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

The Pearson Foundation, accused of seeking profits, will pay millions

New York Times :: The Pearson Foundation, the charitable arm of one of the nation’s largest educational publishers, will pay $7.7 million to settle accusations that it repeatedly broke New York State law by assisting in for-profit ventures.

Read Javier C. Hernández, www.nytimes.com

Universal Studios Japan receives $250m private equity injection

Variety :: Universal Studios Japan, a theme park operator in Osaka, has received a $250 million financial injection from Hong Kong private equity firm PAG.

Read Patrick Frater, variety.com

Like rest of the news industry, campus papers reach for new strategies

Fact Tank :: Many of the nation’s estimated 1,600 college newspapers are now experimenting with editorial and business innovations in the face of some of the same economic hardships that have hit the rest of the newspaper industry.

Read Nancy Vogt, www.pewresearch.org


2/3 (67%) of Americans said closing of their local public library would affect them and their families

Read Staff, Pew Research Center, libraries.pewinternet.org

NBC exec on why she’s leaving for Twitter

Lost Remote :: My big idea for 2014 is to make a leap from everything I've ever known in my career. Come January, I’m giving up perks, familiarity, a large staff, and a job that I can easily explain. I could not be more excited.


Read Vivian Schiller, www.linkedin.com

How Digital Video Is Set To Take Over The World

Buzzfeed :: A new report by Citigroup highlights how web-based video is consumed across the globe, and the opportunities and challenges it presents to established TV players.

Read Peter Lauria, www.buzzfeed.com

Twitter partners up with Truecaller to link user accounts with caller ID in India

GigaOM :: The deal tells Truecaller users if the person calling them has a Twitter account, and even allows limited Twitter functionality from within the Truecaller smartphone client.

Read David Meyer, gigaom.com

Mobile video spikes 133% in 12 months

Rapid TV News :: Mobile TV viewing has more than doubled in just one year. While mobile viewing levelled off in the third quarter due to seasonal factors, the overall share of mobile and tablet video views has increased by 74% since January, and by 133% from September 2012 to September 2013.

Read Michelle Clancy, www.rapidtvnews.com

TV everywhere availability finally starts to go mainstream

Rapid TV News :: Operators are making headway on digital distribution, with the availability of authenticated TV everywhere (TVE) services among US pay-TV subscribers having increased by more than 30% in the last six months.

Read Michelle Clancy, www.rapidtvnews.com

YouTube 2013 gross revenues set to hit $5.6bn

Rapid TV News :: The online video 800lb gorilla has really begun to flex its muscle as eMarketer data has revealed that advertisers are set to spend $5.60 billion on YouTube, with $1.96 billion of net global digital ad revenues giving it a fifth of the US video ad market.

Read Joseph O'Halloran, www.rapidtvnews.com

Investigative journalism on demand

Columbia Journalism Review :: Resources for investigative reporters are increasingly thin on the ground. Which is why technologist Israel Mirsky created Uncoverage, a new platform that allows people to support stories on topics they care about.

Read Edirin Oputu, www.cjr.org

Daily news habits die hard. Weekly ones die faster

Irish Times :: The fate of the Liverpool Post, closed by parent company Trinity Mirror just two years after it switched from a daily to a weekly publication, is a sorry tale of retrenchment that feels like a portent of things to come for at least some of the rest of the press.

Read Laura Slattery, www.irishtimes.com

FT’s native ad initiative goes global

News & Tech :: As the buzz surrounding native advertising continues to mount, The Financial Times today rolled out its FT SmartMatch to global advertising clients, following a successful trial period.

Read Staff, News & Tech, www.newsandtech.com

Berlin’s Readmill pushes social reading to get an edge on the crowd

Venture Beat :: In a bid to strengthen its community and position itself as more than just an eBook reader, Berlin-based Readmill has released a new update promoting book discussion and discovery.

Read Charmaine Li, venturebeat.com

Red Bull plans international TV channel

Rapid TV News :: Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz is working on an English-language TV channel for the international market.

Read Jörn Krieger, www.rapidtvnews.com

WestSoy ditches brand site, goes all-in on Tumblr

Digiday :: Instead of blanketing social media channels, the company is only going where they feel their voice can be heard. And for them, that means strictly Tumblr -- as both a social platform and the company homepage. That means no Facebook likes, no brand witticisms on Twitter and no food porn on Pinterest.

Read Haniya Rae, digiday.com

Twitter can be used as a means to identify leads and news tips

Read Staff, TwitterForNews, twitter.com

#ATL24: CNN live-tweets a feature story

Twitter Media :: Twitter goes so perfectly with real-time news that to live-tweet is to cover it. And the stats back it up: journalists who live-tweet an event see on average a 50% boost in follower growth.

Read Andrew Fitzgerald, blog.twitter.com

Obama’s orwellian image control

New York Times :: The Internet has been abuzz over the spectacle of President Obama and the prime ministers of Britain and Denmark snapping a photo of themselves — a “selfie,” to use the mot du jour — with a smartphone at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa on Tuesday.

Read Santiago Lyon, www.nytimes.com


Why it’s time for journalism to raise its intellectual standards

Harvard Gazette :: Thomas E. Patterson, Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), has lobbed a philosophical hand grenade at today’s moribund news business.

Read Christina Pazzanese, news.harvard.edu

Apple TV gets live news programming with Bloomberg TV

GigaOM :: Bloomberg TV launched live and on-demand video on Apple TV Wednesday, and now wants to bring its service to other smart TV platforms.

Read Janko Roettgers, gigaom.com

Facebook wants to be a newspaper. Facebook users have their own ideas.

AllThingsD :: Most people think of Facebook in a similar way: It’s a place to share photos of your kids. It’s a way to keep up with friends and family members. It’s a place to share a funny, viral story or LOLcat picture you’ve stumbled upon on the Web.

Read Mike Isaac, allthingsd.com

News organizations call on Syrian rebels to end kidnappings

New York Times :: Thirteen international news organizations, including the BBC, The Associated Press and The New York Times, have written a letter to the armed opposition in Syria asking for assurances that their reporters will not be abducted.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

BBC to axe more than half of its management boards

Guardian :: Review of corporation's governance also includes appointment of two new non-executive directors and changes to trust's remit.

Read John Plunkett, Tara Conlan, www.theguardian.com

Facebook wants brands to see what you're saying about them

CNET :: Right now, companies can't infiltrate Facebook far enough to witness the social chats about their products. The social network has introduced technology to change that.

Read Stephen Shankland, news.cnet.com

Trinity Mirror closes Liverpool Post newspaper after 158 years in print

Press Gazette :: The Daily Post was previously an upmarket morning newspaper for Liverpool, complementing evening title the Liverpool Echo which is also published by Trinity Mirror.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

News Corp. seeks buyer for local newspaper group

Capital New York :: Capital has learned that the global publishing conglomerate, which also owns The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post, has issued a prospectus to potential buyers of its Community Newspaper Group, a stable that includes titles like The Brooklyn Paper, the Brooklyn Courier, and the Times Ledger.

Read Joe Pompeo, www.capitalnewyork.com

Trauma in journalism: What every freelancer at risk needs to know

BBC :: It is important to know when psychological stress risks becoming overwhelming and how to ratchet down that pressure. And news organisations need to offer more training, mentoring and support.

Read Gavin Rees, www.bbc.co.uk

Free access to 11 College of Journalism language websites

BBC Academy :: The College of Journalism's international websites focus on three key aspects of journalism practice that are of particular importance in the regions of the world they serve - skills, language and values.

Read Staff, College of Journalism, www.bbc.co.uk

Tech.eu launches to report on European tech industry

Journalism.co.uk :: The new digital publication seeks to cover 'unreported' stories from across the continent and sector

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

How BBC Urdu got the inside story on emergency rule in Pakistan

BBC :: By sticking to the agreed terms of the interview we cemented our bond with the judge’s wife, who was a credible source.

Read Sajid Iqbal, www.bbc.co.uk

Twitter knows: The service that controls messaging controls the world

Buzzfeed :: In a major update, Twitter has placed Direct Messages at the center of its mobile app, with large images and an icon in the main navigation bar. In the process, it has created a true backchannel where there was barely one before.

Read John Herrman, www.buzzfeed.com

Irony alert: Newspapers were social media long before blogs and Facebook came along

GigaOM :: Newspapers and social media are seen as opposite ends of the media spectrum now, and in many cases as adversaries — but not all that long ago, newspapers themselves were a very powerful form of social media

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Vice Media buys a tech company to experiment with content distribution

New York Times :: Advertising, journalism and technology continue to converge. The latest example: Vice Media’s acquisition of Carrot Creative, a digital agency that creates apps, websites and games for media companies and brands.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

Gannett to add USA Today to local papers

New York Times :: Gannett Company, one of the nation’s largest newspaper chains, will try to expand its advertising and circulation revenue by inserting parts of its flagship newspaper, USA Today, into its local newspapers.

Read Christine Haughney, www.nytimes.com

Mobile video ads get cut down to size

Digiday :: Growth in mobile video consumption has created a rift between publishers and brands: Publishers are creating more short form videos ideal for mobile viewing, but marketers remain relatively uninterested in tailoring ads to run against them.

Read John McDermott, digiday.com


Time Warner Cable broadband usage is up 40 percent this year

GigaOM :: The investment bank issued a note saying that TWC’s CEO-designate Rob Marcus said online viewing is up (although not a replacement for pay TV), and is increasing the demand for broadband.

Read Stacey Higginbotham, gigaom.com

The Washington Post debuts Chromecast integration

Lost Remote :: The Washington Post debuted their Chromecast integration today, becoming the first news organization to allow users to access their content through the growing second screen device.

Read Jordan Chariton, lostremote.com

Telekom to integrate ZDF catch-up TV into IPTV platform

Rapid TV News :: Germany's national telco Deutsche Telekom will expand the video-on-demand (VOD) portal of its IPTV platform Entertain with subscribers being able to access the catch-up TV service from public broadcaster ZDF directly from their TV set from 11 December 2013.

Read Jörn Krieger, www.rapidtvnews.com

AZ Medien Switzerland plans new TV channel

Rapid TV News :: Swiss media company AZ Medien plans to launch a new TV channel, TV24, in Q2 2014.

Read Jörn Krieger, www.rapidtvnews.com

Growth of video ads on tablets, cell phones and Smart TVs is exploding

Buzzfeed :: Total video ad views grew 31% in the third quarter, Citigroup analysts said in a note today.

Read Sapna Maheshwari, www.buzzfeed.com

BBC News style on grammar and spelling is not Strictly to everyone’s taste

BBC :: We’re not saying the BBC is infallibly correct and the audience wrong - just that we have made certain choices and are happy to explain them.

Read Ian Jolly, www.bbc.co.uk

ABC’s Jon Karl sees Twitter as essential to good reporting…in ‘doses’

Mediabistro :: In the old days, reporters never had to deal with interacting with viewers, much less tweeting with them. But the rise of social media—and social TV—has changed the reporting game.

Read Jordan Chariton, lostremote.com

The future of local TV - another way forward?

BBC :: You have a local media industry in need of content and a raft of journalism students in need of experience. It struck me that combining the two would create an elegant solution.

Read David Hayward, www.bbc.co.uk

Native ads aren't as clear as outlets think

Columbia Journalism Review :: Publishers and marketers believe they are being responsible by distinguishing native advertising--advertising designed to look and feel like journalism--from news content by using colors, boxes, and labels containing terms like "sponsored by" or "presented by." 

Read Tracie Powell, www.cjr.org

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky Deutschland keeps hold of European soccer rights

Variety :: Rupert Murdoch’s German pay TV operator, Sky Deutschland, has extended its deal to broadcast matches from the UEFA Champions League, which comprises the top soccer teams in Europe, until 2018.

Read Leo Barraclough, variety.com

Rebekah Brooks was asked to authorise payment to a police officer for stories

Guardian :: Phone-hacking trial hears Brooks was asked to approve cash payment for 'royal mayor of Tetbury wife swapping' story.

Read Lisa O'Carroll, Caroline Davies , www.theguardian.com

Awesome: A New York Times bot is second-guessing NFL coaches on Twitter

paidContent :: The New York Times has a new online tool and Twitter feed that analyzes every fourth down in every game and gives its analysis in real time. Fans, commentators and even bosses have yet another means by which to second guess coaches' decisions.

Read Derrick Harris, gigaom.com

Why the web has failed at brand advertising

Digiday :: “Here we are 10 years later and the money hasn’t come over,” said Internet ad veteran RIck Webb. “TV viewership is declining but TV ad spend has gone up. It’s because TV ads make people cry and make people laugh, and the only thing we have to make a connection to them, and the Internet doesn’t grasp that.

Read Brian Morrissey, digiday.com

Native ads are coming to Internet comments

Digiday :: Disqus, the commenting tool used by 3 million websites, is planning to roll out a “sponsored comment” option for brands in early 2014, an executive said at the Digiday Brand Summit in Deer Valley, Utah.

Read Brian Morrissey, digiday.com

Who wins as Facebook makes tweaks to its newsfeed algorithms?

GigaOM :: Facebook is making changes to the way its News Feed ranks content, and some publishers fear that they could be impacted — but whatever happens, the risks of relying on a third-platform for your content are well known

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Facebook hires NYU deep learning expert to run its new AI lab

GigaOM :: Facebook has hired deep learning expert Yann Lecun from New York University to head up its new artificial intelligence lab. It's part of a bigger push along with -- and against -- companies like Google and Microsoft to advance research while improving their platforms.

Read Derrick Harris, gigaom.com

Mobile browsers top 20% for web use around the world

GigaOM :: The mobile wave continues to build with no signs of cresting. According to StatCounter's data, mobile devices accounted for 21.6 percent of global web browsing as of last month. PCs still have their place but it's diminishing quickly for some activities.

Read Kevin C. Tofel, gigaom.com

If a story is viral, truth may be taking a beating

New York Times :: Truth has never been an essential ingredient of viral content on the Internet. But in the stepped-up competition for readers, digital news sites are increasingly blurring the line between fact and fiction, and saying that it is all part of doing business in the rough-and-tumble world of online journalism.

Read Ravi Somaiya, Leslie Kaufman, www.nytimes.com


Scripps acquires video news provider Newsy to help it enter digital video business

Press Release :: The E.W. Scripps Company has acquired Columbia, Mo.-based digital video news provider Newsy, a five-year-old startup that has built its early success on a multi-source, multi-platform approach to storytelling.

Read Carolyn Micheli,

Axel Springer to buy N24

Rapid TV News :: German publishing house Axel Springer will take over news channel N24. The company wants to hook up the TV channel with its newspaper group Die Welt to establish a multimedia news provider offering high quality journalism.

Read Jörn Krieger, www.rapidtvnews.com

Firefox gets support for VP9, Google’s next-generation open video codec

paidContent :: Firefox’s nightly version got support for Google’s VP9 video codec a few days ago, Firefox Aurora users will be able to use the codec later this week.

Read Janko Roettgers, paidcontent.org

Experiments in viral journalism: Trinity Mirror launches Ampp3d for sharing data-driven stories

paidContent :: Trinity Mirror is experimenting with two sites aimed at social-sharing or “viral” content, and the most recent of these — called Ampp3d — is aimed at trying to make data-driven journalism and news stories more shareable

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

WPP chief Martin Sorrell tempers buoyant 2014 ad forecasts

New York Times :: The chief executive of WPP, the world’s largest advertising holding group by revenue, said on Monday that caution remained the watchword for marketer clients of agencies owned by WPP and others.

Read Stuart Elliott, www.nytimes.com

The Guardian experiments with a robot-generated newspaper with The Long Good Read

Nieman Lab :: The paper, printed by The Newspaper Club, is a collection of longform Guardian stories selected and laid out with the help of algorithms.

Read Justin Ellis, www.niemanlab.org

In suburban D.C., a network of hyperlocal news sites expands and bets on local advertising

 Nieman Lab ::  “If everybody’s focused on the billion-dollar opportunity in local, they’re going to be missing out on a lot of other opportunities, because this isn’t a billion-dollar space.”

Read Caroline O'Donovan, www.niemanlab.org

David Karp: 'Tumblr is a media network, not just a tool'

Guardian :: The founder and CEO of Tumblr describes the evolution of the platform from a publishing tool to a media network.

Read David Karp, www.theguardian.com

Time Warner Cable set to add another app platform: Apple TV?

CNET :: Incoming CEO Rob Marcus says Time Warner Cable will unveil this week an additional platform for its TWC TV app and hints that Netflix could come to its set-top boxes.

Read Joan E. Solsman, news.cnet.com

Are young people watching less TV?

Marketing Charts :: Nielsen’s most recent study indicates that the 18-24 group watched a weekly average of roughly 21-and-three-quarter hours of traditional TV during Q3 2013, about a quarter-hour less than they did a year earlier. That equates to 2 minutes less per day.

Read Staff, Marketing Charts, www.marketingcharts.com

Global mobile ad spend projected to exceed radio, magazines by 2016

Marketing Charts :: have updated their forecasts and are projecting mobile advertising to generate more new ad spending ($31.8 billion) than TV ($29.8 billion) for the global ad economy from this year through 2016.

Read Staff, Marketing Charts, www.marketingcharts.com

RIA Novosti to be liquidated in state-owned media overhaul

Ria Novosti :: The Kremlin announced Monday the dissolution of RIA Novosti, the country’s major state-run news agency, amid a significant reorganization of state-owned media assets.

Read Staff, Ria Novosti, en.ria.ru

Mark Thompson on digital innovation at the New York Times – video

Guardian :: The CEO and president of the New York Times discusses journalism, paywalls and being mobile-first.

Read Staff, Guardian, www.theguardian.com

Mark Thompson on digital innovation at the New York Times – video

Guardian :: The CEO and president of the New York Times discusses journalism, paywalls and being mobile-first.

Read Staff, Guardian, www.theguardian.com

Mark Thompson on digital innovation at the New York Times – video

Guardian :: The CEO and president of the New York Times discusses journalism, paywalls and being mobile-first.

Read Staff, Guardian, www.theguardian.com

7 ways news outlets can use Instagram

Journalism.co.uk :: From crowdsourcing to delivering news snippets or content previews, here are seven ways media outlets are using Instagram to share images and video

Read Rachel Bartlett, www.journalism.co.uk

Despite The Sun’s big paywall success, it’s still early days when it comes to charging for news on the internet

The Independent :: ‘The Sun’s’ statistics will contribute to “resetting the mindset of the marketplace”

Read Ian Burrell, www.independent.co.uk

Daily Mail overtakes Sun as biggest-selling Saturday paper

Guardian :: News UK red-top outsold by rival by more than 20,000 copies in November, but remains the UK's top-selling title across six days.

Read Jason Deans, www.theguardian.com

Mobile forecast to account for more than third of new ad revenue by 2016

Guardian :: Smartphone and tablet advertising growth will not be at expense of traditional media, says global media buying agency group.

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

Journalist turned author re-releases bestseller

Hold The Frontpage :: A former daily reporter who was imprisoned in China for more than two years for his reporting of the Cultural Revolution has re-released one of his most famous novels – 30 years after its original publication.

Read Nick Brimacombe, www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk

Twitter is taking a “log-out” approach to raise usage, awareness in emerging markets with USSD on mobiles

TechCrunch :: Twitter is working hard to build up its profile and usage among people in developing markets, and today another piece of that strategy has come into focus.

Read Ingrid Lunden, techcrunch.com

Magazine assistants add social media to scheduling and coffee runs

New York Times :: There are still bosses like Miranda Priestly in the magazine world, barking at minions to book tables at the Lambs Club or having them trail behind magazine assistants carrying half-eaten tuna sandwiches. But as magazines deal with new financial challenges, including budget cuts that have trimmed the staff, few editors can afford to squander the employees.

Read Christine Haughney, www.nytimes.com

Magazine assistants add social media to scheduling and coffee runs

New York Times :: There are still bosses like Miranda Priestly in the magazine world, barking at minions to book tables at the Lambs Club or having them trail behind magazine assistants carrying half-eaten tuna sandwiches. But as magazines deal with new financial challenges, including budget cuts that have trimmed the staff, few editors can afford to squander the employees.

Read Christine Haughney, www.nytimes.com

The New York Times scoops itself

Politico :: The newspaper had a "groundbreaking" story, but the Las Vegas Sun got to publish it first.

Read Dylan Byers, www.politico.com

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more create the Reform Government Surveillance coalition

VentureBeat :: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, LinkedIn, Yahoo have banded together to created the Reform Government Surveillance coalition saying spy tactics around the world need to change now.

Read Meghan Kelly, venturebeat.com

New York's 'Roaring Twenties' come alive with interactive audio map

The Verge :: Created by a group at the University of Southern California, "The Roaring Twenties" is an interactive site that aims to show this by letting you actually experience those sounds.

Read Andrew Webster, www.theverge.com

New Yorker, Washington Post Passed On Seymour Hersh Syria Report

Huffington Post :: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh accused the Obama administration Sunday of having “cherry-picked intelligence” regarding the Aug. 21 chemical attack in Syria that served as evidence for an argument in favor of striking President Bashar Assad's government.

Read Michael Calderone, www.huffingtonpost.com


Everything visible: How wearable cameras are changing the way we think about public space

Venture Beat :: Unless you spend all of your time in a cave, you’ve probably been photographed without your knowledge. The presence of surveillance cameras is becoming a growing norm in public spaces.

Read Kitty Ireland, venturebeat.com

The BBC needs a global news strategy - and Harding's approach seems dated

Guardian :: Strong management and a sharp focus of purpose are required as the Corporation faces renewed competition.

Read Emily Bell, www.theguardian.com

Kenya passes contentious media bill

Rapid TV News :: Kenya has passed what has been termed its “draconian” Information and Communication Bill amid strong opposition from journalists who claim it is an affront to media freedom.

Read Rebecca Hawkes, www.rapidtvnews.com

Unpacking Twitter’s secret IPO memos with the SEC

AllThingsD :: Twitter has released secret correspondence with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the months leading up to its initial public offering. These memos were kept out of view until today.

Read Yoree Koh, blogs.wsj.com

Alt-weeklies: supposed to be news publications

It's Brian LaRue :: Alt-weeklies are supposed to be news publications, not merely “entertainment products.” Even before everyone with an internet connection had the opportunity to publish anything at any hour of the day or night, alt-weeklies faced a particular challenge of timing.

Read Brian LaRue, itsbrianlarue.wordpress.com


Jessica Lessin talks about paywalls, The Information and the virtues of knowing who your audience is

paidContent :: Former Wall Street Journal writer Jessica Lessin, who launched her new subscription-only news site The Information this week, talks about the motivation behind her company and why she chose to go with a hard paywall model.

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Twitter Tells Hashtag Tale of #IranTalks

AllThingsD :: Twitter took a victory lap for its role as a news breaker in the historic agreement by Iran to dial back its efforts in that dangerous arena.

Read Kara Swisher, allthingsd.com

National Geographic puts more than 500 historic maps on Google

The Verge :: National Geographic and Google are trying to recreate the thrill of cracking open one of the magazine's signature paper maps, but in the digital world.

Read Josh Lowensohn, www.theverge.com

Japan enacts strict state secrets law despite protests

Reuters :: Japan enacted a state-secrets law toughening penalties for leaks on Friday, despite public protests and criticism that it will muzzle the media and help cover up official misdeeds.

Read Linda Sieg, Kiyoshi Takenaka, www.reuters.com

Sun+ passes 100,000 digital subscribers

Press Gazette :: News UK is set to launch a range of new Sun+ smartphone and tablet apps in the New Year after the company announced they have passed the 100,000 subscribers mark.

Read Darren Boyle, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Time Warner goes live with Al Jazeera

RapidTVNews :: Time Warner Cable has launched Al Jazeera America as part of its line-up. The 24-hour channel will highlight US and international news. The network will join BBC America, CNN, FOX News and others in TWC’s news bouquet.

Read Michelle Clancy, www.rapidtvnews.com

Ukraine National TV comes to Washington DC broadcast market

Rapid TV News :: Ukraine National TV has recently joined in partnership with MHz Networks, facilitated by the Embassy of Ukraine in the US, to launch an evening newscast.

Read Michelle Clancy, www.rapidtvnews.com

Al Jazeera's correspondent remembers colleague Yasser Faisal, the cameraman who was executed by rebels in Syria

Al Jazeera ::Anyone who has spent a lot of time in Iraq has a long list of friends and colleagues no longer with us. News of violent deaths comes in email messages you have to read over and over to believe, phone calls you want to have misheard. Each death takes a piece of your heart with it.

Read Jane Arraf, blogs.aljazeera.com

Advertising: Recalling TV’s Golden Age, stars pitch products tied to their shows

 New York Times :: During the golden age of radio and the early years of television, when advertisers and agencies owned the programs they sponsored, a popular way to pitch products was with what were known as cast commercials.

Read Stuart Elliott, www.nytimes.com

Push to put Facebook in motion: Videos now auto-play on mobile, expect video ads soon

TechCrunch :: FB could look a lot more like TV soon. While Vine and Instagram Video are booming, you don't see many people natively uploading videos to Facebook. But now Facebook is bringing auto-play for native videos to all users after testing the feature in September. And it's just the beginning of a huge push to put Facebook in motion.

Read Josh Constine, techcrunch.com

Academia.edu slammed with takedown notices from journal publisher Elsevier

VentureBeat :: Academic publisher Elsevier has issued take-down notices to Academia.edu for researchers who have posted scientific papers on the site.

Read Jordan Novet, venturebeat.com


List.ly makes Twitter lists significantly more awesome: social, shareable, manageable, and rankable

VentureBeat :: Nick Kellet wants to make Twitter lists findable via Google, sortable, manageable, and social, so that many people can collaborate in building the best Twitter lists imaginable.

Read John Koetsier, venturebeat.com

In-depth news reading on the tablet

Nieman Lab :: The findings suggest there is some difference between smartphone and tablet news use when it comes to reading longer stories. But the behavior is occurring on both devices to a degree.

Read Amy Mitchell, Tom Rosenstiel, Laura Houston Santhanam, Leah Christian, www.journalism.org

The meaning of China’s crackdown on the foreign press

New Yorker :: The Chinese government is threatening to expel nearly two dozen foreign correspondents, working for the Times and Bloomberg News, in retaliation for investigations that exposed the private wealth of Chinese leaders. It is the Chinese government’s most dramatic attempt to insulate itself from scrutiny.

Read Evan Osnos, www.newyorker.com

Local small and medium size businesses: Where local media dollars are spent

MediaPost :: When it comes to where local media dollars are spent, the survey says newspapers are still tops -- commanding a 22% share local ad dollars; digital is at 19%.

Read Wayne Friedman, www.mediapost.com

When facts are fluid: Emerging best practices to verify information on social media

Slideshare :: A keynote by Alfred Hermida to the JEAA annual conference on December 3, 2013, in Mooloolaba. Based on research for his forthcoming book, "Tell Everyone: How what we share shapes what we know."

Read Alfred Hermida, de.slideshare.net

A journalist's guide to finding the truth via social media

ABC :: How do you spot the fakes, the know-nothings and the too-good-to-be-trues?

Read Richard Aedy, www.abc.net.au

Freelance journalists motivated by ‘lifestyle not money’

HoldTheFrontPage :: The study by Parasol, provider of payroll and outsourced employment services for freelancers, asked thousands of its users to name their favourite thing about their choice of working arrangement.

Read Nick Brimacombe, www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk

Financial Times ready for global transformation under Hughes

MediaWeek :: As the FT prepares to launch a single global edition, its deputy chief executive and global commercial chief tells Arif Durrani why the newspaper is as relevant as ever.

Read Arif Durrani, www.mediaweek.co.uk

Sky Deutschland acquires Plazamedia and Sport1 stake

Rapid TV News :: German pay-TV operator Sky Deutschland is to take over TV production company Plazamedia and become a shareholder in TV broadcaster Sport1 and marketing company Constantin Sport Marketing.

Read Jörn Krieger, www.rapidtvnews.com

Twitter CEO: New board choice had to fill many gaps

CNET :: In an on-stage interview Thursday night, Dick Costolo said Twitter's pick of Marjorie Scardino wasn't just because she was a woman, but also because of her international and operational experience.

Read Daniel Terdiman, news.cnet.com

Former Times legal chief suspended by tribunal after paper deceived High Court to expose Nightjack police blogger

Press Gazette :: Former Times legal chief Alastair Brett suspended by tribunal after paper deceived High Court to expose Nightjack police blogger.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk


Whatever happened to journalism?

Berliner Gazette :: Today, in the age of (micro-)blogs and big data, the Forth Estate is suspended between extremes. Radical fragmentation and monolithic centralization pose multiple threats to democracy. The conference “Whatever happened to journalism?” engages upon a critique of this development and explores alternatives.

Read Krystian Woznicki, berlinergazette.de

Netflix is eyeing France, Germany for future expansions

paidContent :: Bonjour and guten Tag: Netflix executives have visited Germany and France as they are looking for additional markets to launch their service.    

Read Janko Roettgers, gigaom.com

Addressable TV: Who are we really addressing?

MediaPost :: Addressable TV is, indeed, here. It delivers efficiency, performance tracking and actionable insights. And it provides for greater accountability overall for a medium that historically has been a one-way communication vehicle.

Read Tracy Gross, www.mediapost.com

Mark Dreyfus on spying revelations: 'The media has a job to publish news'

Guardian :: Shadow attorney general says those taking different view may be confusing national interest with the Coalition's interests.

Read Oliver Laughland, www.theguardian.com

The lesson of Intel TV's demise: We failed, and so can you

CNET ::  Intel aspired to revolutionize cable and satellite with Web TV. Just because it failed doesn't mean Apple, Google, and the rest will too -- but they're no closer to a happy ending.

Read Joan E. Solsman, news.cnet.com

Jinni taps TMS Metadata for personalised TV and film guide

Rapid TV News :: Semantic video discovery engine provider Jinni has made a strategic investment in the TMS On Entertainment metadata solution to provide availability information for linear TV and OTT content on its My TV & Movie Guide App.

Read Staff, Rapid TV News, www.rapidtvnews.com

Radio Times website hits profit with traffic-boost fuelled by investment in journalism

Press Gazette :: The Radio Times website has more than tripled its website traffic to over 3.5m in the space of three years, with investment in news and features driving the growth.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Former Clinton aide Jim Kennedy joins News Corp. as communications chief

New York Times :: News Corporation announced on Wednesday that Jim Kennedy, a veteran political operative who has worked closely with Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton in a range of roles in the White House and elsewhere, will join the company as its chief communications officer.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

Twitter signs deal with Deutsche Telekom

GigaOM :: Twitter has inked its first strategic partnership with a carrier that doesn’t involve subsidized data. It will surely be a boost for the microblogging platform in Germany, where it is weak, but the benefits for Deutsche Telekom are less clear.

Read David Meyer, gigaom.com

Can the democratic power of a platform like Hacker News be applied to products?

pandoDaily :: The democratization of information has been hugely important for startups in the last decade. Threads like Reddit or Hacker News can drive huge amounts of traffic to new companies, giving them crucial early attention. Multiple startups, from Your Superhero Delivers to Popcorn Messaging have launched without media coverage simply by posting their products on a user-generated and -controlled forums.

Read Carmel DeAmicis, pando.com

The optimal post is 7 minutes

Medium :: Understanding which Medium posts get the most attention.

Read Mike Sall, medium.com

Medium beefs up its design and also expands on editorial curation features

paidContent :: Medium has launched a redesign focusing more on the visual power of its posts, and has also changed the way that collections work to give more power to collection curators or "editors."

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Second screen TV startup Wywy raises $7m for international growth

TechCrunch :: Wywy, a German company promising to help monetize TV activity on mobile devices, is announcing that it has raised $7 million in Series B funding.

Read Anthony Ha, techcrunch.com

Twitter is about to officially launch retargeted ads

TechCrunch :: Twitter is ready to roll out retargeted ads fueled by browser cookies, sources confirm. Twitter could make the announcement as soon as tomorrow.

Read Josh Constine, techcrunch.com

Why new tech site The Information spurns ads for subscriptions

Digiday :: The Information, Jessica Lessin’s heavily anticipated tech news site, is adopting a seemingly counterintuitive business model: no ads, only subscriptions. The former Wall Street Journal reporter explains why.

Read John McDermott, digiday.com

Much ado about native ads

Digiday :: The most amazing thing about the Federal Trade Commission’s workshop about native advertising Wednesday morning is that it happened at all. That’s because, by all accounts, the native ad industry, unless you count search, is still tiny.

Read Brian Morrissey, digiday.com


Ukraine’s deep-rooted media problem

CJR :: As the country is roiled by protest, a Kiev-based journalist looks at a long-standing problem in the media business, where fake, paid-for “news” stories are routine.

Read Ivan Verstyuk, www.cjr.org

The Guardian experiments with a robot-generated newspaper with The Long Good Read

Nieman Lab :: The paper, printed by The Newspaper Club, is a collection of longform Guardian stories selected and laid out with the help of algorithms.

Read Justin Ellis, www.niemanlab.org

More TV cord cutting In 2013

MediaPost :: Pay-TV ”cord-cutting” and “cord-thinning” climbed a bit in the third quarter -- with perhaps higher activity to come.

Read Wayne Friedman, www.mediapost.com

Dubai film market the go-to spot for Middle East biz

Variety :: Seven years after its launch, the Dubai Film Market is steadily reinforcing its role as the Arab world’s prime film business hub.

Read Nick Vivarelli, variety.com

New MIT Media Lab tool lets anyone visualize unwieldy government data

CoDesign :: DataViva, a project developed in part by Media Lab professor César Hidalgo, aims to make a wide swath of government economic data usable with a series of visualization apps.

Read Shaunacy Ferro, www.fastcodesign.com

Newsroom architecture, online pay models and audience connection

Futures Lab :: This week the RJI Futures Lab explores how newsroom design might affect coverage, how to connect stories with their proper audience and how the New York Times made its pay model work.

Read Reuben Stern, Olga Kyle, Laura Davison, Chelsea Stuart, Sarah Harkins, www.pbs.org

Dame Patricia Hodgson favourite to chair Ofcom

Guardian :: Ex-BBC executive selected by Department for Culture, Media and Sport as preferred candidate to succeed Colette Bowe

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

Let's get BBC news back to the future, urges scoop-loving James Harding

Guardian :: He has come, he has seen, and he has pondered. James Harding's speech to the BBC's news and current affairs staff looks both backward and forward.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Being broadcast-ready 'in 90 seconds' at Sky News

Journalism.co.uk :: Correspondents around the world are being equipped with mobile apps and hardware to let them broadcast live from the scene of a story.

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

10 social media lessons from Swedish Radio

Journalism.co.uk :: Public service broadcaster Swedish Radio (Sverige Radio) has a range of local and national stations serving particular age and language groups, which reach 5 million people every day, or 7 million every week, according to senior staff at the organisation. In a country of 9.5 million, more than half of the population listen to radio daily.

Read Sarah Marshall, www.journalism.co.uk

Legal warning for social media users

BBC :: The attorney general is to publish guidance on Twitter to help prevent social media users from committing a contempt of court by commenting inappropriately on criminal cases.

Read Clive Coleman, www.bbc.co.uk

YouTube’s music subscription service won’t show up this year

AllThingsD :: The video service, which is already the biggest free music service in the world, had planned on launching a paid service this year. Now that won’t happen until 2014.

Read Peter Kafka, allthingsd.com

ABC's Mark Scott defends relationship with Guardian

Guardian :: The ABC's Mark Scott has defended the right of the broadcaster to team up with the Guardian and publish revelations of Australian spying on Indonesian targets.

Read Austen Ivereigh, www.theguardian.com

Snapchat poaches Facebook exec for COO role

CNET :: The messaging service nabs top Facebook executive Emily White just weeks after it rebuffed a reported $3 billion acquisition offer from the social network. [Read more]    

Read Nick Statt, news.cnet.com

Newsweek plans return to print

New York Times :: Newsweek, which has been sold twice in the last three years, will to begin a 64-page weekly edition in January or February.

Read Christine Haughney, www.nytimes.com


Guardian newspaper staff may face charges for assisting terrorists

Reuters :: British police are examining whether Guardian newspaper staff should be investigated for terrorism offences over their handling of data leaked by Edward Snowden, Britain's senior counter-terrorism officer said on Tuesday.

Read William James, Michael Holden, www.huffingtonpost.com

Delivery drones are already in the air in China

Slate :: Limited government-approved experiments have taken flight. Drone delivery is interesting in China, where the government is actively attempting to cut down on traffic and polution in overcrowded cities.

Read Staff, Slate, www.slate.com

Why journalists are becoming entrepreneurs

LinkedIn ::The buzz around why big news organizations are struggling to retain top reporters flared up this week after more departures from the New York Times. The news comes amid a drumbeat of ace reporters, including The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald and my old corporate cousins Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

Read Jessica Lessin, www.linkedin.com

Jeff Israely: Redesigns are an ongoing process, not a single launch moment

Nieman Lab :: Our startup correspondent, building Worldcrunch in Paris, says overly ambitious designs can cause a problem: “You start to produce the content to serve the container.”

Read Jeff Israely, www.niemanlab.org

From lists to breaking news, Buzzfeed's founder and CEO explains his formula for success

Adweek :: From lists to breaking news, Buzzfeed's founder and ceo explains his formula for success

Read Jonah Peretti, www.adweek.com

You are the query: Yahoo's bold quest to reinvent search

CNET :: Mayer has said that much publicly before: that the key to attracting people and advertisers to Yahoo's platforms, whether that's its home page or e-mail service, is emphasizing personalization.

Read Richard Nieva, news.cnet.com

Jeff Zucker plans massive change at CNN

Capital New York :: After almost a year of tinkering, CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker has concluded that a news channel cannot subsist on news alone.

Read Mike Allen, Alex Weprin , www.capitalnewyork.com

As New York Mag cuts issues, The Week decides to add a few

AdAge :: One day after New York magazine said it would reduce its print frequency to every other week, The Week said it plans to increase the number of issues it publishes to 51 next year from 48.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com

Mobile video for Aircel Chennai Open

Rapid TV News :: Tennis fans can watch live action on the move from the Chennai Open following the launch of a new mobile application by event sponsor and pan-Indian telecommunications operator Aircel, in partnership with IMG Reliance.

Read Rebecca Hawkes, www.rapidtvnews.com