Peter Greste: Mother Lois says rumours of his release from Egyptian prison make for 'grim days

Radio Australia :: The mother of jailed Australian journalist Peter Greste says while her son is coping well in an Egyptian jail, rumours of his imminent release are getting him down.

Read Staff, Radio Australia, www.radioaustralia.net.au

How Putin secretly conquered Russia's social media over the past 3 years

Global Voices :: For many years, the Internet was Russia’s last beacon of honesty. That’s no longer the case. Over the past three years, a social-media army fielded by the Kremlin has stormed what was once a stronghold for people who seek a “Russia without Putin.” Here’s how it happened.

Read Ilya Klishin, globalvoicesonline.org

Emily Bell: we are seeing the tabloidisation of everything

Guardian :: The 12th annual Hugh Cudlipp lecture, as delivered by the director of Columbia University’s Tow centre for digital journalism.

Read Emily Bell, www.theguardian.com

NYC Space/Time Directory (nypl.org)

New York City Space/Time :: A discovery tool linking cultural heritage material (photographs, newspapers, business directories, literary references, census data, and much more) in historical and geographic context.

Read Staff, New York City Space/Time, spacetime.nypl.org

Facebook is making News Feed better by asking real people direct questions

Wired :: It’s a well-known fact that Facebook’s flagship feature, News Feed, is run by algorithms. But Facebook knows that it can do better than relying solely on these cold computations.

Read Davey Alba, www.wired.com

Venezuela drops tourism advert with detained US reporter

BBC :: A US reporter detained while covering the 2013 elections in Venezuela has become the unlikely star of a Venezuelan tourism advert.

Read Staff, BBC, www.bbc.com

How Daily Mail, Vice, CNN, Fusion, Cosmopolitan plan to use Snapchat's new channels

AdWeek :: With Snapchat Discover launching earlier this week, publishers now have a new way to tease their content on social media and find backing from brands. The new offering allows marketers to directly sponsor stories on the platform, getting their names in front of a younger audience.

Read Michelle Castillo, www.adweek.com


How Buzzfeed's want to keep writers, reporters, and editors accountable to their readers

Buzzfeed :: BuzzFeed has the opportunity to help shape a new set of standards for a new generation of media. We are offering these standards to our staffers and to our readers as a first attempt at articulating the goal of merging the best of traditional media’s values with a true openness to the deep shifts in the forms of media and communication.

Read Shani O. Hilton, www.buzzfeed.com

Parse.ly relaunches platform as publishers look beyond growing audiences

Journalism.co.uk :: Data on audience engagement is becoming increasingly important as media outlets refocus on understanding their audience and their preferences

Read Catalina Albeanu, www.journalism.co.uk

Investor: When Twitter turns on video for all verified users, it will be a 'powder keg that will explode

CNBC :: When Twitter turns on video for all verified users, it will be a "powder keg that will explode," angel investor Jason Calacanis told CNBC Thursday.

Read Michelle Fox, www.cnbc.com

BBC, Guardian and Metro’s responsive makeovers: Who did it best?

Digiday :: Just three of the legacy national news sites in the U.K. have so far made the shift toward fully responsive sites. Here's how they compare.

Read Chris Smith, digiday.com

Do agencies even want journalists to write ad copy?

Digiday :: Publishers are trying to get an edge by offering up their editors to write native ads. But agencies are ambivalent as to whether this is a good thing.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com


UK: Police urge TV stations to scale back live coverage of any London terrorist siege

Guardian :: Met commissioner says he fears that broadcast of live images could increase difficulties for police and military and risk lives of hostages.

Read Vikram Dodd, Mark Sweney, Tara Conlan, www.theguardian.com

Axel Springer buys Business Insider stake in digital expansion

Bloomberg :: A group of investors led by Axel Springer SE, Europe’s biggest newspaper publisher, has paid $25 million for a stake in Business Insider Inc. as the German media company seeks to expand its digital operations.

Read Rodrigo Orihuela, Cornelius Rahn, www.bloomberg.com

Instagrammers discover front-page NYT placement by chance

Poynter :: It was an exciting moment for user-generated content. The New York Times featured nine Instagram photos on the front page of its Wednesday edition.

Read Katie Hawkins-Gaar, www.poynter.org

How do you add video to the firehose of 140-char Tweets? Twitter's video feature, backstage

Wired :: The bigger story might be that as more tools like Framer appear on the market, the advantages that redound to designers who can code is getting even greater with every passing day.

Read Cliff Kuang, www.wired.com

UK pay-TV operator Sky is set to add a range of mobile voice and data services

Advanced TV :: UK pay-TV operator Sky is set to add a range of mobile voice and data services to its customer offering for the first time following agreement of a new partnership with Telefónica UK.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

UK: IPSO widely criticised for failing to set up whistleblowers' hotline for journalists

Press Gazette :: The Independent Press Standards Organisation has been widely criticised for failing to so far establish a whistleblowers’ hotline.

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Future of News: Timeline of the connected generation

BBC :: The innovation team at BBC News Labs have tried their hand here at charting a timeline of key future developments for technology and news, as well as some recent milestones.

Read Christian Parkinson, Inga Thordar, www.bbc.com

How Salon tamed the trolls and saved its online comments

Digiday :: Online comments can be a double-edged sword for publishers. Here's how the news and commentary site brought civility back to its comments section.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

The splintering TV consumption landscape, in 5 charts

Digiday :: Consumers today have a broader array of video entertainment options than ever before — and they’re embracing all of them.

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com

Expect more body-camera video footage in the near future - (Graphic) fatal officer-involved shooting outside

VICE :: Police in Oklahoma released a video Friday that shows a white officer shooting and killing a fleeing black man, the latest deadly, racially-charged incident involving white US law enforcement officers and African-American men.

Read Staff, VICE News, news.vice.com

Brian Colbert, CRO/ About.com: Let’s not ruin native ads like we did banners

Digiday :: Done in moderation, within the right context, with the proper consideration for both the user and ad experience, native can be a powerful tool, argues the CRO of About.com.

Read Brian Colbert, digiday.com

Brian Colbert, CRO/ About.com: Let’s not ruin native ads like we did banners

Digiday :: Done in moderation, within the right context, with the proper consideration for both the user and ad experience, native can be a powerful tool, argues the CRO of About.com.

Read Brian Colbert, digiday.com

Line reports 2014 revenues of $656m, reaches 181m monthly active users

Tech in Asia :: That's growth of 126 percent year-on-year.

Read Josh Horwitz, www.techinasia.com


Facebook says 69% of its ad revenue now comes from mobile

VentureBeat :: Today Facebook shared its latest revenue numbers, revealing that it brought in $3.59 billion in ad revenue over its fourth fiscal quarter, 69 percent of which unsurprisingly originated from mobile ads.

Read Harrison Weber, venturebeat.com

Venezuela's El Universal criticized for being tamed by mystery new owners

CPJ :: To illustrate how the once-critical Caracas daily El Universal has cozied up to Venezuela's socialist government in the wake of its sale in July, it helps to examine the newspaper's coverage of the current oil price plunge.

Read John Otis, www.cpj.org

BBC report says corporation should expand local news coverage because 5,000 UK press jobs have gone in ten years

Press Gazette :: BBC News should seek to improve its local news coverage as regional newspapers shrink, a report commissioned by the corporation has found.

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Twitter TV ratings come to France

AdWeek :: Outside of the United States and the United Kingdom, France has one of the most active social TV audiences, and today they are getting their own Twitter TV Ratings.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

TV ads could be 10% programmatic by 2017: AOL’s Ackerman

Beet.TV :: While so-called “programmatic” techniques for controlling, planning and trading online ads have gained traction in display advertising, the concept is slower to reach the same penetration in video and TV.

Read Robert Andrews, www.beet.tv


Guest post: Why I crowdfunded a case against the German government over surveillance exports

Online Journalism Blog :: investigative journalist Boris Kartheuser won a right-to-information case against the German government. In a guest post for OJB, explains how he came to use a new crowdfunding site to raise money to pursue the case after the government appealed.

Read Paul Bradshaw, onlinejournalismblog.com

National Geographic, CNN, Vice, Yahoo now pushing content directly to your phone through Snapchat

Buzzfeed :: Today, the image messaging app announced that it is going to become a new kind of publisher. Publications such as National Geographic, CNN, Vice, and Yahoo, amongst many others, will be pushing content directly to your phone through Snapchat.

Read Brendan Klinkenberg, www.buzzfeed.com

In response to missteps, Boston.com tweaks its editing approach

Poynter :: By any editor’s standards, Jan. 14 was a difficult day for the staff of Boston.com. The night before, the outlet published an article which wonderedwhether anyone would notice had House Speaker John Boehner been poisoned by a bartender.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

'Attack on journalism': WikiLeaks responds to Google's cooperation with US govt

Russia Today :: Google’s willingness to surrender the private emails of WikiLeaks staffers to the United States government amounts to an “attack on journalism,” a representative for the whistleblower group says

Read Staff, RT Today, rt.com


Condé Nast is enlisting its editors to consult with advertisers and help them create articles and images

AdAge :: Glossy magazine publisher Conde Nast, which owns Vogue and Vanity Fair, is enlisting its editors to consult with advertisers and help them create articles and images.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com

To avoid being banned throughout Turkey, Facebook has blocked Turkish users’ access to a number of pages

New York Times :: To avoid being banned throughout Turkey, Facebook has blocked Turkish users’ access to a number of pages containing content that the authorities had deemed insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

Read Sebnem Arsu, Mark Scott, www.nytimes.com

Publishers sour on traffic-based bonuses

Digiday :: With Gawker and Vox Media, the idea of rewarding writers based on traffic is attracting some high-profile detractors.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

The UK mobilizes vs. ad fraud

Digiday :: Ad fraud is the drunk guest at the programmatic party whom everybody wants to leave but nobody’s quite sure how to make sure he does.

Read Chris Smith, digiday.com

Why Vox Media makes content just for social media

Digiday :: Facebook isn't sharing native-video revenue with publishers yet. But when it does, Vox Media plans to be ready, with content that’s designed to live only on social platforms.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Official NFL highlights are coming to YouTube and Google search results

The Verge :: You'll be able to stream Super Bowl XLIX online for free next weekend, but it won't be the only place you'll be able to watch official footage of the game. Google has agreed a deal with the National Football League to show highlights on YouTube, creating an official NFL channel on the video site a month after it signed off on a similar deal with Facebook.

Read Rich McCormick, www.theverge.com


BBC Arabic head Tarik Kafala on the channel's increasing significance in the modern world

Independent.co.uk :: With the Middle East in a state of perpetual unrest following the Arab Spring, a new king on the Saudi throne and the Charlie Hebdo attacks convulsing Europe, the significance of BBC Arabic, the oldest and largest of the BBC’s non-English language services, has risen, along with its global audience.

Read Adam Sherwin, www.independent.co.uk

Study: Complaining on Twitter correlates with heart disease risks

ars technica :: Tweets prove better regional heart disease predictor than many classic factors.

Read Sam Machkovech, arstechnica.com

Economist nears the limit of an old growth theory

Guardian :: Editor John Micklethwait departs on a high. But print circulation may never be so high - nor fortunes quite so serene – again.

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com

Investigative journalism - Watchdogs unleashed

The Cairo Review :: Even small teams can have huge impact using data and working with others.

Read Brant Houston, www.aucegypt.edu

Johnson Publishing has put its entire photo archive up for sale

Chicago Tribune :: Measured in dollars, Johnson Publishing is hoping 5 million of them will fetch closer to $40 million.

Read Robert Channick, www.chicagotribune.com

Davos is not solving social issues but reframing them. The World Economic Forum, where journalism is PR

Martin Giesler :: Did media outlets embrace our findings with the same enthusiasm that they had embraced my previous work? They did not. Instead our week was filled with amusing journalist responses from "can you spin this to be more positive?" to "I fear for my job if I bring this topic."

Read Markus Giesler, www.mgiesler.com

Days after she claimed intelligence services had threatened her: US-Lebanese Sena Shim reporter dies in Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News :: A Lebanese-American reporter has been killed in a car crash near Turkey’s border with Syria, in what the state-owned Iranian TV station she worked for described as a “suspicious” accident.

Read Staff, Hurriyet Daily News, www.hurriyetdailynews.com

Turkish academics threaten Twitter with legal action for blocking individual accounts and Tweets

Al Jazeera :: Two professors send notice to US company saying they will take legal action if Twitter keeps blocking tweets in Turkey.

Read Umut Uras, www.aljazeera.com


What can virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift do for media?

The Media Briefing :: Because of the sheer potential of a technology as immersive as VR to create emotional responses and shared experiences it's one any media business interested in telling stories should be paying attention to. But what should publishers expect from the technology?

Read Chris Sutcliffe, www.themediabriefing.com

Digital first? - New York Times editor Dean Baquet: It should be stories first

Der Spiegel :: Dean Baquet, executive editor of the New York Times, is unusually self-critical. In an interview, he admits that it pained him to see Edward Snowden give his story to others and explains why his paper chose not to run Charlie Hebdo caricatures of Muhammad.

Read Isabell Hülsen, Holger Stark, www.spiegel.de

Snapchat plans to offer original media content

Snapchat :: Snapchat wants to be more than just a distribution channel for other media companies; it’s planning on becoming a publisher itself.

Read John McDermott, digiday.com


'Sports Illustrated' has laid off the remaining six staff photographers

USA Today :: Sports Illustrated, a pioneer in attention-getting sports photography, has laid off the remaining six staff photographers

Read Roger Yu, www.usatoday.com

The US head of overseas media picked a fight with Russian state TV

Quartz :: Many have called the growing tensions and worsening relationsbetween the United States and Russia the “new Cold War.” And when the new head of the American government’s broadcast agency clashes with Russian state-run media, it sure seems like an accurate assessment.

Read Hanna Kozlowska, qz.com

Vice uses virtual reality to immerse viewers in news

New York Times :: A young woman stands in the middle of a crowd of protesters marching up a New York City street, shouting that she is fed up with police brutality, fed up with people saying that black lives don’t matter, fed up with people telling her not to be angry.

Read Emily Steel, www.nytimes.com

Virtual reality documentaries go 360-degrees as three are launched in one day

Independent :: Team behind the 360-degree news films hope that they can engage a lost news audience, by being more immersive and objective.

Read Andrew Griffin, www.independent.co.uk

NBCUniversal to shutter pay TV channels in Russia

The Wrap :: NBCUniversal is closing its pay TV channels in Russia after a ban on commercials went into effect Jan. 1

Read Jordan Chariton, www.thewrap.com

Public meeting to scrutinise police surveillance of campaigners and journalists

Guardian :: Jess Hurd, a photojournalist, and Jason Parkinson, a video journalist, discovered that the Metropolitan Police has been recording their professional activities on a secret database designed to keep track of so-called domestic extremists.

Read Rob Evans, www.theguardian.com

Kenya :: How data journalism can improve the world

WeForum :: In January 2014, Kenyan broadcaster NTV aired a 12-minute, data-driven video about the impact of drought in Turkana, an impoverished, isolated region of northern Kenya.

Read Jeanne Bourgault, agenda.weforum.org

Burundian journalist arrested after reporting on murder of nuns

Guardian :: He faces charge of being an accomplice to murder by interviewing an alleged perpetrator.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com


'Guardian' gives journos keys to the analytics engine

Mediapost :: "The Guardian" has created a new audience analytics platform that is accessible to every "Guardian" employee on the editorial as well as business side.

Read Erik Sass, www.mediapost.com

Tumblr launches creative agency to connect artists with advertisers

Wired :: Tumblr now wants to help its artists become commercial successes in the real world, too.

Read Issie Lapowsky, www.wired.com

ESPN sues University of Notre Dame for police records involving student athletes

AP :: ESPN has filed a lawsuit against University of Notre Dame, alleging the school is violating Indiana's public record laws by withholding police incident reports about possible campus crimes involving certain student-athletes.

Read Tom Coyne, www.huffingtonpost.com

Fair use is not an exception to copyright, it’s essential to copyright

EFF :: Over the past two years, as talk of copyright reform has escalated, we’ve also heard complaints about the supposed expansion of fair use, or "fair use creep.” That kind of talk woefully misunderstands how fair use works.

Read Corynne McSherry, www.eff.org

How Whatsapp for web could change the newsroom

WAN-IFRA :: Whatsapp has just launched a web version of its very successful conversation app. It still needs to run through your phone and can only be accessed by Android users, but pioneering BBC Apps Editor Trushar Barot told Jake Evans the new service will make internal communications and co-ordination of newsgathering much easier.

Read Jake Evans, blog.wan-ifra.org

Retrial for senior Sun journalists accused of corrupting public officials

Independent :: Four Sun journalists accused of corrupting public officials face a retrial after a jury failed to reach verdicts following a three-month hearing.

Read Ryan Hooper, www.independent.co.uk

Five academic publishing predictions for 2015

Publishing Perspectives :: The CEO of Publishing Technology offers his five predictions for academic publishing in 2015, including porous paywalls and the rise of the SAMPC countries.

Read Michael Cairns, publishingperspectives.com

Australia: Journalism is not a crime. So why are reporters being referred to police?

Guardian :: The referral to the federal police of journalists covering asylum seeker policy raises serious questions about the freedom of the press in Australia.

Read Paul Farrell, www.theguardian.com

Campbell Newman's campaign trail is a weird place to be a journalist [video]

Guardian :: Most political campaign trails come with a press pack of journalists. Campbell Newman's bid to be re-elected as Queensland premier is no exception. But do these trips – reporting press conferences, snapping photo opportunities, enjoying campaign hospitality and generally reading from a heavily controlled script – make for good journalism and contribute to a more informed public?

Read Fred McConnell, Joshua Robertson, www.theguardian.com

Google is partnering with Sprint and T-Mobile to sell its own wireless service

The Information :: Google is preparing to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers and manage their calls and mobile data over a cellular network, according to three people with knowledge of the plans. 

Read Amir Efrati, www.theinformation.com

Apple acquires Semetric, a data analysis company, which measures how music is consumed online

New York Times :: Semetric, based in Britain, is one of a growing number of companies that record labels and others consult for data on how music is consumed online.

Read Ben Sisario, Brian N.X. Chen, www.nytimes.com

Topless photos return to Page 3 of Britain’s Sun tabloid

New York Times :: Its front page, posted online along with a preview of the topless woman, corrected other outlets’ reports that the paper was ending the feature.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

Social network audience growth plateaus in Canada

eMarketer :: The social network audience in Canada is reaching a plateau, with little growth expected over the coming years.

Read (author unknown), www.emarketer.com

Enter the podcast network: A year of Radiotopia

Digiday :: With rising listenership and cultural repute, podcasts have entered a new golden age -- and podcast networks such as Radiotopia are riding that wave.

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com


What does Facebook’s new tool for fighting fake news mean for real publishers?

Nieman Lab :: Facebook announced yet another tweak to the algorithm that governs its users’ News Feeds yesterday. The social network has introduced a new tool that allows users to flag a post as “a false news story.”

Read Caroline O'Donovan, www.niemanlab.org

NBC Sports Digital launched a brand new Tumblr page to host all the big game's TV spots immediately after they air

AdWeek :: Recognizing that one of the biggest draws of the Super Bowl is the ads, NBC Sports Digital is launching a brand new Tumblr page to host all the big game's TV spots immediately after they air.

Read Michelle Castillo, www.adweek.com

What journalists must know -- and can do -- about new upheavals in the ad world

Forbes :: Journalism must adapt  – and it has — as digital publishing and social media continue to democratize the creation, distribution and marketing of content.

Read Lewis D'Vorkin, www.forbes.com

Flipboard introduces new ad unit: promoted items

AdAge :: First Flipboard used ad templates taken from print and TV. But now the mobile news reader is adding what it's calling Promoted Items, a service that lets brands distribute content inside users' personal magazines.

Read Maureen Morrison, adage.com

Pinterest acquires marketing startup Kosei to beef up ad offerings

Re/code :: Promoted Pins are about to get a lot more accurate.

Read Kurt Wagner, recode.net

Apple buys the UK startup behind music analytics service Musicmetric

Guardian :: Company helps record labels track digital sales, streams and social stats, and could become part of Beats Music relaunch.

Read Stuart Dredge, www.theguardian.com

French newspaper 'Le Monde' says Twitter account hacked

Reuters :: French newspaper "Le Monde" said its twitter account and publishing tool were hacked by a group called the "Syrian Electronic Army".

Read Supriya Kurane, www.reuters.com

WeChat testing ads in moments news feed

China Internet Watch :: Some WeChat users started seeing ads on their Moments news stream today, similar to Facebook’s ads in mobile news feed.

Read Rocky Fu, www.chinainternetwatch.com

James Patterson releases the 'world's first' self-destructing book

Mashable :: James Patterson's new book is set to blow up. Literally. In a sign that book publishing has entered the Snapchat era.

Read Seth Fiegerman, mashable.com


Meredith’s digital-to-print experiment has proven to be a success for Allrecipes

Folio :: After just one month, the company increased its rate base by 150,000 copies and then raised it again in September 2014 by another 250,000, bringing the total to 900,000.

Read Caysey Welton, www.foliomag.com

BBC News executives discuss pitfalls of broadcasting Islamic State video

Guardian :: Democracy Day live stream of morning editorial meeting provides insight into judgments taken on stories including the Sun ending topless Page 3 models and airing of Isis videos.

Read John Plunkett, feeds.theguardian.com

Reuters, PERFORM to syndicate sports news

Advanced TV :: PERFORM, a digital sports content group, and Reuters have unveiled a long-term global strategic partnership that will see the two companies syndicate and distribute content across their respective platforms.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Fact-checking sites continue to grow in number around the world

Reporters Lab :: Fact-checking keeps growing around the world, with new sites in countries such as Turkey, Uruguay and South Korea.

Read Bill Adair, Ishan Thakor, reporterslab.org

comScore releases cross-platform measurement solution; arms race with Nielsen is on

AdWeek :: On Monday, The New York Times reported that comScore would this week release its cross-platform measurement solution. Until now, comScore has only measured video audiences on computers – now, it will take into account mobile and other digital devices.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Nach den Anschlägen auf Charlie Hebdo - “Jede Kultur hat ihre Tabuzonen"

EJO :: Für die einen die Religion, für die anderen der nackte Körper. Der emeritierte Journalistik-Professor Michael Haller erinnert im Interview mit der Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung daran, dass jede Kultur ihre Tabuzonen hat. 

Read Nina May, de.ejo-online.eu

BBC débuts digital-first news programme

Advanced TV :: The BBC has revealed plans for a new daytime show broadcast simultaneously on BBC Two, the BBC News Channel and online and focusing on breaking news, exclusive interviews and audience interaction.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Facebook report says its 1.35 billion users have $227 billion global economic impact

Venturebeat :: If you thought Facebook was just one giant time-suck vortex where your life disappears while sharing cat videos and finding quizzes to discover which character on “Friends” you most resemble, then here’s some good news: You are actually doing your part to boost the world’s economy.

Read Chris O'Brien, venturebeat.com

BBC’s Democracy Day – news conferences streamed live

Guardian :: It’s Democracy Day at the BBC, where the corporation will stream live coverage of its biggest morning news meetings, including the one chaired by its director of news and current affairs, James Harding.

Read Staff, The Guardian, www.theguardian.com

New headache for Russian pay-TV

Broadband TV News :: Pay-TV operators in Russia face the prospect of only being able to access public channels exclusively from Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS). Read the story »

Read Chris Dziadul, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Wavelength is supposed to let users stream the movies their friends own is already on hold

Re/code :: The startup launched less than two weeks ago. Now it's "speak[ing] with key industry constituents."

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

'Page 3': The Sun calls time on topless models after 44 years

Guardian :: Landmark decision met with delight by growing army of critics although paper expected to continue featuring partially clad women

Read Lisa O'Carroll, Mark Sweney, Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Keeping a a careful balance: Channel 4’s symbiotic relationship with advertising

Guardian :: Sales director Jonathan Allan explains how Channel 4 maintains a careful balance between the channel’s voice, content and advertising, and looks ahead to the commercial challenges facing the broadcast industry.

Read Jonathan Allan, www.theguardian.com

BBC3 to be subject of £100m bid by Avalon and Hat Trick executives

Guardian :: Jon Thoday and Jimmy Mulville are expected to submit a formal proposal to the BBC to prevent network going online-only.

Read Neil Midgley, www.theguardian.com

Is running old content a social hack, a handy feature or a trick? - Gigaom

GigaOM :: We all know that there’s a veritable avalanche of content washing over us at all times, an ocean of news and analysis unlike anything we’ve seen since the early days of newspapers — so much that it’s impossible to read it all.

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Twitter confirms acquisition of India's missed call marketing platform ZipDial

TechCrunch :: Last week TechCrunch reported Twitter was in final talks to acquire ZipDial for between $30 million and $40 million, and today the company announced the deal has closed.

Read Josh Constine, techcrunch.com


RTÉ to hold mobile journalism conference - RadioToday Ireland

RadioToday Ireland ::  The RTÉ International Mobile Journalism Conference will be the first such conference dedicated to mobile journalism, filmmaking, photography and storytelling, taking place in the National Convention Centre on March 27th and 28th 2015.

Read Roy Martin, radiotoday.ie

CNN partnership signals progress in drone reporting law reform process

WAN-IFRA :: The use of drones in US reporting has been given a major boost with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) striking a research deal with CNN last week. The agreement aims to advance efforts to integrate the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in newsgathering.

Read Jake Evans, blog.wan-ifra.org

Like to know what millennials are reading? Why not spend a week reading BuzzFeed, Vice, Circa, and Mic

INMA :: In an attempt to understand what millennials are reading and why, a traditional newspaper reader decides to spend the week reading BuzzFeed, Vice, Circa, and Mic. The results are as enlightening as they are amusing.

Read Kevin Curnock, www.inma.org

Teens’ use of social media is significantly shaped by race and class, geography and cultural background

Medium :: Teens’ use of social media is significantly shaped by race and class, geography and cultural background. Let me repeat that for emphasis.

Read Danah Boyd, medium.com

Aol is restructuring, layoffs and site closures likely

Techcrunch :: Aol, owner of TechCrunch, is gearing up for some housekeeping. TechCrunch has learned that the company is preparing to lay off staff and close or fold up underperforming titles as part of a bigger restructuring, aimed at simplifying the company around ad tech, stronger content operations and video.

Read Ingrid Lunden, techcrunch.com

Victims of #Gamergate and other online abuse now have a new way to fight back

Business Insider :: It seems insane that pointing out that many video games are loaded with sexual stereotypes would lead to death and rape threats, but that's what happens. Now victims of such abuse have banded together to create a new task force called Crash Override to combat online harassment.

Read (author unknown), www.businessinsider.com

Telegraph Media Group made £55m operating profit in 2014

Guardian :: Newspaper group ‘quietly pleased’ despite £6m fall on previous year’s performance.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

GCHQ captured emails of journalists from BBC, NYT and more

Guardian :: GCHQ’s bulk surveillance of electronic communications has scooped up emails to and from journalists working for some of the US and UK’s largest media organisations, analysis of documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals

Read James Ball, www.theguardian.com

Fewer people are using social networks (especially Facebook) in Germany, study says

AdWeek :: A new study has discovered that social media usage has fallen in Germany for the first time, and it’s Facebook and fears over loss of privacy that are being blamed.

Read Shea Bennett, www.adweek.com

Amazon and the triumph of television

USA Today :: It rather seemed like a one-two punch: Amazon winning a Golden Globe Award for its series Transparent last week; and then Amazon signing up Woody Allen, the incomparable filmmaker, to make an original video series. Amazon, the great disrupter, was disrupting again.

Read Michael Wolff, www.usatoday.com

Amazon reveals plans to produce up to 12 original movies a year

Venture Beat :: Amazon Studios might be better known for TV shows, but Amazon has today revealed firm plans to enter the cinema realm by producing and acquiring “original movies for theatrical release and early window distribution on Amazon Prime Instant Video.”

Read Paul Sawers, venturebeat.com

YouTube will produce its own Super Bowl halftime show

Bloomberg :: YouTube will offer a halftime show during the Super Bowl featuring some of its biggest online stars, part of a broader initiative to promote advertisements on the Google-owned video site.

Read Lucas Shaw, www.bloomberg.com

State of the Union has turned into a multimedia experience

Washington Post :: The State of the Union used to be a one-night event, where Americans gathered around their TV sets at home and watched a bunch of politicians sit and watch the president give a speech. This year it's an extended, multimedia extravaganza that underscores the dramatic evolution in political communication.

Read Juliet Eilperin, www.washingtonpost.com

comScore introduces a new measurement for tracking video audiences across computers, mobile, other streaming devices

New York Times :: comScore plans to introduce this week a new measurement for tracking video audiences across computers, mobile and other streaming devices

Read Emily Steel, www.nytimes.com

Every UK national newspaper editor urges Prime Minister to stop RIPA spying on journalists

Press Gazette :: Every national newspaper editor has backed the Press Gazette Save Our Sources campaign and signed a joint letter of protest to Prime Minister David Cameron over police spying on journalists' phone records.

Read Staff, Press Gazette, www.pressgazette.co.uk


Eight lessons learned from a former journalist’s job search

Poynter :: As the AARP solicitations in my mailbox arrive with ever-increasing frequency, I am reminded of something a friend once told me about our aging: “When the rock starts rolling downhill, it picks up speed.”

Read Butch Ward, www.poynter.org

ABC's MD Mark Scott has buried an internal report into the quality of journalism at the ABC

The Australian :: ABC managing director Mark Scott has buried an internal report into the quality of journalism at the ABC that identifies weak editorial controls and is critical of the ABC’s leadership.

Read Sharri Markson, www.theaustralian.com.au

‘The BBC has deep specialism, 50 or 60 years of heritage. Netflix can’t buy that’

Guardian :: With a ‘competition revolution’ planned for the BBC and its in-house production team, its joint programme chiefs look to the future in a critical year for the corporation.

Read John Plunkett, www.theguardian.com

It's a data hole in the Indian Ocean, which reveals the impact of Somali pirates on science

National Geographics :: Fear of buccaneers opens a vast "data hole" in the Indian Ocean.

Read Paul Salopek, news.nationalgeographic.com

7-year walk highlights power of 'slow journalism'

National Geographic :: Paul Salopek's "out of Eden" walk may provide a new model for in-depth storytelling.

Read Brian Clark Howard, news.nationalgeographic.com

Real data on the situation in Syria has been hard to come by

Google+ :: Two Chinese researchers have found one good way to get some data about the impact of the war, though: take satellite photos at night, and see how much light is there.

Read Yonatan Zunger, plus.google.com

A mysterious Twitter whistleblower is trying to take down the president of Turkey

VICE News :: The whistleblower, who operates on Twitter as Fuat Avni (@FuatAnvi, or @FuatAvniEng for tweets in English), claims he's male, works alone, and is part of Erdogan's inner circle.

Read Max Rann, news.vice.com

What happened in Baga, Nigeria?

Africa Check :: There are no journalists, government officials, soldiers or independent monitors in Baga at present. The area remains under the control of Boko Haram. There are no Internet connections and mobile phones have not worked in months since jihadists destroyed cellphone masts in the area.

Read Julian Rademeyer, Eleanor Whitehead , www.dailymaverick.co.za

Why did the world ignore Boko Haram's Baga attacks?

Guardian :: As media coverage focused on the Paris terror attacks last week, more than 2000 Nigerians were reported to have been killed by Islamist militants. What makes one massacre more newsworthy than another?

Read Maeve Shearlaw, www.theguardian.com

Condoleezza Rice testifies on urging The Times to not run article about a secret operation

New York Times :: Ms. Rice, the former national security adviser, described how the White House successfully persuaded Times editors not to publish an article about a secret operation to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

Read Matt Apuzzo, www.nytimes.com

Condoleezza Rice testifies on urging The Times to not run article about a secret operation

New York Times :: Ms. Rice, the former national security adviser, described how the White House successfully persuaded Times editors not to publish an article about a secret operation to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

Read Matt Apuzzo, www.nytimes.com

BuzzFeed launches its own 'public chat' channel in messaging app Viber

Guardian :: Online news site’s partnership follows an earlier deal with rival WeChat, and follows rumours of a similar alliance with Snapchat.

Read Stuart Dredge, www.theguardian.com

New York company buys picture agency Rex Features

Guardian :: Rex Features, the photographic agency that has sold pictures to British national newspapers for 50 years, has been snapped up, for £22m, by the New York stock photo supplier, Shutterstock.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

A decade of Freedom of Information: Despite shortcomings, it's still a powerful tool for journalists

Press Gazette :: Ten years after it came into British law the Freedom of Information Act has has prompted some 400,000 FoI requests, with the Act helping bring to light thousands of stories - from the disclosure of MPs' expenses, to the publication of individual cardiac surgeons' death rates.

Read Charlotte Wace, www.pressgazette.co.uk


For the Spanish media, death by a thousand paper cuts

Open Society Foundation :: In the 1970s, the Spanish press played a fundamental role in catalyzing a new era of democracy following the oppressive regime of General Franco. Today, these same media outlets find themselves in crisis, sideswiped by the economic recession and, at times, the very democratic institutions they helped usher in four decades ago.

Read Francesca Fanucci , www.opensocietyfoundations.org

50-90% traffic now comes from tablets and smartphones: BBC News revamps web site, app

Mediapost :: Arguably the world's most respected news organization, BBC News is hurrying to keep pace with changing media consumption habits with a major overhaul of its Web site and the launch of a new mobile app.

Read Erik Sass, www.mediapost.com

Foreign Ministry: Sisi may pardon Al Jazeera journalists when appropriate

Mada Masr :: Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry announced that "it’s still possible for President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to issue a pardon for the imprisoned Al Jazeera English journalists, if deemed appropriate,” the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Read Staff, Mada Masr, www.madamasr.com

Facebook is opening up some of its AI research for public use

The Verge :: Facebook's AI research lab (FAIR for short) is releasing new code for optimizing a certain kind of machine learning software.

Read Russell Brandom, www.theverge.com

Caning of Saudi blogger is delayed amid protests

New York Times :: Saudi Arabia delayed a second round of caning against a writer jailed for criticizing the religious establishment after a video of the first round appeared online and drew international condemnation.

Read Ben Hubbard, www.nytimes.com

News outlet Twitter hacks falsely report military conflict with China

ABC News :: It's the second high-profile Twitter hack this week and precisely the type of incident that officials fear could lead to actual military and financial miscalculations, with potentially devastating effects.

Read Justin Fishel, abcnews.go.com

Twitter fights Turkish order to block newspaper's Twitter account

GigaOM :: Twitter has received a court order from the Turkish government asking the service to block or remove the account belonging to one of the country’s newspapers, known as BirGün Halkin Gazetesi — which means One Day: The People’s Newspaper — but the company has refused to do so.

Read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

Turkey threatens to block social media over released documents

New York Times :: Turkish officials threatened to shut down Twitter in the country unless the social-media company blocked the account of a left-wing newspaper that had circulated documents about a military police raid on Turkish Intelligence Agency trucks that were traveling to Syria last January.

Read Sebnem Arsu, www.nytimes.com

Native & social, not search, hold mobile key: NYT’s Michael Zimbalist

LAS VEGAS — The New York Times wants to make a big deal out of crafting sponsored articles for advertisers on mobile. “Native is the ad format for mobile … discoverable in-stream right alongside our own content,” says ad products SVP Michael Zimbalist. 

Read Robert Andrews, www.beet.tv


Journalist Sedef Kabaş faces up to 5 years in jail for critical tweet over graft probe

Today's Zaman :: Journalist and television presenter Sedef Kabaş, who was detained and later released on Dec. 30 for posting tweets critical of the government's handling of a major corruption investigation, is now facing a prison sentence of up to five years on charges of targeting individuals involved in the fight against terrorism.

Read Staff, Today's Zaman, www.todayszaman.com

Press freedom watchdogs condemn verdict on Macedonian journalist Tomislav Kezarovski

Independent.mk :: The Skopje appeal court has upheld the charges against Kezarovski and confirmed his two-year sentence, which was previously reduced from the original four-and-a-half years.

Read Staff, Independent.mk, www.independent.mk

Google Translate can now interpret signs and conversations in real time

The Verge :: Google is releasing a major update to Translate this week, making it much faster and easier to use the app for translating in-person conversations and printed text.

Read Jacob Kastrenakes, www.theverge.com

A leaders' debate without David Cameron would be 'very interesting', says BBC Director-General

Independent :: Tony Hall, the BBC Director-General, has welcomed the suggestion that broadcasters could proceed with a general election leaders’ debate without David Cameron if necessary.

Read Adam Sherwin, www.independent.co.uk

A leaders' debate without David Cameron would be 'very interesting', says BBC Director-General

Independent :: Tony Hall, the BBC Director-General, has welcomed the suggestion that broadcasters could proceed with a general election leaders’ debate without David Cameron if necessary.

Read Adam Sherwin, www.independent.co.uk


Neetzan Zimmerman out at Whisper

Capital New York :: Neetzan Zimmerman, who served as editor in chief of the secret-sharing app Whisper, has left the company, he confirmed to Capital.

Read Jeremy Barr , www.capitalnewyork.com

CNN’s Zucker consulted Muslim employees regarding Charlie Hebdo

Washington Post :: CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker yesterday told a town-hall meeting of network staffers that he conferred with Muslim employees of the network regarding his controversial decisions following last Wednesday’s terrorist attack on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Read Erik Wemple, www.washingtonpost.com

Richard Branson wants to send thousands of internet satellites into space

The Verge :: Richard Branson is tossing a chunk of his billions at a new project: former Google Satellite executive Greg Wyler's satellite-internet company OneWeb.

Read Lizzie Plaugic, www.theverge.com

Canadian FM discusses fate of jailed Al Jazeera journalist during Cairo visit

Mada Masr :: Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird said he had “constructive and fruitful talks” with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry regarding the fate of jailed Egyptian-Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who awaits a retrial along with two other journalists accused of aiding a terrorist group.

Read Staff, Mada Masr, www.madamasr.com

Associated Press, New York Times, and others will test drones with Virginia Tech's help

The Verge :: CNN's not the only media organization trying to help the FAA establish rules for putting drones in the sky for news coverage.

Read Chris Welch, www.theverge.com

Google to ditch current Glass version, moves project under Nest CEO’s lead

Venture Beat :: Big changes in Google hardware: The first version of Google Glass is going away, and the whole project is leaving the Google X sandbox to become its own division, according to a new report.

Read Kia Kokalitcheva, venturebeat.com

NBCU using data to raise value of TV commercials

Broadcasting Cable :: Taking aim at its digital competition, NBCUniversal says it can use data to find commercials within its broadcast and cable inventory that will target consumers with less waste and help clients achieve their marketing goals.

Read Jon Lafayette, www.broadcastingcable.com

Medium sits down with Jason Segel to launch its first web video series

Adweek :: Most people see Medium as a place ruled by the written word, but the blog platform doesn't want to be limited to plain text. It recently launched Foreword, its first video Web series, featuring conversations with famous writers.

Read Michelle Castillo, www.adweek.com

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is now the largest holder of New York Times' publicly traded shares

New York Times :: The business magnate, who built his fortune by amassing a range of retail, industrial and telecom companies, is ranked by Forbes as the world's second-richest person with an estimated net worth of $72 billion.

Read Staff, Associated Press, www.nytimes.com


Can creating video with a smartphone be easy enough for anyone? Video editing apps from Fly Labs

RJIFuturelabs :: Fly Labs CEO Tim Novikoff introduces his staff and gives a tour of their office space in Lower Manhattan. The video was created in about five minutes using the Fly app.

Read Staff, RJI Future Labs, www.youtube.com

The attorney general has released updated guidelines for investigating journalists

Poynter :: Changes in the Department of Justice’s guidelines for investigating journalists include approval in each case by the attorney general, Julia Edwards reported for Reuters. The changes were announced Wednesday.

Read Kristen Hare, www.poynter.org

Pay-TV tech company Synacor buys web-TV startup NimbleTV - It's a "part acqui-hire"

Re/code :: NimbleTV, the Web-TV startup that went dark this week but said would return this year, won’t be coming back, after all.

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

Charlie Hebdo poster burned amid global Muslim protests

Guardian :: Protest in the Philippines and Turkish website ban come as Muslims accused magazine of reckless provocation.

Read Anne Penketh, Matthew Weaver, www.theguardian.com

BBC director general prepares staff to face 'bullying' in run-up to charter renewal

Press Association :: In address to staff, Tony Hall says corporation will ‘never confuse justifiable complaints with naked bullying’ as it enters ‘high risk’ general election year that will define its future.

Read Staff, Press Association, www.theguardian.com

Iran seizes satellite TV receivers

Advanced TV :: Iran’s INRA news agency is reporting that the country’s “morality police chief” General Muhammad Masood Zahidian has said that his force has arrested 21 people who were making satellite receivers.

Also: Iran: “Satellite TV destroys Islamic foundations”

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Imams say British Muslims 'will inevitably be hurt by republication of the cartoons' as Charlie Hebdo sells out

Press Gazette :: The new magazine carries a cartoon of a crying Prophet Mohammed on its front cover in defiance of the gunmen who slaughtered 12 people at its Paris offices over its depictions of the Islamic spiritual leader. Interest in the edition has prompted more than 50 British Muslim leaders to appeal for calm from the Islamic community in response to the cartoon.

Read Staff, Press Gazette, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Imams say British Muslims 'will inevitably be hurt by republication of the cartoons' as Charlie Hebdo sells out

Press Gazette :: The new magazine carries a cartoon of a crying Prophet Mohammed on its front cover in defiance of the gunmen who slaughtered 12 people at its Paris offices over its depictions of the Islamic spiritual leader. Interest in the edition has prompted more than 50 British Muslim leaders to appeal for calm from the Islamic community in response to the cartoon.

Read Staff, Press Gazette, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Leaving traces like the Sahara Desert ant: ‘Space tag’ allows users to leave eternal tags around the globe

NoCamels :: Space Tag's creators have studied the human brain and even the Sahara Desert ant, to develop a social navigation and mapping system that's built on crowd tagging.

Read Kyla Blumenfeld, nocamels.com

Google’s new ad, powered by New York Times content

Digiday :: The New York Times's latest native ad combines editorial copy culled from its "36 Hours" series with a Google-powered interactive map.

Read John McDermott, digiday.com

The Huffington Post is the latest publisher to give readers more personalized content on article pages

Digiday :: The Huffington Post is the latest publisher to give readers more personalized content on article pages.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

What Telegraph, HuffPo UK, Guardian and Russell Brand do to create compelling social video

Digiday :: These U.K. news brands show compelling social video doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Instead, consistency is key to building up an audience.

Read Chris Smith, digiday.com

If chasing clicks is not an option, how do you make people loyal to the Times specifically?

Digiday :: It isn’t chasing clicks; it’s making people loyal to the Times specifically,” Alexandra MacCallum said. “The Times has had the luxury of readers coming direct for many many years. As readers move from search to social, we haven’t been as in front of them.”

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com


Streaming hasn’t killed the radio star

Quartz :: Old-fashioned broadcast radio is a remarkably resilient medium.

Read John McDuling, qz.com

CNN and FAA sign research deal to bring drones into news reporting

The Verge :: Drones are going to help CNN bring you the news. The 24-hour news network has signed a research agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration that will "advance efforts" to bring more unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into its newsgathering and reporting process.

Read Chris Welch, www.theverge.com

How do you get millennials to care about local news? The Charlotte Observer is testing out one idea

Nieman Lab :: Every weekday at 7 a.m., the countdown clock atop the Charlotte Five homepage resets — counting the hours, minutes, and seconds until another batch of five stories are posted.

Read Joseph Lichterman, www.niemanlab.org

German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons is firebombed

WAN-IFRA :: Police are continuing to investigate an early-morning firebombing at the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper offices on the weekend.

Read Anton Jolkovski, blog.wan-ifra.org

Quartz's digital media strategy begins to crystallize

AdAge :: Quartz is digital only -- existing purely as a web and mobile site. Two years after its introduction, Quartz has surpassed 10 million monthly readers in the U.S., reached eight figures in revenue and moved into a larger office in New York City to accommodate its growing staff.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com

Nielsen Study: Twitter Activity Ahead of TV Show Premieres Could Indicate Success

AdWeek :: Ahead of the 2014 fall premiere season, Nielsen evaluated how Twitter activity surrounding a new show in the weeks leading up to a show’s premiere (from six weeks before the premiere date until two weeks before the premiere date) could be used as a good predictor of the show’s success.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Ready for primetime? The biggest challenges facing programmatic video

Digiday :: There are a raft of challenges facing programmatic video buyers, from fraud and viewability problems to measurement and standardization issues.

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com


Charlie Hebdo - Commentary: Press freedom has its limits

Xinhuanet News :: Millions of people and dozens of world leaders marched together through Paris Sunday to show their solidarity after three separate terrorist attacks in the French capital that had killed 17 people.

Read Liang Xizhi, news.xinhuanet.com

Amazon and Netflix shine at Golden Globes, prove original content has come of age

Venture Beat :: Yesterday marked a major milestone in the online streaming space, with Amazon walking away with top TV comedy gong at the Golden Globes for Transparent, the first online series to do so.

Read Paul Sawers, venturebeat.com

Amazon and Netflix shine at Golden Globes, prove original content has come of age

Venture Beat :: Yesterday marked a major milestone in the online streaming space, with Amazon walking away with top TV comedy gong at the Golden Globes for Transparent, the first online series to do so.

Read Paul Sawers, venturebeat.com

Ex-BBC head Paul Maidment opens media consultancy Kite Media

Advanced TV :: The former Head of BBC Motion Gallery, the BBC’s commercial archive, has set up a new media consultancy to take advantage of the growing demand for digitised online video content.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Daily Mail buys full-page New York Times ad to promote its automated ad sales in the U.S.

AdAge :: The DailyMail.com ran a full-page ad in The New York Times on Monday to promote its automated ad sales in the U.S., offering $1 in free programmatic advertising for every ad dollar spent the traditional way.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com

Mindshare’s Bitterman: “Inline advertising” is the next big thing

Beet.TV :: Amazon has become a $1 billion advertising platform, but that’s just the beginning of e-commerce related digital advertising.

Read Andy Plesser, www.beet.tv

More Russian channels than expected escape ad ban

Broadband TV News :: More channels than previously have escaped the advertising ban on cable and satellite-delivered services that came into effect in Russia at the beginning of this year.

Read Chris Dziadul, www.broadbandtvnews.com

More tweets = more eyeballs. Twitter lets you see the future of TV

Re/code :: More tweets = more eyeballs.

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

Streaming devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) are poised to dominate millennials viewing preferences

Broadband TV News :: Just 55% of millennials in the US use TVs as their primary viewing platform, while streaming devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) are poised to dominate their viewing preferences.

Read Staff, Broadband TV News, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Publishers hit due to global Brightcove video outage

mUmBRELLA :: An outage on the Brightcove video hosting platform has hit local publishers with the likes of Mi9 and Bauer Media unable to upload new video content to their websites. 

Read Alex Hayes, mumbrella.com.au


New editors appointed to Ireland's two Independent titles

Guardian :: Both have experience and a passion for media, says their boss, Stephen Rae.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Total market for longform journalism in major magazines in America: approx. $3.6m

Scott Carney :: A few months ago I sat down in a Chinese restaurant with a friend of mine who writes for the New Yorker and we agreed to leave our narrative musings to the side and think about practicalities. We were going to try to figure out how much the printed word is worth in America today.

Read Scott Carney, www.scottcarney.com

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media site, but growth has slowed. Multi-platform use on the rise

PEW :: Multi-platform use is on the rise: 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites, a significant increase from 2013, when it stood at 42% of internet users

Read Staff, PEW Internet, www.pewinternet.org

Al-Jazeera staff were divided on how to phrase the fatal attack on the staff of #CharlieHebdo

National Review :: Emails show some journalists branded French satirical magazine racist while others defended Muhammad cartoons.

Read Brendan Bordelon, www.nationalreview.com


The news we need to hear: Who’s doing it better?

New York Times :: Journalists need better tools to find these stories systematically. Because the problems scream, but the solutions whisper, we often overlook them. We’re not good at letting society know when we are winning against problems.

Read David Bornstein, mobile.nytimes.com

Arrest of inspirational editor Shen Hao marks end of an era for Chinese journalism

Washington Post :: He was an inspiration to a generation of Chinese journalists, a writer whose belief in the power of truth symbolized an era of optimism and idealism in the profession, an editor who helped direct a surge of investigative reporting meant to defend the helpless and hold the imperious to account.

Read Simon Denyer, www.washingtonpost.com

New York Times breaking-news feature helps readers sift through the details

Washington Post :: In a live blog on the Charlie Hebdo story, the New York Times has taken a binary approach to the often-hazy particulars: a feature that breaks down “What We Know” vs. “What We Don’t Know.”

Read Erik Wemple, www.washingtonpost.com

Twitter planning to sell ads on apps and sites of other companies

Wall Street Journal :: Twitter is laying out plans to make money from the millions of people who see tweets all over the Web but don’t actually use Twitter.

Read Mike Shields, blogs.wsj.com

Robot journalist finds new work on Wall Street

MIT Technology Review :: Software that turns data into written text could help us make sense of a coming tsunami of data.

Read Tom Simonite , www.technologyreview.com


Journalist Greg O’Brien wrestles with Alzheimer’s — and writing about it

The Artery :: Five years ago, O’Brien was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. He was 59.

Read Jim Sullivan, artery.wbur.org

65% of Facebook's video views are now on mobile devices

AdWeek :: Sixty-five percent of global Facebook video views occur on mobile devices, according to the social media giant, which revealed a handful of stats today.

Read Christopher Heine, adweek.feedsportal.com

TV apps were supposed to keep people subscribed to cable, but they're creating confusion instead

AdWeek :: First the good news for network execs: More cable subscribers are starting to use official apps to stream programming. Now the bad news: The apps are proving confusing to customers and nearly impossible to measure.

Read Jason Lynch, www.adweek.com

Reuters loses Tribune but is not quitting yet

Poynter :: Reuters attempts to build a competitive wire service to the Associated Press suffered a major setback over the holidays when the Chicago Tribune and six sister papers ended a two-year relationship and switched back to the AP.

Read Rick Edmonds, www.poynter.org

The YouTube aesthetic is infiltrating television: Evan Bregman

Stream Daily :: StreamDaily caught up with Bregman at CES and asked him if he’s seeing the aesthetic that’s gestating on the video-sharing platform infiltrate content coming out of mainstream Hollywood.

Read Todd Longwell, streamdaily.tv

Millennials value Netflix more than broadcast TV: study

Stream Daily :: Younger viewers (aged 13 to 34) hold streaming platforms in high regard, according to a study from NATPE and the Consumer Electronics Association.

Read Melita Kuburas, streamdaily.tv


TV/digital convergence lags, but key to future

MediaPost :: Convergence of traditional TV and digital media is still hard to come by. "We are not dealing with convergence anywhere that we should," says Irwin Gotlieb, global chairman of Group M, speaking at a Consumer Electronics Show panel.

Read Wayne Friedman, www.mediapost.com

Cover Your Gap: Empowering journalists to better cover economic inequality

RJI :: Over four months, a group of 17 seniors at the Missouri School of Journalism spent a semester researching this topic and developing “Cover Your Gap,” an online guide for journalists to improve their reporting on economic inequality.

Read Meghan Eldridge Hatcher, www.rjionline.org

Twitter’s new video feature Is only a few weeks away

Re|Code :: You will soon be able to shoot and share videos through the Twitter app.

Read Kurt Wagner, recode.net

Why The Globe didn’t publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons

The Globe and Mail :: Some media outlets published the cartoons showing Mohammed. Others, including The Globe, did not.

Read Sylvia Stead, www.theglobeandmail.com

Mobile’s next thing: Ads on wearables

Media Life Magazine :: Smartwaches, fitness trackers and Google Glass offer unique opportunities to engage users. But advertisers will walk a fine line: You can't be too invasive.

Read Bill Cromwell, www.medialifemagazine.com

Twitter won a technical Emmy

GigaOM :: Twitter won a technical Emmy, and it's receiving the award Thursday at CES. It was chosen for “Innovation in improving engagement around television in social media.”

Read Carmel DeAmicis, gigaom.com

Twitter feed brings Michigan’s past to life

Battle Creek Enquirer :: On a recent morning, the photos posted on the Twitter feed Michigan’s Past included a moody, rainy take on Lansing’s Allegan Street, circa 1948; and a postcard from the early 1900s featuring gigantic winter squash.

Read Kathleen Lavey, www.battlecreekenquirer.com

Fighting against hackers, spammers: Twitter's Anomaly Detection Tool now open source

Forbes :: Twitter has called upon the software application developer community to help in the global fight against hacking and spammers. The company has released its AnomalyDetection software tool to open source on the GitHub code repository.

Read Adrian Bridgwater, www.forbes.com

Short lifespan of hashtags - #JeSuisCharlie: What does Twitter activism accomplish?

Christian Science Monitor :: In the wake of the terrorist attack against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, Twitter responds with the #JeSuisCharlie solidarity hashtag. Is it doomed to the short lifespan of previous activism hashtags?

Read Rowena Lindsay, www.csmonitor.com

WeChat usage rate increased by 26%, hghest worldwide in 2014

China Internet Watch :: During the period from June 2013 to June 2014, WeChat usage rate increased by 26%, ranking top among all the popular social platforms worldwide according to research of L2.

Read Staff, China Internet Watch, www.chinainternetwatch.com


How-to build a YouTube audience using Google+ [SEO podcast]

ReeISEO :: Google+ is Google's very own social network, but it's still a very underused resource. However, it can be really useful to YouTubers who want to promote their channel.

Read Dane Golden, www.reelseo.com

A flying camera that follows you anywhere: fully autonomous

 The Verge :: Back in June we reported on the Airdog, a Kickstarter project we thought might become the ultimate GoPro sidekick. $1.3 million in funding later, the Airdog is about to start shipping out to backers and getting ready to go on sale later this year.

Read Ben Popper, www.theverge.com

YouTube is to add support for 360-degree videos in the coming weeks.

Gizmodo :: Look out YouTube fans: soon, you'll be able to immerse yourself in videos that go all the way around. Google has just confirmed to Gizmodo that it will be adding native support for 360-degree videos to its streaming video service.

Read Sean Hollister, gizmodo.com

Shootings at headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo

Deutsche Welle :: Armed gunmen have stormed the headquarters of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. As many as 12 people are reported to have been killed in the incident.

Read Staff, AFP/Reuters, www.dw.de

Islamic State fan claims Salisbury TV station Twitter account hack

Baltimore Sun :: A Salisbury television station appeared to be the latest victim of the online skirmishing in the Syrian conflict Tuesday after a hacker sympathetic to the terror group the Islamic State hijacked its Twitter feed and website.

Read Ian Duncan, www.baltimoresun.com


The Interview made more than $30m from online sales and rentals

CNN Money :: Weeks after canceling and then un-canceling "The Interview," Sony Pictures is taking a victory lap.

Read Brian Stelter, money.cnn.com

Mexican town's entire police force detained over journalist disappearance

Guardian :: State prosecutors have detained a town’s entire police force following the disappearance of a journalist in the southern state of Veracruz.

Read Staff, AP, www.theguardian.com

A WeChat user on average reads 5.86 articles per day

China Internet Watch :: There were 468 million WeChat users in Q3 2014 and the number is growing with a stable growth rate in China. WeChat also dominates APAC mobile messaging in Q3 2014.

Read Staff, China Internet Watch, www.chinainternetwatch.com

Journalist @PeterGreste has said on Twitter that he has received a presidential decree in Egypt

News.com.au :: Journalist Peter Greste has said on Twitter that he has received a presidential decree in Egypt, paving the way for his deportation to Australia.

Read Staff, News.com.au, www.news.com.au

Dutch journalist Frederike Geerdink detained at home in southeastern Turkey

Hurriyet Daily News :: Frederike Geerdink, a Diyarbakır-based Dutch journalist, has stated on her Twitter account that she has been detained by eight police officers. 

Read Staff, Hurriyet Daily News, www.hurriyetdailynews.com

CNBC to stop using Nielsen for ratings

Wall Street Journal :: Financial news network CNBC will no longer rely on TV ratings specialist Nielsen to measure its daytime audience, beginning later this year. Instead, it has retained marketing and research firm Cogent Reports.

Read Joe Flint, online.wsj.com