The Financial Times triples its profits, but doesn’t even break into the top 25 business news websites

Nieman Lab :: Even as the Financial Times announces excellent bottom-line numbers, the heat it’s feeling from the diverse and growing competition in business news is palpable. 

Read Ken Doctor, www.niemanlab.org

Trinity Mirror local newspaper websites double traffic year on year as group overtakes Johnston and Local World

Press Gazette :: Trinity Mirror's regional websites more than doubled their collective traffic year on year in the second half of 2014, the latest set of ABC results show.

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

‘The Dress’ illustrates ‘viral sameness’ among news organizations

Poynter ::  The Dress,” a viral story broken by BuzzFeed that has seized the attention of readers and news organizations alike. The next day, he tweeted a note from a reader, who asked the question that has lurked below the comments of so many Facebook posts from news organizations: “Why is this news?”

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

Unless your site is about one thing, it’s about everything

Frederik De Boer :: You can write a manifesto, and you can have some sort of goofy TV channel sidepiece going on, and you’re still another site publishing people writing about news and politics and culture and sometimes sports. And in that, you’re joining every other website that publishes about news and politics and culture and sometimes sports.

Read Frederik De Boer, fredrikdeboer.com

You're going to get arrested flying a drone, even legally

Drone Journalism Lab :: People are uncomfortable with flying robots with cameras. When people get skittish, they call the cops. Cops are not aviation regulation experts. When given a situation where it’s clear something is going on but if it’s legal or not isn’t clear, there’s a certain percentage of cops who will arrest now and figure it out at the station.

Read Matt Waite, www.dronejournalismlab.org

Euronews investor Naguib Sawiris: we will resist state interference

Guardian :: Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter’s head of music for the past year, is departing the company next month, according to his own Twitter account.

Read Jasper Jackson, www.theguardian.com

Twitter Head of Music Bob Moczydlowsky Is Leaving - Re/code

Re|Code :: Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter’s head of music for the past year, is departing the company next month, according to his own Twitter account.

Read Kurt Wagner, recode.net

Telegraph editor Chris Evans invites staff to contribute ideas on new editorial/commercial guidelines

Daily Telegraph :: Telegraph group editor Chris Evans has invited his journalists to contribute to new guidelines on the relationship between editorial and commercial.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

How to deal with the dumbest people on Twitter

Zdiarski :: I have some of the thickest skin around; that’s probably what makes Twitter work for me. The company itself, though, seems to be intentionally leaning in favor of supporting criminals and that’s not only ignorant, but incredibly self defeating.

Read Jonathan Zdziarski, www.zdziarski.com

How curriculum innovation works (and doesn’t)

PBS Mediashift :: I worry whether, over the long term, academic graduate programs can be counted on to provide the education and training that is so desperately needed for our profession to thrive.

Read Sarah Bartlett, www.pbs.org


Wake-up call from Facebook: TV ad pricing needs to change

AdAge :: It never ceases to amaze me when companies at the top of their industries actively fail to innovate. This is especially troublesome because, as leaders, it is not that they lack the means to innovate. Rather, they usually have the means, and unequalled resources, but make active decisions to block innovation.

Read Brian Sheehan, adage.com

Should Europe develop a pan-European ebook platform?

Publishing Perspectives :: Is a pan-European ebook platform still a viable option? Or has ebook platform development progressed so far that it has rendered the point moot?

Read Edward Nawotka, publishingperspectives.com

As TV viewing numbers fall, why does ad spend keep increasing?

The Media Briefing :: Falling audience numbers combined with the difficulty of quantifying the effectiveness of ads are also the issues facing print, which is the only medium with a forecasted decreased ad spend in 2015. So why is television ad spending actually increasing?

Read Chris Sutcliffe, www.themediabriefing.com

Gawker Media’s Nick Denton goes it alone

Re|Code :: How do you build a Web business without raising big venture rounds or tethering yourself to Facebook?

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

Connected viewers interested in TV transactions

Advanced TV :: A study conducted for Delivery Agent by Nielsen has revealed notable consumer interest and intent to engage in commerce and associated commerce activities through connected televisions and related devices. 

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Financial Times to change way it charges for online content

Guardian :: Pioneer of metered charging model is finalising a system which will require users to pay for most of business newspaper’s content online

Read Jasper Jackson, John Plunkett, www.theguardian.com

ISIS murderer Mohammed Emwazi: public had a right to know, says Washington Post journalist - video

Guardian :: Adam Goldman, a reporter from the Washington Post, discusses co-writing the story which revealed the identity of Islamic State (Isis) murderer Mohammed Emwazi. 

Read Staff, Reuters, www.theguardian.com

Without transparent business offering, YouTube’s subscription service struggles to take off

Digiday :: YouTube is planning to launch a subscription video service later this year. But a number of key content partners from publishers and multichannel networks are holding back until YouTube clarifies how it will benefit their businesses.

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com

Data retention report sidesteps issue of journalists’ sources being exposed

mUmBRELLA :: A parliamentary advisory report into the Government’s proposed data retention bill has called for a separate review into questions around whether the bill should allow government agencies to identify journalists confidential sources.

Read Robert Burton-Bradley, mumbrella.com.au

Voice against religious fanatics and American blogger Avijit Roy killed in Bangladesh; Wife also injured in attack

AP :: A prominent U.S. blogger, known for his writing against religious fundamentalism, has been hacked to death by unidentified attackers in Bangladesh's capital, police said Friday.

Read Julhas Alam, www.huffingtonpost.com


Digital news startup Vocativ cuts staff

Capital New York :: Vocativ, the digital news startup that has long claimed to mine the "deep Web" for stories, laid off several editorial staffers today, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to Capital.

Read Jeremy Barr, www.capitalnewyork.com

Turkey detains ex-police chief over journalist murder case

Press TV :: Turkish authorities have arrested a former head of the national police intelligence as part of a probe into official negligence in the case of the 2007 murder of a Turkish-Armenian journalist.

Read Staff, Press TV, presstv.ir

Apps for various audience segments - BuzzFeed's Cute or Not app actually started as an editorial experiment

Buzzfeed :: As we thought about what the best experience, it became increasingly apparent that shoehorning all the ways to experience BuzzFeed into one app doesn’t make sense. 

Read Chris Johanesen, www.buzzfeed.com

Why Circa's bringing news form smartphones to ... your work computer

FastCompany :: Mobile news app Circa is gearing up for a big change: They’re jumping to the web.

Read Neal Ungerleider, www.fastcompany.com

Zuckerman says he will explore selling New York Daily News

New York Times :: Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the longtime owner of the New York Daily News, told employees on Thursday that he has retained advisers to explore selling the newspaper.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

Pakistan: Reuters journalist died due to blockage of respiratory tract, says autopsy

Geo TV :: The initial autopsy report of foreign journalist Maria Golovnina, revealed on Thursday that she died due to blockage in the upper part of her respiratory tract.

Read Staff, Geo TV, www.geo.tv

Whistleblowing.jp - Japan is getting an anonymous whistleblowing platform, but will journalists use it?

Gizmorati :: A Japanese university professor is building Japan’s first anonymous web platform for whistleblowers.

Read Staff, Gizmorati, gizmorati.com


Reports News Corp Australia to launch $25m bid for Sky Channels

mUmBRELLA :: Australia’s biggest newspaper publisher News Corp Australia has launched a $25m bid to buy the Australian News Channel (ANC), the operator of 24-hour television news services Sky News, Sky News Business and Sky News Weather.

Read Nic Christensen, mumbrella.com.au

Twitter has launched an official WordPress plugin for publishers

VentureBeat :: The plugin, available on WordPress.org and GitHub, bundles together a couple of features largely provided by third-party plugins, including: the ability to embed tweets, the ability to embed videos uploaded to Twitter, as well as tweet and follow buttons.

Read Harrison Weber, venturebeat.com

3 al-Jazeera journalists have been arrested for the alleged illegal flying of a drone in Paris

BBC News :: Three al-Jazeera journalists have been arrested for the alleged illegal flying of a drone in Paris after being spotted by police in the Bois de Boulogne area.

Read Staff, BBC, www.bbc.com

Where the New York Times comment section is heading? They want to expand and build on it

Public Editor :: The Times not only has no intention of getting rid of comments, as some media organizations have done, but also intends to expand and build on them.

Read Margaret Sullivan, publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com

Guardian editor candidates face journalists in election hustings

Press Gazette :: The four publicly-declared candidates for Guardian editor made their case to staff today at a hustings meeting.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Ekstra Bladet moves from product to customer focus to build audience, ad revenue

INMA :: Ekstra Bladet is focused on growing data on its customers. While investing in SEO, social media, and gathering behavioural data, the news media company expects to increase advertising revenue based on what it knows about its consumers.

Read Jeremy C. Fox, www.inma.org

Magna Global grows programmatic network

Media Life Magazine :: Launched in 2013, it's expanding to include smaller cable channels such as Fuse and Reelz.

Read Staff, Media Life Magazine, www.medialifemagazine.com

Twitter's global developer lead Jeff Sandquist departing

Re|code :: Developer and platform relations have become a much larger part ofTwitter's business over the past year. Twitter made a big deal unveiling Fabric, its software kit for third-party developers.

Read Kurt Wagner, recode.net

How "Modern Family" filmed an episode entirely with iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks

Buzzfeed :: In a BuzzFeed News exclusive clip, see how executive producer and co-creator, Steve Levitan, put together the Feb. 25 episode using only everyday modern technology.

Read Emily Orley, www.buzzfeed.com

How AP used the location data of an Instagram account to expose a congressman using public funds on private flights

AP :: The AP extracted location data associated with each image then correlated it with flight records showing airport stopovers and expenses later billed for air travel against llinois Rep. Aaron Schock's office and campaign records.

Read Jack Gillum, Stephen Braun, bigstory.ap.org


How to use data to drive your media business forward

DIS :: Content-centric media companies, including legacy ones, can be successful, profitable businesses, provided they are open to new opportunities and smart about how they go about developing these opportunities.

Read Staff, Digital Innovators' Summit, www.innovators-summit.com

Medium replaces channels with tags

VentureBeat :: Medium is switching up the way it organizes stories, killing off channels in favor of tags.

Read Ruth Reader, venturebeat.com

The future of sharing lies in cards : Wildcard enables mobile apps to display content as in-line cards

VentureBeat :: Wildcard is launching a new iOS SDK, so you can share actual content instead of blue links. The mobile web browser company announced its new developer tool today, enabling mobile apps to display content as in-line cards rather than links. 

Read Ruth Reader, venturebeat.com

Google is being investigated by Russia's antitrust agency

The Verge :: Google may soon be facing another antitrust action, this time from Russia. Russia's antitrust agency is currently investigating a complaint against Google's Android operating system.

Read Russell Brandom, www.theverge.com

Google built instantly built real-time ads to promote Oscar-winning movies based on search data

Adweek :: Google hit the Oscars with a rare real-time marketing campaign, one that quickly began promoting links to buy and stream the winning films moments after stars accepted their awards.

Read Garett Sloane, www.adweek.com

Data delivers context: but visual literacy is needed

Brainpickings :: Cultivating the ability to experience the “geeky rapture” of metaphorical thinking and pattern recognition.

Read Maria Popova, www.brainpickings.org

Data delivers context: but visual literacy is needed

Brainpickings :: Cultivating the ability to experience the “geeky rapture” of metaphorical thinking and pattern recognition.

Read Maria Popova, www.brainpickings.org

2016 campaigns are beefing up staffs. So are the media who will cover them

Washington Post :: This editor, whose political staff is expanding, laments that the bidding for reporters has driven up salaries, even for young and relatively unseasoned journalists.

Read Paul Farhi, www.washingtonpost.com

Employment rates are improving for everyone but journalism majors

Huffington Post :: new study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce looked at the unemployment rate for recent college graduates and recent graduate degree holders across all areas of study including architecture, social science, education and law.

Read Catherine Taibi, www.huffingtonpost.com


The former director of data science for BuzzFeed Ky Harlin to mine data for Condé Nast

Stream Daily :: The former director of data science for BuzzFeed will be tasked with creating more engaging and targeted content.

Read Todd Longwell, streamdaily.tv

Poland's OpenBooks: A self-publishing bookstore where you read first, pay later

Publishing Perspectives :: With Poland's OpenBooks.com readers can download and read self-published books for free and decide to pay for them only if they want.

Read Edward Nawotka, publishingperspectives.com

How brands and publishers define success in native

Digiday :: No two initiatives are alike, and so performance metrics should vary by campaign. Publishers need to fully understand the objectives of a campaign before pen is ever put to paper.

Read Emily Siegel, digiday.com

In France, most mobile ads are seen on smartphones

eMarketer :: In France, the number of mobile ad impressions served to smartphones in late 2014 was more than double the number served to tablets. But that gap is narrowing as tablet penetration climbs.

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com


Mozambique charges journalists investigating rhino poaching

CPJ :: Mozambican authorities have charged two international journalists with trespassing and invasion of privacy in connection with their investigation of rhino poaching, according to news reports and one of the journalists.

Read Staff, CPJ, cpj.org

People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly have officially begun merging staff

Huffington Post :: People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly have officially begun merging staff as part of a larger restructuring plan for Time Inc., according to a report from the New York Daily News.

Read Catherine Taibi, www.huffingtonpost.com

Government to rush through guidelines to stop police snooping on journalists

Guardian :: Interim measures will mean officers cannot use Ripa laws to force naming of sources without court agreement.

Read Frances Perraudin, www.theguardian.com

Channel 4 could be sold for £1bn by a new Tory government

Independent :: Channel 4 could be sold off or turned into an employee-owned mutual company if the Conservatives win the next election, under plans being discussed within the party.

Read Oliver Wright , www.independent.co.uk

Newsrooms grapple with PTSD as graphic footage becomes more common

Townhall :: The rise in graphic footage is often left to younger social media editors, who might not be able to handle the horrific scenes of brutality. As a result, the chances of these staffers becoming afflicted with post-traumatic stress rises dramatically.

Read Matt Vespa, townhall.com


The Telegraph has a chief executive. What it needed was an editor

Guardian :: The paper embroiled in the HSBC advert controversy has ‘content directors’ and people ready to issue vile counterblasts – but, it seems, no one to stand up to banks over journalistic values.

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com

Daily Telegraph's anonymous story about the deaths of News UK employees attracted a strong backlash

Guardian :: The Daily Telegraph has published an anonymous story on its front page suggesting that two suicides at a rival newspaper could be connected to pressure to hit commercial targets, days after its chief political columnist quit alleging that editorial decisions on the Telegraph were being influenced by commercial decisions.

Read Dominic Smith, www.theguardian.com

The Times Company announces board nominees: Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO Expedia, Rebecca Van Dyck, a Facebook exec

New York Times :: The New York Times Company announced two new nominees for its board, Dara Khosrowshahi, the chief executive of Expedia, and Rebecca Van Dyck, a Facebook executive, on Thursday.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

French minister asks Google, Facebook, Twitter to work directly with France's government

Fox News :: The French interior minister said he asked Google, Facebook and Twitter to work directly with French officials during investigations and to immediately remove terrorist propaganda when authorities alert them to it.

Read Staff, AP, www.foxnews.com

If the media doesn’t care, can amateur journalism bring justice to Rio’s favelas?

New York Times :: Can amateur journalism bring justice to Rio’s favelas?

Read Matthew Shaer, www.nytimes.com


Too cold to go outside? Startup Postdates will deliver Vogue to your door in minutes

AdAge :: Too cold or lazy to visit a newsstand to buy Vogue's March issue? Well, lucky for you, cold, lazy person, a startup called Postmates will deliver the issue to your door "in minutes" if you live in New York City and, starting next week, L.A.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com

Future of journalism education: Educating for a media world we can't imagine

Knight Foundation ::  Think of what journalism students will need to know to be successful graduates of the Class of 2025. It immediately brought up a larger question that I did not wish to take on alone or without preparation: How do we educate students for a media world we honestly can’t imagine?

Read Dianne Lynch, www.knightfoundation.org

Will cash-strapped newspapers be tempted to get cosier with advertisers?

Guardian :: Oborne was right to raise questions over the HSBC/Telegraph relationship, but as revenues dwindle papers must resist the urge to kowtow to commercial interests

Read Tom Latchem, www.theguardian.com

'Why independent journalism is challenging the mass media'

Journalism.co.uk :: The role of the media as crucial to maintaining a democratic society – by informing its citizens and holding those in power to account – has long been championed, particularly by the media itself. Unfortunately, our current mass media have shown themselves to be inadequate in this role.

Read Drew Rose, www.journalism.co.uk

Mohamed Fahmy lashes out at al-Jazeera over protecting its journalists

Guardian :: Reporter jailed last June with Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed says network had own political agenda during reign of the Muslim Brotherhood and hung them out to dry despite repeated warnings, a view backed by some of their colleagues

Read Patrick Kingsley, Ian Black, www.theguardian.com

Swedish freelance journalist missing In Syrian-Turkish border area

Reuters :: A Swedish freelance journalist has gone missing in the Syrian-Turkish border area, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported on Friday.

Read Niklas Pollard, www.huffingtonpost.com

Greste says social media is pushing us into 'silos' - the truth is more complicated

WAN-IFRA :: Peter Greste, in one of his first media appearances since his release from prison in Egypt, has said he believes social media may be pushing people into ‘silos’, and it is the role of the press to bridge these social divides. But that’s not quite true, writes Jake Evans.

Read Jake Evans, blog.wan-ifra.org

Mail Online gains 1.7m unique browsers to reach a total of nearly 14m in January

Guardian :: All UK national newspaper websites recorded healthy rises in January as they recovered after the December lull.

Read Dugald Baird, www.theguardian.com

Canada: Digital radio streaming gains momentum as conventional radio still reigns

eMarketer :: While digital radio is established in the US - now reaching over half the population - it is only beginning to take shape in Canada.

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com

Not just quizzes: News is gaining on Facebook, too

Digiday :: A look at the top shared stories on Facebook can be a depressing exercise, unless you're a big fan of quizzes and listicles. But it's not all bad for traditional publishers. As Facebook has tweaked its algorithm and publishers get more savvy about social, news outlets are also showing significant gains, too.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com


New York Times' new system for pitching stories aims to increase its flexibility in targeting mobile readers

Poynter :: New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet announced Thursday The Times is retiring its system of pitching stories for Page 1 of the print edition in a memo to staff that outlines the paper’s growing emphasis on digital journalism.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

How a countrywide paywall for 9 Slovenian publishers faltered

Digiday :: Publishers on the hunt for digital media are increasingly turning to paywalls or metered-access systems. The challenge remains the same: How can you erect a pay barrier — even if you call it a “membership” — when people can find comparable content from competitors for free?

Read Chris Smith, digiday.com

How a countrywide paywall for 9 Slovenian publishers faltered

Digiday :: Publishers on the hunt for digital media are increasingly turning to paywalls or metered-access systems. The challenge remains the same: How can you erect a pay barrier — even if you call it a “membership” — when people can find comparable content from competitors for free?

Read Chris Smith, digiday.com

Washington Post journalist held in Iran denied access to lawyer, says brother

Guardian :: The new lawyer for Jason Rezaian has not been allowed to drop off the necessary paperwork to formally represent him despite several attempts.

Read Lauren Gambino, www.theguardian.com

Advertisers flock to debut of redesigned New York Times Magazine

AdAge :: This Sunday's New York Times will be heavier than usual.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com

Advertisers flock to debut of redesigned New York Times Magazine

AdAge :: This Sunday's New York Times will be heavier than usual.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com


NBC makes big TV Everywhere announcement (for some locations)

Adweek :: When it has been in play, NBC has one of the best TV Everywhere experiences of any network. Until now, this has manifested itself most for tentpole sporting events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Appointment TV: Why network news still matters

New York Times :: It’s true that viewership for evening network news programs has declined, but tens of millions of Americans still rely on them.

Read Lynn Vavreck, www.nytimes.com

What interests Reddit? A network analysis of 84m comments by 200K users

Mark Allen Thonton :: A network analysis of 84m comments by 200K users. This post is devoted to learning a bit more about people's interests and the connections between them.

Read Mark Allen Thornton, markallenthornton.com

Media accelerator Matter tries to connect an entrepreneurial ethos to traditional media companies

Nieman Lab :: Matter, the public-media startup accelerator in San Francisco that began as a collaboration between PRX, the Knight Foundation, and KQED, is ramping up for a busy 2015.

Read Caroline O'Donovan, www.niemanlab.org

Telegraph puts HSBC scandal story on homepage morning after Peter Oborne accusations

The Independent :: This morning, a story headlined 'HSBC Genva office raided by Swiss prosecutor' was placed near the top of its homepage and tweeted out.

Read Staff, Independent, www.independent.co.uk

Organic traffic's down - a wider trend: blogs aren’t dying, but they are significantly declining

Marco's Blog :: Publishers are relying more on social traffic not because Google’s squeezing them out, but because that’s where everyone went. The dominance of mobile usage, social networks, and YouTube, plus attention-competition from apps, are the real problems for web publishers and blog writers.

Read Marco Arment, www.marco.org

If you want traffic, Google’s arc makes clear to publishers, you’re going to have to pay for it

Seth's Blog :: That means that a thoughtful, well-written online magazine has a harder time being discovered by someone who might be searching for it, which makes it harder to scale.

Read Seth Godin, sethgodin.typepad.com

What makes Google's 'you can't copyright facts' line so particularly disingenuous?

SEO Book :: When Google introduced the knowledge graph one of their underlying messages behind it was "you can't copyright facts." Facts are like domain names or links or pictures or anything else in terms of being a layer of information which can be highly valued or devalued through commoditization.

Read Aaron Wall, www.seobook.com

Why is the BBC so bad at TV news?

Independent :: It's quite a charge: that a mixture of cuts, caution and complacency has destroyed the corporation's ability and will to report or analyse events with any rigour. But the distinguished critic Michael Church is sticking by it. As part of his personal mission to revive standards, he has been glued to the Beeb's bulletins and current affairs programmes. And, in his opinion, the BBC could learn a lot from competitors such as Al Jazeera – once it's got its balls back.

Read Michael Church, www.independent.co.uk

As ESPN comes to the iPad, it drops the SportsCenter brand from its mobile apps

TechCrunch :: ESPN fans will be happy to learn that today the “worldwide leader in sports” is introducing the first version of its mobile news app that will work on iPad, unifying the reading experience across desktop, smartphone and now Apple tablets.

Read Ryan Lawler, techcrunch.com

ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ shot an entire episode using only Apple’s iPhone and iPad

Re | code :: A forthcoming installment of ABC’s Emmy Award-winning comedy “Modern Family” finds a setting that viewers will find both unusual and familiar — it unfolds entirely on a computer screen.

Read Dawn Chmielewski, recode.net

To understand Snapchats "Discover" think of it as an app platform

Medium :: Discover may look like content distribution, but instead of “publisher” think “developer,” and instead of “channel” think “app.” And then go through the list of capabilities they can bring…

Read Michael Sippey, medium.com

The New York Times is publishing translations of some stories on a special site in an effort to reach Hispanics

Media Life Magazine :: Paper publishing translations of some stories on a special site in an effort to reach Hispanics.

Read Staff, Media Life Magazine, www.medialifemagazine.com

Peter Oborne resigns, saying Telegraph's HSBC coverage a 'fraud on readers'

Guardian :: Ex-chief political commentator launches blistering attack on paper, saying it put bank’s interests before readers to save ad contract

Read John Plunkett, Ben Quinn, www.theguardian.com


Weibo, iQiyi to deliver seemless social video viewing of Spring Festival gala

China Internet Watch :: Following iQIYI announced an exclusive worldwide broadcast in 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala for Year of the Goat, Gong Yu, iQIYI founder and CEO, and Wang Gaofei, Weibo CEO, announced deep collaboration on this event on Weibo. Weibo users can comment and win Hongbao while watching Spring Festival Gala.

Read Staff, China Internet Watch, www.chinainternetwatch.com

HSBC tax row: Le Monde owners attack newspaper's coverage

Guardian :: Two of the owners of Le Monde have hit out at the newspaper over its part in revealing how HSBC’s Swiss banking arm helped wealthy customers dodge taxes – with one declaring: “It wasn’t for this that I allowed them to gain their independence.”

Read Angelique Chrisafis, www.theguardian.com

Vice announces new global head of content and editor-in-chief

Guardian :: Former UK editor-in-chief Alex Miller takes worldwide role, as Ellis Jones is promoted from managing editor of Vice magazine.

Read Dugald Baird, www.theguardian.com

Time Inc music title narrowly avoids dropping below the 15,000 circulation mark for the first time in its history

Guardian :: NME, the last of the old-school inkies, suffered another fall in sales, narrowly avoiding a drop below the 15,000 mark for the first time in its history.

Read John Plunkett, www.theguardian.com

Spanish politicians turn to WhatsApp in a bid to reconnect with a disenchanted public

Guardian :: As Spain readies for elections, mainstream politicians have followed Indignados and Podemos on to WhatsApp in a bid to reconnect with a disenchanted public.

Read Ashifa Kassam, www.theguardian.com

Google launches localized Chinese version of its YouTube channel for developers

Tech in Asia :: The search giant continues to reach out to China, even if its consumer-facing presence there remains minimal.

Read Josh Horwitz, www.techinasia.com

Why writers need to know the publishing business

Publishing Perspectives :: Publisher Deborah Emin argues that as publishing professionals, we should want writers to understand each stage of the process: how they are acquired, marketed and sold.

Read Deborah Emin, publishingperspectives.com


Online video is not TV: How AP is adapting live video for digital

The Media Briefing :: Associated Press is ramping up its digital video delivery operation. But what trends has it seen among its subscribers, and where does it see digital video going?

Read Chris Sutcliffe, www.themediabriefing.com

HSBC files: Chair of BBC Trust Rona Fairhead declines to answer queries about activities at Swiss bank

Guardian :: Chair of BBC Trust has been a director of HSBC since 2004 and headed its audit and risk committee from May 2007, covering some of the period detailed in files.

Read David Leigh, James Ball, Juliette Garside, David Pegg, www.theguardian.com


The NYTimes could be worth $19bn instead of $2bn

Monday Notes :: Some legacy media assets are vastly underestimated. A few clues in four charts.

Read Frédéric Filloux, www.mondaynote.com

"Trademarking an individual’s name" to stop trolls from harassing families of victims on Twitter

Washington Post :: Two years after Sandy Hook teacher Victoria died, Soto’s family has taken an extraordinary step to protect her from online defamation, both on Twitter and other social media sites: They’ve  filed a trademark for her name.

Read Caitlin Dewey, www.washingtonpost.com

How YouTube changed journalism

The Atlantic :: The video streaming site, created 10 years ago today, has reduced the barriers to entry for news publication—for both good and bad.

Read Matt Schiavenza, www.theatlantic.com

Palestinian journalists increasingly finding themselves in the line of IDF fire

Haaretz :: A Palestinian cameraman was shot by an Israeli soldier in December while filming a demonstration in the West Bank. It's still unclear if the Israeli authorities will investigate.

Read Amira Hass, www.haaretz.com

'Digital dark age' could leave historians with no records of the 21st century

Independent :: As the way that we store information about ourselves develops, memories stored in files that use older technology are becoming harder to access, Dr Vinton "Vint" Cerf, vice president of Google, has warned.

Read Andrew Griffin, www.independent.co.uk

Trinity Mirror made a public apology today to victims of its unlawful practice of phone hacking

Independent :: A newspaper group, that owns titles such as the Daily Mirror, made a public apology today to victims of its unlawful practice of phone hacking.

Read Lamiat Sabin, www.independent.co.uk


New video calls Vice account of McAfee geodata leak into question

Buzzfeed :: Two years ago, Vice pledged to get to the bottom of a disastrous journalistic mistake. It never did, and and blame for the snafu has trailed a veteran war photographer into some of the most dangerous places in the world.

Read Joseph Bernstein, www.buzzfeed.com

Forbes puts native ad on cover

Mediapost :: The march of native advertising continued this week, as Forbes dispensed with another traditional taboo. It put a native ad on the cover of its print edition for the March 2, 2015 issue, due out on newsstands on Monday.

Read Erik Sass, www.mediapost.com

Shooting At Copenhagen Free Speech Event, Danish Media Reports

AP :: Danish media say several shots have been fired at a cafe in Copenhagen where a meeting about freedom of speech was being held, organized by Swedish artist Lars Vilks.


Read Staff, AP, www.huffingtonpost.com

What are we willing to forgive (a journalists)?

Adweek :: What are we willing to forgive? - In the case of David Carr, some truly horrible things. In fact, you could argue that by the time of his abrupt passing this week, the only one who hadn't forgiven Carr for the darkest hours, days, months and years of his addiction was Carr himself. Meanwhile, the fate of Brian Williams, a man who by all accounts has lived a personal life above board, remains in question

Read David Griner, www.adweek.com

How PR is killing journalism

Take Part :: In a speech to colleagues not long ago, BBC News Economics Editor Robert Peston explained that while “some of [his] best friends are in PR,” nevertheless he has “never been in any doubt that PRs are the enemy.”

Read Eric Alterman, www.takepart.com


Newspapers may love elections, but elections don't increase reader love for newspapers

The Media Briefing :: Newspaper publishers put a great deal of stock in their own importance in the run-up to national elections, and as we've seen with bombastic headlines newspapers sometimes take credit for motivating their audiences to the extent it influences who runs the country. 

Read Chris Sutcliffe, www.themediabriefing.com

How Rupert Murdoch's MSC ruined a former Sun reporter's life

Guardian :: Journalist lost his livelihood because he was charged over paying one tip fee.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Four candidates for Guardian editor to take part in staff hustings and ballot

Guardian :: Guardian News & Media’s NUJ chapel announces details of hustings and ballot of staff members as part of recruitment process to replace editor Alan Rusbridger.

Read Staff, Guardian, www.theguardian.com

Economist leads the way amid booming UK magazine digital edition sales

Press Gazette :: The Economist is the UK magazine with the top selling digital edition with average audited sales of 50,000.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

NYT has eight active Instagram account today, with plans to launch a primary @NYTimes in the next month or two

Digiday :: To appeal to a new generation of news consumers, The New York Times is going all-in on Instagram.

Read Eric Blattberg , digiday.com

NYT has eight active Instagram account today, with plans to launch a primary @NYTimes in the next month or two

Digiday :: To appeal to a new generation of news consumers, The New York Times is going all-in on Instagram.

Read Eric Blattberg , digiday.com

The upset alert in your pocket: USA Today’s new sports app wants to help cure your fear of missing out

Nieman Lab :: Like Breaking News or Yo, it’s an app where the push notifications are the main appeal.

Read Justin Ellis, www.niemanlab.org

HSBC whistleblower's email surfaces by French newspaper Le Monde

BBC :: Whistleblower Herve Falciani says he feels vindicated after his email to HMRC offering details of bank account holders in Switzerland is uncovered by Le Monde newspaper.

Read Staff, BBC, www.bbc.co.uk

Converged TV-digital buys can increase TV reach more than 50%

Beet.TV :: Layering in digital media into TV buys can lift brand metrics on the TV side, and agencies would be wise to continue to showcase the case studies reflecting that to clients, says Veena Rayapareddi.

Read Daisy Whitney, www.beet.tv

WeChat added cash reward feature for official accounts

China Internet Watch :: WeChat quietly launched a cash reward feature for WeChat official accounts yesterday. Also this month, WeChat launched measure to fight plagiarism on official accounts posts.

Read Incitez China, www.chinainternetwatch.com


Time Inc revs sink 7.3%, digital ads up

MediaPost :: Time Inc.'s first year as an independent company ended on a down note, as total revenues sank 7.3% from $966 million in the fourth quarter of 2013 to $895 million in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Read Erik Sass, www.mediapost.com

Egyptian court orders release of 2 Al Jazeera journalists Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed

New York Times :: Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed had been jailed for more than a year on charges of broadcasting false news in a conspiracy with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Read David Kirkpatrick, www.nytimes.com

Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp told investors Thursday that no mergers would happen until at least June 2016

AdAge :: Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp told investors Thursday that no mergers would happen until at least June 2016, which is the two-year anniversary of Time Inc. spinning off from Time Warner.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com

Egypt’s media four years on: Lamenting the loss of truth

Mada Masr :: Four years after the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, journalists are once again feeling the pressure of a low ceiling on press freedoms — a ceiling that some say has fallen even lower than before the revolution.

Read Mai Shams El-Din, www.madamasr.com

Warner Bros. digital chief predicts ‘tens of millions’ of virtual-reality devices

Broadcasting Cable :: Warner Bros. digital chief Thomas Gewecki predicts that virtual-reality and so-called augmented-reality devices will enter the entertainment mainstream sooner rather than later.

Read Daniel Holloway, www.broadcastingcable.com

Telling stories in 3-D in an immersive, interactive and integrative way

RJI Online :: To demonstrate 3-D capabilities in journalism, we’ve been working on a story about a young fashion designer who draws inspiration from a University of Missouri 175th anniversary exhibit of historic costumes.

Read hendersonl, www.rjionline.org

Google waited six months to tell WikiLeaks it passed employee data to FBI

Guardian :: Tech giant facing renewed questions about user data as WikiLeaks lawyer says ‘The question I have is: what caused this six-month delay?’

Read Ed Pilkington, www.theguardian.com

Irish journalists among world's heaviest social media users, study finds

The Irish Times :: Political journalists have highest use of social media with all respondents using Twitter daily.

Read Bahareh Heravi, www.irishtimes.com

An algorithm to extract looping GIFs from videos

Github :: Yet another big problem of the Internet era tackled by Mathematics.

Read Zulko, zulko.github.io

Inside New York magazine’s branded content studio

Digiday :: New York Media's content studio ran more than 100 campaigns in 2014, driving a 20 percent increase in digital advertising revenue.

Read Emily Siegel, digiday.com

UK publishers, agencies react to new native ad labeling rules

Digiday :: Concerns about the proper way to disclose native advertising are as pressing in the U.K. as they are in the U.S.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com


Twitter buys Niche, a startup that connects brands with Instagram and Vine stars

Forbes :: Twitter's getting serious about its video offerings, starting with some of its most popular users: Vine stars. The company said Wednesday it acquired Niche, a startup that launched in 2013 to help Vine and Instagram stars leverage their online influence in paid deals with brands and advertisers.

Read Ellen Huet, www.forbes.com

Timeline is providing historical context to the news — but is there a business model to support it?

Nieman Lab :: There’s a new news app that’s made quite a splash. From headlines like “Timeline Is A Beautiful News App That Makes It Easy To See The History Behind A Story” to being Apple’s best app of January, Timeline’s gotten a warm welcome.

Read Caroline O'Donovan, www.niemanlab.org

How news websites spread (and debunk) online rumors, unverified claims and misinformation.

Tow Center :: It’s a vicious-yet-familiar cycle: A claim makes its way to social media or elsewhere online. One or a few news sites choose to repeat it. Some employ headlines that declare the claim to be true to encourage sharing and clicks, while others use hedging language such as “reportedly.”

Read Craig Silverman, towcenter.org

Time Warner Inc. reported a 1% decline in December quarter revenue as

WSJ :: Time Warner Inc. reported a 1% decline in December quarter revenue as declines at its Warner Bros. studio offset increases at its Home Box Office and Turner businesses.

Read George Stahl, www.wsj.com

Vox.com adds context to the news

It's All Journalism :: At Vox, Bell is trying to reinvent how news is delivered. The site tries to experiment with the ways it presents content. For example, the site often uses lists like “What we know” and “What we don’t know” in its breaking news stories, instead of using a traditional format.

Read Julia O’Donoghue, itsalljournalism.com

Thomson Reuters Corp sees revenue growth in 2015

Reuters :: Thomson Reuters Corp said on Wednesday it expects its revenue to grow in 2015 and reported that it added more sales for its products to financial customers in the fourth quarter.

Read Jennifer Saba, www.reuters.com

The Importance of Whistleblowers

Project Censored :: Peter and Mickey devote today’s program to an in-depth look at the vital role of whistleblowers in ensuring public safety and government accountability.

Read Staff, Project Censored, www.projectcensored.org

Indie bookseller struggle to adapt to new state minimum wage laws

Shelf Awareness :: The minimum wage in D.C. is mandated to go up to $10.50 per hour this summer and will reach $11.50 per hour next year. In some cities, including Seattle and San Francisco, the hike in minimum wage will be much steeper.

Read Alex Mutter, www.shelf-awareness.com

Save Our Sources law to curb police spying on journalists will go to Commons vote this month

Press Gazette :: The Liberal Democrats have tabled a new Save Our Sources law which is set to be put to a vote in the House of Commons on 23 March.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk


What research tells us about how Brian Williams should respond

Washington Post :: People often cheat and lie to help other people. "We call this altruistic cheating," Ariely said. "In all kinds of cases, people actually take tremendous risk for themselves for the benefit of some other goal."

Read Jena McGregor, www.washingtonpost.com

AP: Live is starting to play a larger role within our customer’s editorial strategy

Adweek :: “Live is starting to play a larger role within our customer’s editorial strategy and they want to include more of it in their site’s content - not just as a stand-alone concept but also to allow richer storytelling in other areas,” said Sue Brooks, director of international products and platforms for AP.

Read Karen Fratti, www.adweek.com

Flipboard, a pioneer of tablet apps, has launched a full Web version of its news reader

ReadWrite :: In a break from its signature "flip" metaphor, Flipboard for Web embraces scrolling, the natural gesture people use to read on the Web. And it's hoping that lush, photo-heavy layouts will encourage people to keep reading.

Read Owen Thomas, readwrite.com

Hackers used the most insulting part of Forbes' website to distribute malware

The Verge :: Nobody likes an interstitial advertisement. They are not only annoying for many people, they can be even dangerous.

Read Casey Newton, www.theverge.com

Why reading a book 100 times is a great idea

Guardian :: Author and columnist Stephen Marche, who has perused PG Wodehouse and Hamlet more than 100 times each, extols the virtues of literary repetition.

Read Stephen Marche, www.theguardian.com

Young radio journalists face tough work conditions, but continue to connect strongly with the medium

WAN-IFRA :: Radio journalism is an unstable profession where you start young and leave young. In the lead-up to World Radio Day on Friday, Laurent Poillot writes that young journalists are enduring worsening work conditions in radio in the face of an unstable job climate.

Read Jake Evans, blog.wan-ifra.org

NUJ condemns Newsquest scheme which charges £120 for students to have eight articles published

PressGazette :: The National Union of Journalists has condemned a scheme run by Newsquest which charges £120 to give students the chance to be published in one of its titles.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Why ad buyers are upbeat on The New York Times’ digital transformation

Digiday :: New native ad units and openness are winning The New York Times friends on Madison Avenue.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Bahrain suspends Al-Arab new channel

Broadband TV News :: Bahrain’s Information Affairs Authority (IAA) has suspended Al-Arab satellite channel “following its failure to obtain the required licensing approval to commence broadcasting in Bahrain.”

Read Robert Briel, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Publishers team up for new digital literary aggregation site

Publishingperspectives :: The Literary Hub, launching in April, brings together 65 partners, as well as seasoned literary journalists, for a new literary aggregation website.

Read Dennis Abrams, publishingperspectives.com


Netflix launches $7.99 service for Cuba despite average wage of $17 a month

Guardian :: Streaming company among first to offer TV and film content but internet infrastructure and low salaries could make it available only to ‘elite’ consumers.

Read Jessica Glenza, www.theguardian.com

A Jewish magazine is testing an unusual solution for toxic internet comments

The Verge :: Want to comment on a story on Tablet magazine's website? You'll have to pay. The Jewish "daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture" is testing a new monetization method.

Read Chris Plante, www.theverge.com

NYT Controls Video Ads, Content In HTML5: Poorsattar

Beet.TV :: Google’s YouTube announced last month it would switch from Flash to powering its video player in HTML5 by default. But the video site wasn’t the only property to have gone in that direction.

Read Robert Andrews, www.beet.tv

Freed CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou says "I would do it all again" to expose torture

Huffington Post :: In a broadcast exclusive, Democracy Now! airs an in-depth interview with John Kiriakou, a retired CIA agent who has just been released from prison after blowing the whistle on the George W. Bush administration's torture program.

Read Staff, Democracy Now!, www.huffingtonpost.com

Divan.TV breaks even

Broadband TV News :: The Ukrainian OTT service Divan.TV reached breakeven in Q4 2014, registering revenue growth of 15-20% monthly.

Read Chris Dziadul, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Has Patch finally cracked the code on hyperlocal?

Digiday :: A year after AOL sold the struggling division to investment firm Hale Global, its new owners say the stripped-down Patch is profitable, evidence that there’s actually a business model for hyperlocal news.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Sky’s new 4K technology cycle

Advanced TV :: Sky UK is working very hard behind the scenes to secure broadcasting rights to the English Premier League for the 2016-2019 seasons.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Has Patch finally cracked the code on hyperlocal?

Digiday :: A year after AOL sold the struggling division to investment firm Hale Global, its new owners say the stripped-down Patch is profitable, evidence that there’s actually a business model for hyperlocal news.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Huffington Post global boss says ‘philosophy’ played a part in Fairfax deal

mUmBRELLA :: The Huffington Post looked at a number of factors including a “philosophical alignment” with potential bidders before settling on Fairfax Media for its Australian partner.

Read Alex Hayes, mumbrella.com.au

Why Condé Nast is courting YouTube stars

Digiday :: Condé Nast has a new YouTube strategy: team up with YouTube stars.

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com

Capital New York, one year into paywall: ‘We’re breaking through.’

Digiday :: The politics and media news site says that its paywall is exceeding expectations. But its high price is still a stumbling block.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

What if you gathered together a group of people, who don't work in news to design a new homepage?

Medium :: 64 ways to think about a news homepage.

Read Melody Kramer, medium.com


Editors resign as Hungarian media group owner predicts 'war' with government

Associated Press :: Six top executives of a media group controlled by a former ally of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban unexpectedly resigned on Friday after their boss said he would confront the government over a disputed advertising tax.

Read Pablo Gorondi, www.huffingtonpost.com

Twitter transparency report: Turkey tops censorship list by wide margin

Today's Zaman :: An overwhelming majority of the requests made in the last six months of 2014 by governments around the world for the removal of content on Twitter came from Turkey, according to data released on Friday by the microblogging website.

Read Staff, Today's Zaman, www.todayszaman.com

Two al-Jazeera journalists to face new trial in Egypt

Guardian :: Decision is a blow to Canadian Mohamed Fahmy but a boost to Egyptian Baher Mohamed, after release of Peter Greste.

Read Patrick Kingsley, www.theguardian.com

Medusa uses aggregation, translation to bring news from Russian to an English-speaking audience

Nieman Lab :: At a moment when the world’s attention has again turned towards Eastern Europe, a new media outlet is using a mixture of translation and aggregation to bring news from Russia to an English-speaking audience.

Read Lydia Tomkiw, www.niemanlab.org

Exploring the future in three dimensions

RJI Online :: Why 3-D? Why now? And for heaven’s sake, why for journalism? The University of Missouri 3-D Journalism project — MU3D — developed from a fortuitous meeting of professors from two very different professional schools.

Read Clyde Bentley, www.rjionline.org


Detained journalist protests arrest, as researchers debate number of journalists detained

Mada Masr :: Mahmoud Abou Zaid, a freelance photojournalist who was arbitrarily detained during the dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya protest last August, released an open letter via Facebook condemning his arrest and continued detainment, on Saturday.

Read Staff, Mada Masr, www.madamasr.com

NowThis goes all-in on social

Capital New York :: "For a publisher that wants to grow dramatically, websites are unnecessary vestiges of a time before there were better ways to find things to look at on your computer or your phone," Senior V.P. of strategy and partnerships Athan Stephanopoulos wrote, before suggesting that some companies "might even symbolically close their websites."

Read Jeremy Barr, www.capitalnewyork.com

Will Twitter allow users to pay to get verified? - CNBC

CNBC :: Those following Twitter's activities are aware that the social networking site and its CEO, Dick Costolo, have been on a tear recently. The company made multiple product changes over the last month in an effort to bring in new users and enhance the experience for current ones.

Read Eli Langer, www.cnbc.com

Tumblr’s head of ads steps down as parent Yahoo merges ad operations

Venture Beat :: In another sign of Tumblr’s advertising operation merging with parent Yahoo’s, the microblogging service’s global head of brand partnerships is leaving.

Read Barry Levine, venturebeat.com

Hay Festival to be held online in protest against journalist killings in Mexico

AP :: A popular literary festival is abandoning its venue in Mexico’s Veracruz state this year due to protest over the killings of journalists.

Read Staff, Associated Press, www.theguardian.com

What's working: All the news (that's fit to print)

Huffington Post :: it turns out that we are also failing to give our readers and viewers what they want.

Read Arianna Huffington, www.huffingtonpost.com

Over 900 posts, 87,000 followers: New York Magazine's art critic Jerry Saltz is killing it at Instagram

Huffington Post :: New York Magazine's Art Critic Jerry Saltz maintains a pretty fantastic instagram account. With over 900 posts, 87,000 followers, and a committed audience of likers and commenters, Saltz has generated something of a house style for punny-and-irreverent instagramming.

Read Anna Furman, www.huffingtonpost.com


How an optimized newsroom for business realities looks like at Forbes

Forbes :: The FORBES incentive-based contributor network forced the dramatic change our organization needed in a fragmented media world. So did making data central to our culture, still a no-no to journalists who think their guts know best.

Read Lewis D'Vorkin , www.forbes.com

All my blogs are dead

The Awl :: “Most of the media outlets I’ve written for have folded and then were flat-out deleted.”

Read Carter Maness, www.theawl.com

Instagram goes beyond photographs to hire journalists

Guardian :: Instagram is boosting its journalistic team, advertising for a senior features editor and a community editor, plus three more writers. The features ed, incidentally, must have at least eight years’ editing experience.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Syrian publishing’s uncertain future

Asharq Al-Awsat :: Some of Syria's once-flourishing publishing houses are managing to struggling on in the midst of war—but for how long?

Read Hisham Adra, www.aawsat.net

Reuters launches ‘Netflix for news’ app to cut into the viewership of CNN, CNBC and other networks

Variety :: The Reuters TV iPhone app offers “curated but personalized news coverage,” with 5-30 minute video reports, according to parent company Thomson Reuters.

Read Todd Spangler, variety.com

Apple in talks to launch Web TV service

Re/Code :: Apple has spent years circling the TV business, without ever really getting into the TV business. Now it may be ready to try again.

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

First positive year for TV ads in Spain since 2008

Latest figures confirm what had been largely anticipated: 2014 was the first year that closed with positive figures for TV advertising in Spain since the financial crisis started in 2008.

Read Staff, Rapid TV News, www.rapidtvnews.com

Generations divided on device preferences

Advanced TV :: A study designed to help marketers engage the right generation on the right screen has found marked differences across generations in respect of how generations use digital devices to perform daily activities, to consume content, and to shop online.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

NewsHunt, India’s news reader app for local languages, raises $40.5m in funding

Tech in Asia :: India’s homegrown news reader app NewsHunt has secured INR 2.5 billion (US$40.5 million) in a series C funding round led by New York-based hedge fund Falcon Edge Capital.

Read Yuvraj Gurung, www.techinasia.com


The shame of US journalism is still Iraq, not fake helicopter stories

Medium :: The news that NBC’s Brian Williams was not, in fact, on a helicopter in 2003 that came under fire from an Iraqi Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) should come as a surprise to no-one.

Read Christian Christensen, medium.com

Amy Pascal leaving as Sony studio chief

New York Times :: Amy Pascal, whose passion for stars and story marked her as one of the last of Hollywood’s old-style studio chiefs, has resigned as co-chairwoman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and as chairwoman of Sony’s motion picture group.

Read Michael Cieply, Brooks Barnes, www.nytimes.com

Why local papers count (or: the stories we miss, when cost cuts continue)

Guardian :: Does the BBC have to fill a reporting vacuum created by a dwindling industry?

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

You can now save your Snapchat Story as one seamless video

The Verge :: Last night, the company rolled out an update that, along with bug fixes, enabled the option to save your entire Story with a single tap.

Read Sam Sheffer, www.theverge.com

Which devices and platforms drove the Twitter conversation during the Super Bowl?

Adweek :: We have been breaking down Super Bowl-related social engagement all week, and while we have reported on the number of tweets and even the emotional reactions contained within, it is also worth looking at which devices he tweets originated from.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Aron Pilhofer: Guardian digital chief: Killing off comments ‘a monumental mistake’

Giving the keynote speech at this week's news:rewired conference, Aron Pilhofer discussed the need to bring the readers' voice into digital journalism.

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

Deutsche Welle to launch international TV channel on Astra

Broadband TV News :: German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle will launch a new TV channel in English language on Astra (19.2° East) on June 22, 2015

Read Jörn Krieger, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Vox is building a data team

Poynter :: Explainer-driven news outlet Vox is building a team that can identify and clean up data sets to be used as renewable resources for story ideas.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

Twitter strikes search deal with Google to surface Tweets

Wall Street Journal :: Twitter Inc. has agreed to give Google Inc. access to its stream of data, in a move that could make it easier for tweets to appear in search results.

Read Yoree Koh, Rolfe Winkler, www.wsj.com

When Netflix and other on-demand services killed the TV ad golden goose

Guardian :: With subscription services draining television advertising revenues, we need a new business model fast to fund the hit shows of tomorrow.

Read Alan Wolk, www.theguardian.com


Globe and Mail takes leading role toward greater advertising transparency

INMA :: Delivering relevant advertising provides media companies with an opportunity to engage and better serve readers. But offering opt-out options empowers readers to make choices regarding their personal data.

Read Andrée Gosselin O’Meara, www.inma.org

Too late to the current mobile market? Get on board with smartwatches

INMA :: Mobile technology is a multi-billion dollar revenue generator. Media companies that are late to the current mobile market can get on board with smartwatches.

Read Dirk Barmscheidt, www.inma.org

YouTube is testing a way to view videos from multiple angles

The Verge :: Concerts, sports games, and even podcasts could get more dynamic on YouTube thanks to a new feature the company is testing out.

Read Josh Lowensohn, www.theverge.com

More people are using Twitter to trade. Social media signals to predict market events

GigaOM :: “The clear trend we’re seeing is the quantification of qualitative aspects of the world,” Claudio Storelli, who overseas Bloomberg’s app portal, told me last week in New York where he led a presentation on technical analysis applications.

Read Jeff John Roberts, gigaom.com

Clarifai's neural networks understands what it sees in video

Technology Review :: Software that understands what it sees in video could lead to new forms of advertising, or make video editing easier.

Read Tom Simonite, www.technologyreview.com

Third UK regional daily: Jersey newspaper adopts metered paywall for its online content

Guardian :: It becomes the third UK regional daily to charge for access to its website. A third UK regional daily newspaper has adopted a metered paywall. In future, the Jersey Evening Post will allow users to read 10 online articles for free each month and then demand a charge for further views.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Content discovery platform Taboola has raised a massive $117m

VentureBeat :: 

The company intends to invest the new funds into continuing “to develop cutting edge technology and tools,” CEO and founder Adam Singolda told VentureBeat via email.

Read Barry Levine, venturebeat.com

Streaming behind $21bn mobile music market in 2021

Advanced TV :: Strategy Analytics predicts that the global mobile music market value will grow from $12.8 billion in 2014 to $21.3 billion in 2021.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Marie Claire enters beauty retail sector with Ocado partnership

The Drum :: Time Inc's Marie Clarie magazine is set to enter the beauty retail market after inking a partnership with Speciality Stores, part of the Ocado Group, to launch a new premium beauty and wellbeing business.

Read Natalie Mortimer, www.thedrum.com

Sky profits rise 16% after strong UK and German demand

Guardian :: Pay-TV group beats analysts’ forecasts in its first results as a European operation.

Read Staff, Reuters, www.theguardian.com

Neuroscience of storytelling - Why story arc is important

YouTube :: When telling a story, you have between *twenty and thirty seconds* to capture someone's attention before his or her mind starts to wander.

Read Paul Zak, www.youtube.com

FBI put Anonymous 'hacktivist' Jeremy Hammond on terrorism watchlist (theguardian.com)

Guardian :: Leaked document calls hacker ‘possible terrorist organisation member’.

Read Ed Pilkington, www.theguardian.com

News curation service SmartNews uses machine learning algorithms to battle Flipboard

Tech in Asia :: The news curation app is starting to become a real challenger to market leaders like Flipboard.

Read David Corbin, www.techinasia.com

Free course in entrepreneurial journalism - How to build a startup: The Lean LaunchPad

Udacity :: Steve Blank provides insight into the key steps needed to build a successful startup.

Read Steve Blank, www.udacity.com

How Steve Blank weaves entrepreneurship into journalism with ‘Lean LaunchPad’

PBS Mediashift :: With rapid changes in technology, journalists are working harder than ever to keep up with cutting-edge developments. It can feel like a scary and uncertain time. Yet Silicon Valley veteran Steve Blank says this increased pressure has created room for journalists to occupy the front lines of business model design and consumer development and truly become innovators.

Read Meagan Doll, www.pbs.org


Christiane Amanpour interviewed journalist Didier François was held captive by ISIS for more than 10 months

CNN :: A French journalist's ISIS captives cared so little about religion they did not even have a Quran, Didier François -- who spent over 10 months as the group's prisoner in Syria -- told CNN's Christiane Amanpour in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

Read Mick Krever, www.cnn.com

A core group of journalists and editors have drafted a set of standards and practices around safety for journalists

Huffington Post :: It can be very hard to know where to begin to confront this multifaceted attack on journalism. A core group of journalists and editors, including myself, have drafted a set of standards and practices around safety for journalists -- particularly international freelancers and local correspondents -- and the news organizations who employ them.

Read Charles Sennott, www.huffingtonpost.com

NBC's Brian Williams Gives Us a Tour of His Office Oasis

Adweek :: Expect a drawing by Muhammad Ali, a pair of doll hands and other curiosities.

Read Carrie Cummings, www.adweek.com

Irish Times Data aims to tell complex stories in illuminating ways

Irish Times :: Data projects featured in this blog will explore serious issues like emigration, hospital waiting lists and household income, but some of our stories will just be for the fun of it.

Read Staff, Irish Times, www.irishtimes.com

Financial Times agrees to pay all interns minimum wage for the first time

Press Gazette :: The Financial Times is to begin paying all its jouralism interns the minimum wage after a deal brokered by the National Union of Journalists.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

To boost income, podcasters look to partnerships, native ads and listeners

Current.org :: Roman Mars can be forgiven for using the term “underwriting” when he means “advertising,” as he did recently while discussing his design and architecture podcast 99% Invisible. Using the two terms interchangeably is natural for podcasting, a medium where the lines between commercial and noncommercial content are increasingly blurred.

Read Jon Kalish, www.current.org

Say Media recapitalizes at a fraction of its earlier value

Digiday :: Having recapitalized, the company's value has plunged from what investors put into it.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Publishing stalwart Maria Rodale on the state of magazines

AdWeek :: Going on six years as CEO of Rodale, the company her grandfather founded in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1930, Maria Rodale has strengthened the roots of the health and wellness publisher that's home to magazines like Men's Health, Prevention and Runner's World even as she has refashioned much of it in her own style.

Read Tony Case, www.adweek.com


Dutch Journalist Frederike Geerdink accused of 'terrorist propaganda' could be jailed for up to five years

Reuters :: A Turkish prosecutor formally accused a Dutch journalist of 'terrorist propaganda' on Monday, and asked she be jailed for up to five years, local media reported on Monday.

Read Jonny Hogg, www.huffingtonpost.com

Twitter displays its value with instant timeline for new users

New York Times :: Anyone who has created a Twitter account knows how difficult it can be to get value from the service. When you sign up, you have to “follow” dozens of people and organizations on the service and then hope they post items that actually interest you, since that is all you are going to see.

Read Vindu Goel, bits.blogs.nytimes.com

War reporters know that covering conflict can come at a price

Al Jazeera America :: As debate rages over U.S. ban on ransom payments, kidnappings of journalists are only expected to rise.

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Where does radio stand in a connected world?

The Next Web :: While the advancement of technology has created some threats, it’s also contributed to the sustainability of radio, as a medium.

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Peter Greste 'will not rest' until colleagues freed

Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste will not rest until his colleagues are released from prison in Egypt, his family says. :: Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste will not rest until his colleagues are released from prison in Egypt, his family says.

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Brands as publishers? Well, brands have a problem: their brand-centric view on content creation

AdWeek :: It's time to get real. For the last five years, all we've been hearing is that brands are publishers. This means that for the last five years not only have we been lying to ourselves, but we've also been disgracing the real publishers out there who understand how hard it is to monetize content.

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Australia grapples with its growing fleet of drones

BBC :: It was a hot and humid day when a shark alarm rang out across Australia's most famous beach, scaring swimmers out of the water at Bondi, Sydney.

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