It’s time for every journalist to learn basic data skills

Mediashift :: First came the web. Then came social media. Now journalists face a new challenge on the horizon: big data.

Read Martha Kang, www.pbs.org

One of ISIS’s most devoted female agents has been exposed as a Seattle journalism student

News.com.au :: The news site discovered the woman’s identity by closely reading Tweets pertaining to her “offline” world, and matching the pictures she posted on Twitter to popular locations in Seattle.

Read Staff, News.com.au, www.news.com.au

The Guardian is trying to swing Google’s pendulum back to publishers

Nieman Lab :: With two major partnership moves, The Guardian’s Andrew Miller is trying to find a stronger position for premium publishers in a Google/Facebook-dominated world.

Read Ken Doctor, www.niemanlab.org

Europe stays on the offensive with new probe into US tech giants

Financial Times :: Brussels is to take the first step toward tighter EU regulation of the internet after coming under pressure from France and Germany to take a tougher line on the likes of Amazon and Google.

Read Duncan Robinson, Alex Barker, www.ft.com

The 'mummy blogger': 'accused of trying to steal jobs from real journalists'

Guardian :: Labelled with stereotypes of mums lounging about the house – Becky Wiggins explains what it really takes to turn a blog into a thriving full time business

Read Becky Wiggins, www.theguardian.com

CNN back on Russian screens

Broadband TV News :: CNN is once more available to viewers in Russia after an absence of four months.

Read Chris Dziadul, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Anatomy of a niche publisher: Hodinkee knows what time it is

Digiday :: The Apple Watch may have reignited interest in watches, but the success of wristwatch enthusiast site Hondikee shows that that interest never actually went away.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

How one publisher is working around Facebook’s pre-roll ad ban

Digiday :: Publishers are ambivalent about uploading their video to Facebook’s native player, as the social network has yet to reveal how it will enable them to monetize that video. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

News readers head online for updates most frequently

eMarketer :: The US newspaper digital audience continues to expand rapidly, hitting an all-time high last month, and web users are turning to digital sites more frequently than any other channel to get their news fix. 

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com


How to be a good Internet citizen during breaking news

Wired :: Now that we are all able to engage in citizen journalism we have a responsibility to get it right.

Read Anthony De Rosa, www.wired.com

How Baltimore public radio covered the protests

Current :: WEAA and WYPR tried to make the most of their limited staffs and resources.

Read Tyler Falk, current.org

How a film about Sudanese genocide could impact filmmakers and journalists

Hollywood Reporter :: 'The Good Lie' producers are facing a lawsuit from refugees who shared traumatic personal stories and expected compensation.

Read Eriq Gardner, www.hollywoodreporter.com

First category-specific vertical: Instagram launches dedicated music channel @Music

Buzzfeed :: In a first for Instagram, the photo-sharing social network will use its considerable resources to promote a specific kind of content on the platform: music. The Facebook-owned company has launched a new, internally operated account,@Music, that it will use to showcase musicians and music lovers in the Instagram community.

Read Reggie Ugwu, www.buzzfeed.com

Faking disease in return for online fame is now a recognized medical condition

Guardian :: Australian blogger Belle Gibson has been exposed for fabricating her tragic cancer story. But her strange behaviour is more common that you’d think – faking disease in return for online fame is now a recognised medical condition.

Read Jules Montague, www.theguardian.com

I am editor-in-chief of my college newspaper and the job I trained for no longer exists

Quartz :: At age 21, I was handed control of million-dollar company with more than 250 employees when I was named editor-in-chief of The Daily Tar Heel, the independent student newspaper at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Read Jenny Surane, qz.com

Reuters’ mobile strategy: ‘If it has a screen, it’s fair game’

Digiday :: Thomson Reuters won’t rest until it has a home on all of your screens — including your smartwatch and car dashboard.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

How BuzzFeed is thinking about its international growth

Nieman Lab :: Mexico is the viral giant’s latest target for expansion. Will it continue leading with listicles and nostalgia, or is there more room for news in how it introduces BuzzFeed to new territories?

Read Joseph Lichterman, www.niemanlab.org

WSJ builds VR 'roller coaster' of Nasdaq highs and lows

Journalism.co.uk :: Interactive team from The Wall Street Journal creates virtual reality experience to 'viscerally emulate the experience of an investor'.

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

Twitter, Google partner in ad, attribution deal

Mediapost :: Twitter said late Tuesday it will open some of its advertising inventory to Google and the two companies will develop a new attribution model for its advertisers.

Read Laurie Sullivan, www.mediapost.com

Ad fraud: Don't think that there aren't things sellers can do to affect their own fate

eMarketer :: The industry may be in the ramp-up stage of the fight against fraud, but that's not to say there aren't things sellers can do to affect their own fate.

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com

Apocalypse never: Facebook’s actually getting more predictable for publishers

Digiday :: Pundits have speculated for two years that the Facebook Apocalypse will arrive any day now. The newest roll-out may take several weeks to see completion. And data is still rolling in.

Read Bryan Goldberg, digiday.com

Facing a new mobile reality, are you ready? Mobile drives traffic

Pew :: Call it a mobile majority. At the start of 2015, 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers, according to Pew Research Center’s analysis of comScore data.

Read Amy Mitchell, www.journalism.org


Collaborating across borders: European journalists band together to track the migrant crisis

Nieman Lab :: Language barriers make cross-border work tricky, but for complex multinational topics, it can one of the only ways to get the true measure of a story.

Read Melissa Bailey , www.niemanlab.org

Twitter acquires ad technology company TellApart and partners with Google’s DoubleClick

Venture Beat :: During its Q1 2015 earnings release, Twitter announced two major moves to beef up its direct response capabilities in advertising. Twitter has acquired marketing technology firm TellApart and partnered with Google’s DoubleClick platform.

Read Emil Protalinski, venturebeat.com

BT’s decision to enter the premium TV sports market is paying off

Broadband TV News :: BT’s decision to enter the premium TV sports market is paying off, according to Alex Green, the telco’s director of TV told the TV Connect conference in London. 

Read Julian Clover, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Upworthy: It's about storytelling, not just platform

Journalism.co.uk :: Upworthy co-founder and chief executive explains the outlet's social startegy, but says the art and skill of storytelling are more important.

Read Catalina Albeanu, www.journalism.co.uk

The Baltimore Sun is offering free access to its coverage of the City's unrest

Huffington Post :: As journalists, we dutifully report on what's going wrong, from scandals and corruption to natural disasters and social problems. But far too often the media fails to show the whole picture, neglecting to tell the stories of what is working.

Read Catherine Taibi, www.huffingtonpost.com

Digital ad budgets cannibalise TV revenues

Rapid TV News :: More than two-thirds (68%) of marketers and agency executives expect to see their digital video ad budgets increase in the next twelve months.

Read Staff, Rapid TV News, www.rapidtvnews.com

How Venezuelan publishers survive: a keen eye on trends, tight cost controls and business creativity

Publishing Perspectives :: This is the first part of a three-part series looking at how six small Venezuelan publishers are surviving amid fierce economic and political challenges. 

Read Guest Contributor, publishingperspectives.com

WeChat’s movie ticketing app raises $105m series B funding

Tech in Asia :: WePiao is already integrated into both WeChat and QQ, the two most popular messaging apps in China. In 2014, 30% of movie tickets in China were sold online.

Read Paul Bischoff, www.techinasia.com

How 7News hopes to livestream video to reach new audiences

Journalism.co.uk :: Phil Tenser of 7News explains how the Colorado-based TV station is using livestreaming to engage online audiences and cover the trial of one of America's largest mass shootings.

Read Abigail Edge, www.journalism.co.uk

Google admits mistakes with news outlets as it announces new partnership

Guardian :: The Digital News Initiative is likely to be seen as an attempt for Google to improve its image after recently being accused of anti-competitive behaviour.

Read Jane Martinson, www.theguardian.com

Google signs a friendship pact with Euro publishers

Medium :: Google and eight legacy European newspaper publishers — the Guardian, the Financial Times, Die Zeit, FAZ, El Pais, Les Echos, La Stampa, and NRC Media — will announce an agreement to collaborate.

Read Jeff Jarvis, medium.com


Turkey suspends judges who ordered release of media exec held in anti-terrorism investigation

Huffington Post :: Turkey on Monday suspended three judges who ordered the release of a prominent media executive and police officers held in an anti-terrorism probe, local media said, in a move that could exacerbate concern over political meddling in the judiciary.

Read Ayla Jean Yackley, www.huffingtonpost.com

How to target Millennials in print

Medialife Magazine :: A case study: Lessons from Time Out NY's recent rebrand to appeal to adults 18-34. Be prepared to spend a lot of money and consider giving your product away for free.

Read Diego Vasquez, www.medialifemagazine.com

The New York Times explores virtual reality at second NewFronts presentation

New York Times :: The New York Times pitched some “early experimentation” with virtual reality at its NewFront presentation at Skylight Modern in New York City Monday, showcasing a collaboration with Chris Milk and his production company.

Read Joe Mandese, investors.nytco.com

2015 Upfronts: The Networks and Programs with the Most Cross-Device Engagement

LostRemote :: With the 2015 upfronts upon us, Alphonso published insights based on its audience data.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

CNN's Peter Hamby is moving over to Snapchat to become its head of news

The Wrap :: CNN national political reporter Peter Hamby is moving over to Snapchat to become its head of news, the network announced Monday.

Read Jordan Chariton, www.thewrap.com

Programmatic TV going from seed to roadmap: Havas Media EVP Melissa Keller

Beet.TV :: It’s taken some time to convince them, but advertisers are now on-board and enthusiastic for the various ways “programmatic” ad-buying can help them better target and automate their messages.

Read Robert Andrews, www.beet.tv

The future may belong to web and mobile video, but TV will survive

AdWeeks :: Television is dead! Long live television! This, the ancient cry of royal succession, is entirely appropriate to herald what's happening right now—literally before our eyes—to the medium of television. TV has ruled our lives and lifestyles, our news and entertainment, our politics and (through advertising) our economics since network broadcasting began in 1949. And now its sovereignty is over.

Read Randall Rothenberg, www.adweek.com

Germany to integrate YouTube in TV ratings system

Broadband TV News :: AGF, the German association providing the official TV audience ratings, will include online video consumption at YouTube in its reach figures. 

Read Jörn Krieger, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Oculus Rift will change how stories might be told

WSJ :: Jane McGonigal says virtual reality may come to be considered as authentic as everyday life.

Read Jane McGonigal, www.wsj.com

Laws limiting reports on spy operations 'have chilling effect' on journalism

Guardian :: Lack of any public interest consideration in section 35P of Asio Act of serious concern, media representatives tell Canberra hearing

Read Daniel Hurst, www.theguardian.com

Laws limiting reports on spy operations 'have chilling effect' on journalism

Guardian :: Lack of any public interest consideration in section 35P of Asio Act of serious concern, media representatives tell Canberra hearing

Read Daniel Hurst, www.theguardian.com

Here's why you shouldn't ask yourself "digital first?" any more

eMarketer :: Shopping is now the third most popular online activity in Germany, and three-quarters of web users shop and buy digitally. Personal care and household products are among the most popular purchases.

Read (author unknown), www.emarketer.com

Why the CTO is the new star of the publishing company

Digiday :: Traditional publishers like to talk about the trust they’ve built up with readers and advertisers over time. But in today’s scale-driven digital economy, heritage alone isn’t enough. That’s why they’re making a big push for technology-driven efficiencies — and why the CTO is the new star of the publishing company.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

SBS sports reporter Scott McIntyre sacked over 'despicable' Anzac tweets

Guardian :: SBS managing director says ‘highly inappropriate and disrespectful comments’ made McIntyre’s on-air position ‘untenable’

Read Amanda Meade, www.theguardian.com

From zero to 14 million - no, not Formula One. PopSugar's Facebook video views per month

Digiday :: Six months ago, women’s lifestyle publisher PopSugar had a simple video strategy: Focus on PopSugar.com and distribute on YouTube. And then came Facebook video.

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com


Beyond 'social scrapbooking' - How Guided Search Is changing Pinterest’s business

Recode :: Guided Search moved Pinterest beyond its "social scrapbooking" roots.

Read Carmel DeAmicis, recode.net

Apple Watch highlights need for shorter news as screen sizes shrink

Guardian :: News nuggets are back and new gatekeepers emerging as we hark back to the days of the SMS text alert

Read Emily Bell, www.theguardian.com

Time-shifted TV dviewing dips for millennials, teens

Mediaost :: Traditional TV time-shifted viewing is finally seeing some declines among younger TV viewers. Nielsen says DVR/time-shifted viewing time is now dropping for viewers 18-34 as well as 12- to-17-year-old viewers.

Read Wayne Friedman, www.mediapost.com

When newspaper cover prices go up, the sales must come down

Guardian :: Circulation figures are on the slide, and charging more for each copy isn’t helping. What else is there to say about the latest newspaper sales – half a million gone in a year on the ABC audit?

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com

Pakistan's journalism in times of technology and 24/7 news

Express Tribune :: For a country undergoing the 24/7 TV news revolution, the session ‘News, Views and Sensationalism’ was bound to draw a large crowd.

Read Bilal Abbas, tribune.com.pk

‘Traditional TV viewing for teens and tweens is dead. Not dying. Dead.’

Guardian :: But AwesomenessTV still wants to package shows with creators like Meg DeAngelis up for traditional channels, according to chief executive Brian Robbins.

Read Stuart Dredge, www.theguardian.com


NBC inquiry said to find that Brian Williams embellished

Huffington Post :: An NBC News internal investigation into Brian Williams has examined a half-dozen instances in which he is thought to have fabricated, misrepresented or embellished his accounts, two people with knowledge of the investigation said.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

'The King of Bullsh*t News' - Did Central European News (CEN) make up stories?

Buzzfeed :: In recent years, CEN has become one of the Western media’s primary sources of tantalising and attention-grabbing stories. They’re often bizarre, salacious, gruesome, or ideally all three: If you’ve read a story about someone in a strange country cutting off their own penis, the chances are it came from CEN.

Read Alan White, Tom Phillips, Craig Silverman, www.buzzfeed.com

Alexis Madrigal named editor-in-chief at millennial-focused news organization Fusion

Poynter :: Alexis Madrigal, who decamped from TheAtlantic.com to join Fusion months ago, has been appointed editor-in-chief of the millennial-focused news organization, Capital New York reports.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org


Tracking TV ads for mobile apps

LostRemote ::  Today, AppsFlyer announced a new tool to measure and attribute television advertisements for mobile app campaigns. The new tool tracks installs in a geographic area after an ad runs, and then generates post-install analytics so app creators and marketers can track their returns.

Read Karen Fratti, www.adweek.com

Portugal media outraged over proposed election coverage law

AP :: Portugal's leading media companies are in uproar over proposals by political parties that would require journalists to submit their election coverage plans to a central committee for approval.

Read Staff, AP, www.huffingtonpost.com

CNN names Jake Tapper as new host of ‘State of the Union’

Broadcasting Cable :: CNN has found its replacement for Candy Crowley, naming chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper as the new host of State of the Union.

Read Tim Baysinger, www.broadcastingcable.com

Johnston Press in election partnership with Twitter to find out #WhatMattersToMe

Press Gazette :: A Johnston Press hashtag, #WhatMattersToMe, will feature as Twitter's top promoted trend all day on Monday in a joint venture. The regional news publisher is teaming up with the website as part of its What Matters To Me general election campaign. 

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Jérôme Fenoglio handpicked by Le Monde's owners needs 60% of staff to vote in favour of appointment

Guardian :: Jérôme Fenoglio handpicked by French newspapers owners over three official candidates but needs 60% of staff to vote in favour of appointment.

Read Kim Willsher, www.theguardian.com

What is the future of journalism? 600 students across Europe tried to answer this question

Guardian :: More than 600 students from across Europe attempted to answer this question in the inaugural International Journalism Festival student scholarship. Here, the Guardian publishes the British winner.

Read Rebecca Sian Wyde, www.theguardian.com

Sentenced to one year in prison: Turkish college student Meral Tutcali convicted for tweeting satirical news story

New York Times :: A court in Turkey sentenced Meral Tutcali to one year in prison for the offense of “insulting a public official” by sharing a satirical news story.

Read Robert Mackey, www.nytimes.com

Is journalism failing cybersecurity?

CBR Online :: As hacking rises up the agenda, more pressure falls on hacks to report.

Read Jimmy Nicholls, www.cbronline.com

Smaller than Pinterest, but Polyvore w/ its powerful niche community has nailed native ads

Digiday :: Polyvore doesn't have the size or reach of Pinterest, but it does have one edge on the digital inspiration platform: It has nailed native ads. 

Read Hilary Milnes, digiday.com

Hearst’s Troy Young: The modern publisher needs a platform

Digiday :: When it comes to adopting to digital, traditional publishers are forced to look within. Many made mistakes early in the transition by not challenging their own internal structures and ways of doing things. 

Read Brian Morrissey, digiday.com

Twitter's new highlights service gives you a daily digest of curated Tweets

The Verge :: To lure in people who don't stare at Twitter all day.

Read Josh Lowensohn , www.theverge.com


"Print is still the best medium for telling stories in words and photographs," says Airbnb's Christopher Lukezic

FIPP :: The launch of apartment rental website Airbnb’s print magazine in November left many wondering why the already hugely successful international brand had decided to move beyond its online roots. 

Read Staff, FIPP, www.fipp.com

“TV Everywhere” is key weapon for cable nets vs. OTT players

Beet.TV :: Faced with an onslaught of successful offerings from the likes of Netflix, the cable network industry is pushing back by embracing “TV Everywhere,” explains Will Richmond, editor & publisher of VideoNuze in this interview with Beet.TV.

Read Andy Plesser, www.beet.tv

Why the PR industry is sucking up Pulitzer winners

Washington Post :: The number of news reporters in the Washington, D.C., area nearly doubled over the last decade, from 1,450 to 2,760. 

Read Jim Tankersley, www.washingtonpost.com

One of Monday’s Pulitzer Prize winners left journalism because it couldn’t pay his rent. Now he’s in PR

Slate :: We should note that Kuznia left the Breeze and journalism last year and is currently a publicist in the communications department of USC Shoah Foundation. I spoke with him this afternoon.

Read Jordan Weissmann, www.slate.com

Challenge for journalists: Branded content requires a specialized, almost paradoxical, set of skills

Digiday :: Creating effective branded content requires a specialized, almost paradoxical, set of skills. Not only must the creator write content in a way that is easy-to-read and informative, but they must also answer to people on the business side and take criticism from clients — something that journalists have not traditionally been good at or willing to do.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com


Facebook video views hit 4B per day, up from 3B daily views in January

VentureBeat :: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today that the social network’s users view more than 4 billion videos a day. In September than number was just one billion, and in January, it was 3 billion.

Read Daniel Terdiman, venturebeat.com

Yahoo reportedly prepping a new app to compete with Google Now

The Verge :: Yahoo may be behind in the search game, but it could be looking to compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft when it comes to creating a personalized search tool. 

Read Adi Robertson, www.theverge.com

The end of second hand reach? Facebook Newsfeed algorithm changes should worry publishers

Business Insider :: "We want to let you know about a change that may affect referral traffic for publishers," Facebook product manager Max  Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors wrote in a blog post Tuesday. "In some cases, post reach and referral traffic could potentially decline."

Read Alyson Shontell, Lisa Eadicicco, uk.businessinsider.com

Channel 4 News launches 4NewsWall using animated GIFs

Guardian :: Standalone site on Tumblr, aimed at 16- to 34-year-olds, aims to recreate bulletin’s ‘feisty spirit’.

Read Jasper Jackson, www.theguardian.com

Ad blocker? - People are more likely to watch and share ads on their phone says YouTube

Recode :: They're more likely to watch and share ads on their phone, says the world's biggest video service -- which happens to be a mobile-first company.

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

Wall Street Journal's digital revamp: Q&A with WSJ news editor for mobile Emily Banks

WAN-IFRA :: The Wall Street Journal has just unveiled a redesigned WSJ.com - the first overhaul since 2008. It may be a case of "playing a game of digital catch-up" with competitors but mobile is clearly now forefront of mind. 

Read Angelique Lu, blog.wan-ifra.org

NYC Media Lab - Building Lenses: An open-source tool for mobile data viz

Journalism.co.uk :: Justin Hendrix, executive director of NYC Media Lab, explains the idea behind an upcoming drag-and-drop data viz tool for journalists.

Read Catalina Albeanu, www.journalism.co.uk

Will Facebook finally pass YouTube for video ads

eMarketer :: Is this the year Facebook video rises to the top? Based on recent research, yes. More advertising execs plan to run video campaigns on Facebook this year than on any other network including YouTube. 

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com

Can newsrooms be ethical and competitive in using UGC?

Journalism.co.uk :: An expert panel discussed the issues at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

Mashable’s community-first Instagram strategy is paying off

Digiday :: Mashable's approach to Instagram is paying dividends -- if not in traffic, at least in followers and brand lift. The site’s Instagram following has climbed to 110,00 people in the last year, thanks to a savvy community-driven approach that includes reposting follower photos that use its #Mashpicks hashtag and even in-person meetups.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

The Premier League follower map

Twitter :: The primary view shows at a glance which teams dominate each country around the world, but there are interesting ways within this to explore the map in greater depth. 

Read Alex Trickett, blog.twitter.com

IDG doubles down on video

Digiday :: The company launched a tech-focused video hub, IDG.tv, and now operates a full-time video staff, which will create new series and cover tech events. It already has substantial viewership, attracting 8.8 million U.S. desktop viewers to its network of sites in March.

Read Eric Blattberghttp://liquidnewsroom.com/newsroom/dashboard#, digiday.com


NBC is first and CBS is second, but the gap between them has narrowed.

Media LIfe Magazine :: Older-skewing network claws within a tenth of NBC, which has led among adults 18-49 all season. Sweeps will decide the winner. CBS has had a stronger spring. (charts)

Read Toni Fitzgerald, www.medialifemagazine.com

Another mobile headache for publishers: viewability

Digiday :: Viewability has become a battleground between publishers and buyers who are demanding that the ads they pay for be viewable by humans. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Times unifies its revenue strategy under Meredith Kopit Levien

Capital New York :: The New York Times has elevated its top sales-side executive, Meredith Kopit Levien, to the position of chief revenue officer, unifying leadership of the company's advertising and consumer revenue strategies in a single role.

Read Joe Pompeo, www.capitalnewyork.com

Ekstra Bladet: forget print vs digital, now it’s paid vs free

WAN-IFRA :: The documentary about Ekstra Bladet echoes a global story about the decline of the newspaper but also the birth of a new digital operation. It's just going to take a little time.

Read Nick Tjaardstra, blog.wan-ifra.org


BuzzFeed has already made a cute animal app for the Apple Watch

The Verge :: If you've ever needed a couple cute cat photos to get you through the day, thenBuzzFeed has some plans for the Apple Watch that you're going to want to hear about. 

Read Jacob Kastrenakes, www.theverge.com

Daily Breeze managing editor: ‘We are stunned’

Poynter :: When the Daily Breeze won a journalism award earlier this year, someone tipped staffers off, telling them to watch the ceremony. They gathered together and celebrated the announcement over some doughnuts.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

'Guardian' Tests International Home Page

Mediapost :: Following the launch of several overseas editions, the "Guardian" is testing a new international home page that caters to its growing audience of readers from outside the UK, U.S. and Australia.

Read Erik Sass, www.mediapost.com

Krautreporter: Crowdfunding journalism is a movement and it’s happening now

Through Cracks :: Last June, Krautreporter raised $1.38 million to launch an ad-free online magazine. Now Krautreporter is announcing plans to launch a crowdfunding platform called Write That Down.

Read Khari Johnson, throughcracks.com

Twitter working with local media to engage young audiences during #GE2015

Journalism.co.uk :: Twitter's head of news and government partnerships Joanna Geary explains what Twitter users are looking for during the UK election campaign and how local outlets could offer these answers

Read Catalina Albeanu, www.journalism.co.uk

Andy Mitchell and Facebook’s weird state of denial about news

WAN-IFRA :: Facebook wants to improve the “experience” but during a recent talk at Perugia there wasn’t any mention of how Facebook sees and handles its role as a news gatekeeper, influencing both the detail and flow of what people see. 

Read George Brock, blog.wan-ifra.org

Is Facebook trying to edge out YouTube?

Adweek :: On April 30, Popsugar will announce a daily show called Popsugar Rush at its Digital Content NewFronts presentation. But rather than have viewers catch the program on its women's lifestyle channel on YouTube, they'll be directed to Facebook where it will run exclusively for 24 hours.

Read Michelle Castillo, www.adweek.com

Calls for TV industry to address audience measurement as viewers continue to tumble

mUmBRELLA :: Some of Australia’s most powerful media buyers have urged the TV industry to adopt a more “holistic” measurement of video consumption as audiences for linear TV continue to tumble. 

Read Nic Christensen, mumbrella.com.au

Why TV is still crushing digital video

Digiday :: New research from eMarketer forecasts that the average U.S. adult will watch 4 hours, 15 minutes of TV each day in 2015 compared to 1 hour, 13 minutes of digital video.

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com

Publishers take ad-targeting cues for Facebook posts

Digiday :: Facebook's tentacles are reaching deeper into the publishing ecosystem. One of its newest tools, interest targeting, lets publishers target their content on Facebook to fans of niche communities like sports or TV shows. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com


Norway to switch off FM in 2017

Radio.no :: Within two years from now, the shutdown of national FM-networks begins in Norway. The switchover will begin in the North and will be implemented region by region.

Read Mari Hagerup, radio.no

Twitter and Big Data could predict emergency room rush hours

Newsweek :: While it can be tiresome, researchers at the University of Arizona say there is potentially life-saving value to people’s tweeting about their gripes.

Read Max Kutner, www.newsweek.com

Advertising and editorial: how do editors strike the difficult balance?

Guardian :: New guidelines from the American Society of Magazine Editors about the relationship between commercial and editorial last Wednesday smacked of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Read Jane Martinson, www.theguardian.com

How the digital music industry can spin your listening habits into ad dollars

Adweek :: What do your listening habits say about you? That's one of the most important questions the digital music industry is asking as it develops new technology for highly targeted advertising.

Read Garett Sloane, www.adweek.com

Norwegian journalist Raymond Lidal arrested on the charge of spying in Yemen to return home

Business Standard :: Norwegian journalist Lidal, who was arrested last month in Yemen on the charge of spying against the Houthi rebels, has been released and will return home on Sunday, Xinhua reported citing the Norwegian News Agency (NTB).

Read Staff, IANS, www.business-standard.com


German media company M. DuMont Schauberg wants to acquire a 35% stake in interactive youth channel joiz

Broadband TV News :: German media company M. DuMont Schauberg wants to acquire a 35% stake in interactive youth channel joiz Deutschland. 

Read Jörn Krieger, www.broadbandtvnews.com

'Territorial Enterprise': Mark Twain's Nevada newspaper comes back to life

Independent :: Mark Twain did not always have nice things to say about newspapers. Sometimes, he did not always have nice things to say about the editors who employed him.

Read Andrew Buncombe, www.independent.co.uk

Sony studio renews warning after WikiLeaks posts stolen data

New York Times  :: In a message to news organizations, a lawyer for the studio said that material taken in a cyberattack did not belong in the public domain.

Read Michael Cieply, www.nytimes.com

Twitter provides greater privacy protection to users in Europe, but not the US

Mashable :: Twitter made a small but significant update to its terms of service and privacy policy on Friday, noting that all users outside the U.S. will have their account information processed at Twitter's subsidiary in Ireland starting next month. 

Read Seth Fiegerman, mashable.com

Twitter provides greater privacy protection to users in Europe, but not the US

Mashable :: Twitter made a small but significant update to its terms of service and privacy policy on Friday, noting that all users outside the U.S. will have their account information processed at Twitter's subsidiary in Ireland starting next month. 

Read Seth Fiegerman, mashable.com

Twitter files a "tweetstorm" of trademark applications

Fortune :: The microblogging service filed several trademark applications including one for the term “tweetstorm,” used to describe a rapid series of tweets perfected by Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen.

Read Kia Kokalitcheva, fortune.com

Amidst declining print business, Singapore Press Holdings launches media startup accelerator with Plug & Play

Tech in Asia :: Ten media and technology startups will be selected to participate.

Read Michael Tegos, www.techinasia.com


UCG or 'eyewitness media' - Handling images from sources who aren't journalists

New York Times :: Some call it “user-generated content.” The authors of a new study prefer the term “eyewitness media.”

Read Margaret Sullivan, publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com

BBC tells Tony Blackburn to 'down Periscope' after he streams live video at Broadcasting House

Independent :: Tony Blackburn might seem an unlikely early adopter for Periscope, the new video streaming app which allows users to broadcast live across the world.

Read Adam Sherwin, www.independent.co.uk

Fee to be charged for video of South Carolina shooting, publicist says

New York Times :: The video of a North Charleston police officer shooting an unarmed man in the back will now cost news outlets that want to run it $10,000, according to a publicist representing the man who shot it.

Read Frances Robles, www.nytimes.com

'They've put honest journalists through hell' - Sun's Millard and Malinsky after Elveden acquittals

Press Gazette :: Sun reporter Neil Millard (pictured PA) says his life has been a “bad dream” ever since eight police officers from the Met's Operation Elveden launched a dawn raid on his family home in the summer 2012.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Gannett, ViewLift to explore digital sports video service

Stream Daily News :: Virginia media holding company Gannett has partnered with New York-based app developer and online video platform company ViewLift to explore the development of a digital sports video service.

Read Nick Krewen, streamdaily.tv

BeIN buys Digiturk

Broadband TV News :: Digiturk has reportedly been sold to the Qatari BeIN Media Group for a fee of between $1 billion and $1.2 billion.

Read Chris Dziadul, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Fusion to turn its Snapchat channel into a network with five new shows

AdAge :: ABC's and Univision's joint venture Fusion may operate its own TV network, but the media company is also making TV shows for nontraditional outlets, like its Snapchat Discover channel.

Read Tim Peterson, adage.com

BBC World News to run product placement

Broadband TV News :: The advertising-funded channel is to take advantage of the 2011 relaxation of guidelines on product placement.

Read Julian Clover, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Beyond websites: How AJ+ is innovating in digital storytelling

Journalism.co.uk :: Six months since launch, the 'startup within the Al Jazeera network' is experimenting with different angles, platforms and stories to engage their audience

Read Alastair Reid, www.journalism.co.uk

Yahoo's Katie Couric on Election 2016, Live News and Snapchat

AdAge :: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer put a spotlight on her premium programming ambitions when the portal announced the hiring of Katie Couric to be its global news anchor in November 2013.

Read Tim Peterson, adage.com

Operation Elveden: four journalists cleared of paying public officials

Guardian :: The Sun’s Tom Wells, Neil Millard and Brandon Malinsky, and former Daily Mirror reporter Graham Brough were found not guilty of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office.

Read Staff, Press Association, www.theguardian.com

MIssissippi, US: College Board votes to cut Delta State journalism program

SUN Herald :: The College Board has voted to eliminate Delta State University's Journalism program, despite objections by journalism groups.

Read Jeff Amy, www.sunherald.com


Daily Mail emerges as BBC's newspaper of choice as corporation cuts down on Guardian

Press Gazette :: Comparisons between newspapers bought by the BBC and total UK circulations show a disproportionate bias towards broadsheets.

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Pro-Russian journalist Oles Buzyna shot dead in Ukraine

News.com.au :: An Ukrainian journalist known for his pro-Russian views has been shot dead in Kiev a day after a pro-Russian politician was found dead.

Read Staff, News.com.au, www.news.com.au

More diverse views to drive digital subscriptions: Chicago Tribune expanding weekday opinion pages

Chicago Tribune :: The move reflects a growing focus on including more diverse views to generate reader interest, social buzz and, ultimately, more digital subscribers to the Chicago Tribune.

Read Robert Channick, www.chicagotribune.com

Gawker’s ‘bullshit-free’ approach to video

Digiday :: It’s new four-person Gawker Video unit was formed to convert Gawker’s distinct brand of gossip and snark into video that’s both entertaining and informative.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com


Politico expands European team with former Times and Reuters reporters

Press Gazette :: US-based news service Politico has added former Times and Reuters reporters to its new European team, bringing the total number of journalists hired for the venture to 36.

Read Matthew Gilley, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Social media augments live TV viewing

Mediapost :: Nielsen says nearly half of its global respondents, 49%, say they watch live video programming more if it has a social-media tie in. And 47% say they engage with social media while watching any video programming.

Read Wayne Friedman, www.mediapost.com

The Boston Globe’s David Skok on pushing digital change in a traditional newsroom

Nieman Lab :: Our old friend (and former Nieman Fellow) David Skok got a nice promotion at The Boston Globe yesterday, being bumped up from digital advisor to the editor to both managing editor for digital and general manager of BostonGlobe.com. 

Read Joshua Benton, www.niemanlab.org

Why Hollywood and Periscope’s relationship status went from ‘married’ to ‘it’s complicated’

The Wrap :: Why Hollywood and Periscope’s relationship status went from ‘married’ to ‘it’s complicated’

Read Itay Hod, www.thewrap.com

Is Periscope a new frontier for TV piracy?

Guardian :: The new live-streaming app is already being used to illegally stream Game of Thrones, and could play havoc with live sports on TV. But will consumers be prepared to endure its poor quality just to get something for nothing?

Read Luke Holland, www.theguardian.com

The Dallas Morning News is building data (and sources) through its new Rolodex tool

Nieman Lab :: Like many tools that end up in use in newsrooms, Rolodex — a new directory and discovery tool built at The Dallas Morning News — started out as a hobby project. 

Read Justin Ellis, www.niemanlab.org

Early stage activity in the United States: Axel Springer invests in "Pocket"

Axel Springer :: Axel Springer is expanding its early stage activity in the United States and is investing in the start-up "Readitlater", which developed the "Pocket" application.

Read Michael Schneider, www.axelspringer.de

Australia: women in minority of news site commenters: research

The Newspaper Works :: Women make up only between three and 15 per cent of commenters posting on major Australian and international news sites.

Read Declan Gooch, www.thenewspaperworks.com.au

Jason Rezaian, Washington Post reporter imprisoned in Tehran, is subjected to ‘Kafkaesque restrictions’

New York Times :: The newspaper’s executive editor said the restrictions include only one hour of pretrial time with a defense lawyer for the reporter, Jason Rezaian, imprisoned for nearly nine months.

Read Rick Gladstone, www.nytimes.com

Rebekah Brooks set to return to Sun as head of digital, reports Exaro

Press Gazette :: Investigative website Exaro is reporting that Rebekah Brooks is set to return to The Sun as head of its digital operation.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Bogotá, Colombia: What role can documentaries play in a post-war environment?

Deutsche Welle :: What role can documentaries play in a post-war environment How can they help people come to terms with their country's violent past? This was the focus of a one-week DW Akademie workshop held in Bogotá.

Read Charlotte Hauswedell, www.dw.de

Labour's media plurality pledge: Campaigners want 30 per cent ownership cap which would hit News UK

Press Gazette :: Media reform campaigners have welcomed Labour’s manifesto promise to tackle media plurality.

Read Matthew Gilley, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Polish regulator acts against Canal+

Broadband TV News :: Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has taken action against Canal+ for unilaterally changing the terms of its contracts with subscribers in a manner that is inconsistent with the law. 

Read Chris Dziadul, www.broadbandtvnews.com

BBC Earth launches in Romania

Broadband TV News :: BBC Worldwide has launched its new genre brand BBC Earth as a linear channel in Romania.

Read Chris Dziadul, www.broadbandtvnews.com

China’s two biggest classifieds sites set to merge: report

FT :: New York-listed 58.com and a second Chinese online marketplace have agreed to merge, as consolidation accelerates in the local technology sector.

Read Paul Bischoff, www.ft.com

BuzzFeed sees short-form videos as springboard to TV shows and films

Guardian :: President of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Ze Frank sees clips as ‘a fantastic way to build affinity with shows and characters’ before spawning movie projects.

Read Stuart Dredge, www.theguardian.com

Europe’s antitrust regulator has decided to file formal charges against Google

Wall Street Journal :: Europe’s antitrust regulator has decided to file formal charges against Google for violating the bloc’s antitrust laws, stepping up a five-year investigation that is set to become one of the biggest competition battles in Brussels.

Read Valentina Pop, Tom Fairless, www.wsj.com


Daily Mirror and Mail on Sunday named newspapers of the year by London Press Club

Press Gazette :: The Daily Mirror and Mail on Sunday were named as the two national newspapers of the year today by the London Press Club.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Publishers' newest platform darling: Kik

Digiday :: Publishers have been wildly enthusiastic about Snapchat as they try to capitalize on messaging apps’ popularity with young people. But now Kik is catching on with the recent addition of big-name publishers BuzzFeed, The Washington Post and NBC News.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

The New York Times takes ‘Cooking’ to the iPhone

Capital New York :: New York Times food editor Sam Sifton sees cooking as a "tool" that allows you to execute on your culinary desires, to prepare the food that you see in cookbooks and on restaurant menus.

Read Jeremy Barr, www.capitalnewyork.com

20p price rise brings daily cost of The Guardian to £1.80 - sixth national press price rise this year

Press Gazette :: The Guardian is increasing its cover price by 20p from this weekend. 

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

How The Guardian’s Ophan analytics engine helps editors make better decisions

The Next Web :: The Guardian, to help it achieve those goals, has built its own in-house analytics engine called Ophan. It’s a bit like Chartbeat or Parsely, or many other analytics platforms at its core.

Read Ben Woods, thenextweb.com

What USA Today Sports learned covering the Final Four on Periscope and Snapchat

Nieman Lab :: These new platforms are optimized for realtime news on phones, but there are lots of questions for news organizations — from what content to share to how to measure their effectiveness.

Read Tanya Sichynsky, www.niemanlab.org

Should we be worried about people talking to their wrist? Or only Facebook, Twitter, Google and smartphones?

Motley Fool :: While smartwatches are designed to complement smartphones, they create value in reducing the amount of time you have to interact with the technology on your person. 

Read (author unknown), www.fool.com

The most concerning element of Facebook’s potential new power

CJR :: “Facebook has more power in determining who can speak and who can be heard around the globe than any Supreme Court justice, any king or any president.” Those prescient words came from law professor Jeffrey Rosen way back in 2010. Five years later, the Times is willingly handing its censorship keys over to that king of kings.

Read Trevor Timm, www.cjr.org


Dutch journalist acquitted of Turkish terrorism propaganda charge

Reuters ::  A Dutch journalist tried on a charge of disseminating "terrorist propaganda" was acquitted by a Turkish court on Monday.

Read Seyhmus Cakan, Jonny Hogg, www.reuters.com

News and Fairfax to launch watch apps for real estate

The Newspaper Works :: Domain and realestate.com.au will both launch apps for the Apple Watch, with pre-orders opening on Friday for the device that promises to ring in a new era of immediacy for consumers.

Read Eliza Goetze, www.thenewspaperworks.com.au

A lesson from the New York Times on how to mislead with numbers

Medium :: A common misconception about data journalism is that it’s somehow less biased than traditional print journalism. Use of data lends an air of objectivity and legitimacy to a piece of journalism, and that goes double when it’s beautifully visualized. 

Read Anna Flagg, Moiz Syed, medium.com

Indonesian live-streaming entertainment site Zeemi.tv grabs $1m in seed funding from DeNA and 500 Startups

Tech in Asia :: The site is a live-streaming entertainment stage in Indonesia. It just grabbed $1M in seed funding from DeNA and 500 Startups, and aims to acquire more users.

Read Leighton Cosseboom, www.techinasia.com


Confessions of a foreign correspondent after a half-decade of reporting from Tokyo to his German readers

FCCJ :: My bags are packed, as the song goes. After more than five years as the Tokyo correspondent for the German daily, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, I will soon leave Tokyo for home. The country I’m leaving is different from the one I arrived in back in January 2010. 

Read Carsten Germis, www.fccj.or.jp

The last (or at least looniest) newspaper in America

Newsweek ::  The AVA is not America’s last newspaper, at least not yet. 

Read Alexander Nazaryan, www.newsweek.com

67% percent of women journalists plan to leave journalism/are uncertain about their futures

The New Republic :: A new study by University of Kansas professor Scott Reinardy, who surveyed more than 1,600 journalists, found that female journalists “are experiencing more job burnout and more intend to leave the field or are uncertain about their futures than their male counterparts.”

Read Phoebe Maltz Bovy, www.newrepublic.com

Martin Baron, Washington Post: What to discard, keep, and acquire in moving from print to web

Washington Post :: Martin Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post, delivered the 2015 Hays Press-Enterprise lecture at the University of California, Riverside Tuesday night. His speech titled “Journalism’s Big Move: What to Discard, Keep, and Acquire in Moving From Print to Web” is available below.

Read Martin Baron, www.washingtonpost.com

Newspaper industry uses ‘influence’ in a bid to stop advertising dollars moving out of print

mUmBRELLA :: The Newspaper Works is launching its  “biggest ever” ad campaign on behalf of Australia’s four major publishers in a bid to convince the advertising industry to rebalance media budgets and stem the collapse of print revenues.

Read Nic Christensen, mumbrella.com.au

Journalist arrested over articles critical of police

Daily News Egypt :: Al-Dostor reporter was arrested on “criminal charges” days after publishing investigative report series covering alleged “police violations”

Read Adham Youssef, www.dailynewsegypt.com


Reuters Iraq bureau chief leaves country after being threatened over story

Reuters :: The Baghdad bureau chief for Reuters has left Iraq after he was threatened on Facebook and denounced by a Shi'ite paramilitary group's satellite news channel.

Read Michael Williams, Simon Robinson, www.huffingtonpost.com

ProSiebenSat.1 renews Warner Bros. deal

Broadband TV News :: German commercial TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 will continue to hold the exclusive free-to-air TV rights on the movies and series of Warner Bros. for the next years.

Read Jörn Krieger, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Peru data journalism project Convoca launches interactive tool on mining infractions

Journalism Blog :: Peruvian news organisation Convoca has launched an interactive tool to enable citizens to access environmental information related to the behaviour of Peruvian mining companies.

Read Staff, Online Journalism Blog, onlinejournalismblog.com

Egypt sentences three journalists to life in prison

CPJ ::  A court in Cairo sentenced three Egyptian journalists to life in prison today, according to news reports. The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the convictions and sentences and calls on authorities to stop persecuting the news media.

Read Staff, Committee to Protect Journalists, cpj.org

Gawker Media launches video studio

Poynter :: Gawker Media, the hub for a family of sites including GawkerJezebel andDeadspin, has created a new video division, according to an internal announcement made Thursday.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

NBCUniversal’s live-streaming news app Stringwire now supports drones

AdWeek :: Stringwire, NBCUniversal’s live-streaming news app, announced a partnership to support a remote controlled aircraft DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone. So if you have one in your hall closet, dust it off and download the lastest version of the Stringwire app.

Read Karen Fratti, www.adweek.com

'They want to erase journalists in Mexico'

Guardian :: Mexican journalist, author and campaigner Lydia Cacho is in London this week to rally support for those who risk their lives to expose corruption.

Read Ed Vulliamy, www.theguardian.com

142-year-old Winnipeg Free Press introduces pay-per-view option

Winnipeg Free Press :: At one level, the big change in store for this 142-year-old institution is all about small change. A newspaper just slightly older than our city and just slightly younger than our province will be the first in North America to offer online readers a pay-per-view option later this month.

Read Paul Samyn, www.winnipegfreepress.com

Facebook is testing a new Trending section with five news categories

Venture Beat :: Facebook is testing a new Trending News section in the News Feed featuring five predefined categories: Politics, Business, Science and Technology, Sports, and Entertainment. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the small test with VentureBeat but declined to share further details.

Read Emil Protalinski, venturebeat.com

Block Bots automate epistemic closure on Twitter. Are you blocked?

Reason :: The first time I noticed it I merely found it odd: a person whom I had never interacted with in any way on Twitter had blocked me. But then it started happening more frequently; I would click on someone's handle after seeing an interesting retweet or mention and find myself blocked by yet another stranger. 

Read Elizabeth Nolan Brown, reason.com

BuzzFeed Restores 2 Posts Its Editor Had Deleted

New York Times :: Ben Smith, editor in chief of BuzzFeed, said he overreacted when he asked staff members to take down articles that were critical of sponsors’ advertising.

Read Ravi Somaiya, www.nytimes.com

Macquarie/Fairfax Radio merger described as ‘hostile takeover’ as Radio 2UE axes Angela Catterns

mUmBRELLA :: Radio 2UE has dumped its afternoon presenter Angela Catterns as the newly merged management of Macquarie and Fairfax Radio seeks out cost savings and efficiencies from restructuring its operations.

Read Nic Christensen, mumbrella.com.au


Trushar Barot: Chat apps can help audiences feel much closer to the BBC brand

BBC Academy :: World Service apps editor Trushar Barot says that when they are used in the right way chat apps can help audiences feel much closer to the BBC brand.

Read Staff, BBC Academy, www.bbc.co.uk

Questions for Buzzfeed over deletion of negative story about product of sponsor

Press Gazette :: Website Buzzfeed is facing questions over why a post which was critical of one of the site's sponsors has been taken down.

Read William Turvill, Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Clay Shirky: print declines will become fast again by the end of the decade

New York Times :: Baquet, Caputo — seem to be betting that the current dynamics of slow decline form the predictable future for your paper. I doubt this, and the alternate story I’d like to suggest is that print declines will become fast again by the end of the decade.

Read Margaret Sullivan, publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com

NBC Sports Digital to live stream PBC on NBC weigh-ins via Meerkat

Lost Remote :: “Live streaming via new social media products is a great way to further connect with our Twitter audience in real time,” Troy Ewanchyna, Vice President, Digital, NBCSports.com, tells LostRemote.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Knight Foundation study finds uneven growth among news nonprofits

Current.org :: “Nonprofit news organizations offer the potential to become part of the bedrock of a strong local news and information ecosystem,” the report said.

Read Ben Mook, current.org

Twitter says it suspended 10000 ISIS-linked accounts in one day

New York Times :: Activists and experts who monitor the Twitter traffic of the Islamic State and its supporters noticed something odd last week when many accounts suddenly disappeared.

Read Rick Gladstone, www.nytimes.com

How ad blocking could affect YouTube's subscription model

AdWeek :: It's not a mystery why YouTube is considering offering an ad-free version of its site to paying subscribers. There already are millions of potential viewers who pay nothing for an ad-free experience, and a subscription-based model will test whether digital freeloaders are willing to pay when given the chance.

Read Garett Sloane, www.adweek.com


Blendle's “iTunes for news” micropayment model already doomed?

Poynter :: David Carr and Walter Isaacson have famously praised the “iTunes for news” micropayment model as an ambitious and novel way to keep publishing long-form journalism and keep the money flowing in. But Will Federman thinks it’s just another antiquated notion that is already doomed to failure.

Read Chris Thompson, www.poynter.org

Facing rising competition: YouTube confirms it will offer ad-free option

Stream Daily :: Facing rising competition, the platform will let viewers watch content ad-free for a yet-to-be-determined fee beginning later this year.

Read Todd Longwell, streamdaily.tv

National press journalists said to be frozen out of stage-managed general election campaign

Press Gazette :: National press journalists are allegedly being excluded from covering carefully-managed general election campaign events organised by Labour and the Conservatives.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Content-sharing deal between rival northern dailies 'closing off media plurality', says NUJ

Press Gazette :: A new content-sharing deal between two neighbouring dailies in the North East could affect editorial independence and media plurality, the National Union of Journalists has warned.

Read Matthew Gilley, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Newsweek Europe repackages for future

WAN-IFRA :: At a breakfast at its London headquarters Editor-in-Chief Richard Addis unveiled a strategy to grow the European audience through investments in redesign and a focus on quality and longform reporting.

Read Federica Cherubini, blog.wan-ifra.org

How Forbes, CNN, Wired, Quartz are rethinking the infinite scroll

Digiday :: Publishers love the idea of the infinite scroll but can’t settle on the best implementation of it. In theory, the feature is great for time on site and viewability.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

UK online ad market surges to £7.2bn: Survey says 92p a month is what readers would pay for online news

Press Gazette :: A new report suggests that consumers are willing to pay little for news online – but that digital advertising is booming.

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

ABC launches web portal in China called Australia Plus

Guardian :: Public broadcaster becomes the first mainstream media organisation to have such an online presence in China.

Read Amanda Meade, www.theguardian.com

BBC aims to go 'internet first' to attract younger audiences

Guardian :: Corporation’s technology chief says move to take BBC3 online-only is indicative of its ‘direction of travel’.

Read Staff, Press Association, www.theguardian.com

Motive launches TabletTV Europe

Broadband TV News :: Motive Television has released today TabletTV Europe (TTV Europe) following its approval by the Apple App store. 

Read Robert Briel, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Techno-optimist Javier Celaya's "New Business Models in the Digital Age" for download

Publishing Perspectives :: Water, gas and electricity are  basic ingredients of our modern lives, and priced accordingly – and to treat books in the same way would see somehow sacrilegious. Yet that is precisely the scenario – perhaps even opportunity – that the publishing industry faces as the Internet enters its second stage, according to techno-optimist Javier Celaya, CEO and founder of new technology consultancy Dosdoce.com.

Read Mark Piesing, publishingperspectives.com

The vast majority of teens (92%) are daily Web surfers, with 56% saying they surf multiple times daily

Broadcasting Cable :: The vast majority of teens (92%) are daily Web surfers, with 56% saying they surf multiple times daily.

Read John Eggerton, www.broadcastingcable.com

Periscope's new follower-only mode keeps strangers from trolling you

 The Verge :: But friends are free to judge and shame your live stream of lunch.

Read Josh Lowensohn, www.theverge.com

Snapchat is quietly building a research team to do deep learning on images, videos

VentureBeat :: Snapchat, that well-funded Los Angeles startup providing a popular ephemeral-mobile-messaging app, has been slowly developing a research arm to run sophisticated algorithms on user data like images and videos, VentureBeat has learned.

Read Jordan Novet, venturebeat.com

YouTube's paid subscription offering takes shape: Ad-free videos with offline viewing coming for around $10 a month

The Verge :: Ad-free videos with offline viewing coming for around $10 a month.

Read Casey Newton, www.theverge.com

Watch Google’s latest deep-learning system recognize sports in YouTube clips

Venture Beat :: Google researchers tested out several methods in order to correctly recognize objects and interpret motion in sports videos.

Read Jordan Novet, venturebeat.com

MTV wants to livestream its 2015 MTV Movie Awards into viewers' social feeds

AdWeek :: MTV wants viewers to tune into its 2015 MTV Movie Awards on April 12, but it's not expecting them to just watch on TVs and connected devices.

Read Michelle Castillo, www.adweek.com

NYPD vehicles will feature Twitter logo and precinct handles - New York Daily News

NY Daily News :: The NYPD is getting a handle on 1,700 cruisers, vans, and other vehicles used by cops across the city, the department's twitter Guru tweeted on Tuesday.

Read Joseph Stepansky, www.nydailynews.com


Boston Marathon bombing trial illustrates why cameras should be allowed in courts

Poynter :: Despite multiple test periods and studies by federal and state courts, all of which have ended with a recommendation to allow cameras in at least some proceedings, the federal judiciary keeps the doors closed to cameras.

Read Al Tompkins, www.poynter.org

To conduct scientific research on the Internet you should know your enemies

Lifehacker :: You know how to tell if something controversial is actually true, but what if you want to read up on something without stumbling into half-truths and pseudosc

Read Alan Henry, lifehacker.com

How to research like a journalist when the Internet doesn't deliver

Lifehacker :: The internet is full of information, but sometimes what you’re looking for needs a different approach. Whether you’re looking for public records, family trees, or really old archives, it’s time to do some offline digging like an old-school journalist. Here’s how to get started.

Read Alan Henry, lifehacker.com

Blending Instagram and Medium: Pixotale, tell a story with a bunch of photos

Tech in Asia :: Now based in Seattle, the Chinese entrepreneurs have created Pixotale as a way for people to tell a story with a bunch of photos.

Read Steven Millward, www.techinasia.com

Fortune magazine takes on six former GigaOm journalists

Guardian :: Time Inc-owned magazine, which publishes the Fortune 500 list of the largest companies in the US, makes hirings following surprise closure of tech site.

Read Jasper Jackson, www.theguardian.com

USA Today is embracing the technology with strategic purpose

WAN-IFRA :: Editor-in-Chief David Callaway says the growing use of VR in news is a natural progression from the widespread uptake of video in online content and it’s about to take off. Callaway spoke to Angelique Lu.

Read Angelique Lu, blog.wan-ifra.org

Data journalism: Free tools to exploit free data

EJO :: Larry Birnbaum likes to tell stories from data. “It is clear that there is a lot of data and a lot of stories in that data, but it is not easy to find them,” he told delegates at INMA’s Big Data for Media conference at Google London last week. “I tend to start with a question.”

Read Caroline Lees, en.ejo.ch

Immersive Journalism: @ImmersiveJourno thinks in future all stories will be shot with 3D, 360-degree cameras

Guardian :: De la Peña's start in immersive journalism began in 2012 with Hunger, the true story of a diabetic's collapse due to starvation while waiting in line at a food bank in Los Angeles.

Read Edward Helmore, www.theguardian.com

'Clouds Over Sidra': Virtual reality looks for a role in journalism

BBC News :: "When you experience films such as Clouds Over Sidra, it makes quite an impact. It is not a passive experience and there is a small amount of interactivity because you can look around you. Like any piece of journalism this can be quite powerful. It adds a dynamic to the storytelling."

Read Jane Wakefield, www.bbc.co.uk


Time Inc. and Telemundo team up for weekly home improvement show

Adweek :: The weekly home improvement TV show, debuting Saturday, April 11 at noon E.T., is Time's first Spanish-language television program and first major collaboration with Telemundo.

Read Chris Ariens, www.adweek.com

Jennifer Preston, Knight Foundation: Using social media for reporting and storytelling

RJI Online :: Jennifer Preston is the vice president for journalism at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts.

Read Jennifer Preston, www.youtube.com

Welcome to the Era of Purposeful Viewing

AdWeek :: Beyond the amount of quality content being produced today, the new Golden Age of Television is defined by viewer empowerment. Viewers now control their TV experience like never before.

Read Peter Naylor, www.adweek.com

Syrian Journey: why the BBC is right to make a game about the refugee crisis

Guardian :: The Daily Mail and the Sun have attacked the BBC for turning the plight of Syrian refugees into a game – but this is the perfect way to get the message across.

Read Keith Stuart, www.theguardian.com

How The Nation is facing the new era of journalism

Huffington Post :: “We are in a transitional, revolutionary movement,” says Editor-in-Chief Katrina vanden Heuvel. “The media changes are more defining for us than who’s in the White House.”

Read Gabriel Arana, www.huffingtonpost.com

As many as 1 million sites imperiled by dangerous bug in WordPress plugin

Ars Technica :: Persistent XSS in WP-Super-Cache allows attackers to insert malicious code.

Read Dan Goodin, arstechnica.com

Use storytelling techniques borrowed from Hemingway to make data-driven stories more engaging

TechRepublic :: If your goal is to move people with your data, you'll need more than just information -- you'll need a great story. Follow these storytelling tips to help you add dimension to your data.

Read John Weathington, www.techrepublic.com

Google removes links to images of slain prosecutor in Turkey

New York Times :: Twitter and YouTube were temporarily blocked after they failed to respond to an order to remove content showing a hostage taker pointing a gun at Mehmet Selim Kiraz.

Read Sebnem Arsu, www.nytimes.com

Johnston Press launches video-based general election website 'What Matters to Me'

Press Gazette :: The What Matters to Me website features video clips of people talking about the issue closest to their hearts. Regional newspaper publisher Johnston Press has launched a video-based election website What Matters to Me.

Read Matthew Gilley, www.pressgazette.co.uk

We're discussing paywalls? - Digital content set for $14bn revenues ... for carriers

Advanced TV :: Findings from global hi-tech specialist Juniper Research indicate that content paid for via carrier billing will provide operators with more than $14 billion in revenues over the next five years.

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Focus on speed, if you like to target digital sports fans, seriously

eMarketer :: March Madness fans care more about digital performance than how favorite team plays.

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Iran nuclear deal: Bill O'Reilly trusts Iran more than the American media

Mediaite :: Bill O’Reilly really doesn’t trust the American mainstream media; so much so, he said tonight, that he actually might trust Iran more than he does the press.

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Carla Zanoni, WSJ, on how to bring engagement into the forefront of digital publishing

RJI Online :: It's a tale of two audiences at the Journal, says Carla Zanoni, audience development director at the Wall Street Journal.

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Local newspapers have done a terrible job building local digital audiences

Nieman Lab :: In a new paper released last week, Shorenstein Center fellow Matthew Hindman, an associate professor at George Washington University, says newspapers are far worse off digitally than most people think.

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