Jon Connell: ‘People increasingly want help with filtering out the noise’

Guardian :Founder of the Week, on why the magazine has become more relevant, why it hasn’t changed in 20 years – and his saviour Felix Dennis.

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

The power of journalism to right wrongs and bring about change

The Globe and Mail :: Reporting that serves the public, such as The Globe’s National Newspaper Award-winning project on thalidomide, really needs no other reward.

Read Sylvia Stead, www.theglobeandmail.com

There's nowhere to hide in modern TV journalism. How news is made

Telegraph.co.uk :: It's born out of a slow-burn understanding that for all its bells and whistles, TV doesn't just demand authenticity in return for success from presenters, it also offers a chance to show our journalism in its truest form.

Read Ros Atkins, www.telegraph.co.uk

Stones will always need turning over - and that’s what journalism’s for

Guardian :: Fifa, phone hacking … there will always be truths that need telling, and journalists, imperfect breed that they are, are our best hope for seeing them told.

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com

Alan Rusbridger leaves the Guardian on an optimistic note

Guardian :: In his 20 years the Guardian, under Alan Rusbridger, has made the most of the opportunities a digital world offers. That’s an achievement worth celebrating.

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com

Just a few pence can make a hole in the paywall

Guardian :: Somewhere between free-access sites and walled gardens, there is an alternative: pay-per-view articles on the web may be making a comeback. Up, with a rush, go more paywalls around newspaper web sites. 

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com

Google awakens to its threats on mobile

Recode :: Google advances on its goal to take its Web dominance to mobile.

Read Mark Bergen, recode.net

Chinese cartoonist Wang Liming struggles to survive in self-imposed exile

CPJ :: When calls for Wang Liming to be arrested were made on a forum hosted by China's state-controlled press last year, the satirical cartoonist who lampooned the Communist Party leadership decided it would be safer to stay in Japan.

Read Sumit Galhotra, cpj.org


The Vox/Recode deal is a sign of more consolidation to come

Nieman Lab :: With venture funders itching for an exit, a few corporate giants — Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, the new Charter — could end up owning many of the entrepreneurial news brands that have captured attention in recent years. Big is eating small.

Read Ken Doctor, www.niemanlab.org

BuzzFeed founder launches new lab for open-source invention

Wired :: Over the nearly two decades that BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti has spent inventing things, he’s figured out that one of the most important ingredients of new ideas is something closer to play—experiments.

Read Hal Horowitz, www.wired.com

Irish media, fearing lawsuits, steers clear of a billionaire

New York Times :: A dispute between one of Ireland’s richest businessmen and its national broadcaster has raised questions about constraints on the country’s media.

Read Stephen Castle, Douglas Dalby, www.nytimes.com

On TV news, lines blur between journalism, ads - ‘Sponsored content’ brings money, questions

Boston Globe :: Viewers who tuned in to the 10 o’clock news on MyTV38 Thursday night may have seen the future of local broadcasting. The question is whether they knew what they were watching.

Read Callum Borchers, www.bostonglobe.com

As insults fly in the Greek and German media, some wish for less news

New York Times :: The entire Greek news media is obsessed with Germany. (The German media is fascinated with Greece, too.)

Read Jim Yardley, www.nytimes.com

With Google’s Jacquard, wearable technology may have just grown up

Venture Beat :: Google this morning unveiled the creation of one of its better ATAP projects — Project Jacquard — a conductive fabric that can communicate with digital devices

Read Mark Sullivan, venturebeat.com

With Google’s Jacquard, wearable technology may have just grown up

Venture Beat :: Google this morning unveiled the creation of one of its better ATAP projects — Project Jacquard — a conductive fabric that can communicate with digital devices

Read Mark Sullivan, venturebeat.com

Why a journalist scammed the media into spreading bad chocolate science

NPR :: Earlier this spring, headlines around the world trumpeted an exciting bit of news that seemed too good to be true: "Eating chocolate ... can even help you LOSE weight!" as Britain's Daily Mail put it.

Read Maria Godoy, www.npr.org

Tech media companies find that rapid growth doesn’t come easy

Venture Beat :: Publishing is a tough business. And despite the buckets of venture capital that have been poured into media companies in recent years, it’s clear that not every publisher can make those investments pay off.

Read Dylan Tweney, venturebeat.com

Culture of experimentation - The question that Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo asks at every product meeting

Business Insider :: As Twitter continues to focus on growing its number of logged in, logged out, and syndicated users (people who see tweets when they're embedded in other places), he's also putting an increased focus on getting employees to make bigger, bolder bets.

Read Jillian D'Onfro, www.businessinsider.com

Appeals court refuses to block release of Guantánamo force-feeding videos

The Intercept :: Sixteen media organizations, including The Intercept’s publisher First Look Media, are seeking footage of Abu Wa’el Dhiab, who was repeatedly restrained and force fed while on hunger strike.

Read Cora Currier, firstlook.org

Google’s surprising portal into the future of virtual reality

Venture Beat :: It's a tremendously big deal that Google's pushing into virtual reality with one of its most important services.

Read Ben Gilbert, venturebeat.com

How Wired is using Periscope

Poynter :: Since Periscope launched in March, Patrick Witty, the director of photography at Wired, has been thinking about ways to use it.

Read Kenneth Irby, www.poynter.org

Would you pay to read entertainment news online? Time Inc. sure hopes so

AdAge :: Since Time Inc. became an indepedent publicly traded company last June, executives at the nation's large magazine publisher have tried to convince Wall Street investors that it's quickly transforming into a digital-first media company.

Read Michael Sebastian, adage.com


No longer quixotic - 'Inspire people to care': Using virtual reality to create immersive journalism

Forbes :: De la Peña is now called the “godmother” of virtual reality, and her quest is no longer quixotic. The goal of her company, Emblematic Group, is to “inspire people to care,” she said. And the subjects she has turned her journalist’s eye to are ones where caring can become a call to action.

Read Ellen Huet, www.forbes.com

Who wants to view photos on their watch anyway? what a "connected" device on your wrist should and shouldn't offer

Venture Beat :: The launch of the Apple Watch last month reinvigorated the debate about what a "connected" device on your wrist should and shouldn't offer. Ultimately, omitted featuers are just as important and what's included.

Read Paul Sawers, venturebeat.com

The aftermath of Nepal’s devastating earthquake in virtual reality

RYOT :: For a moment, before the tech becomes mundane, co-opted for the everyday, the possibilities are endless. With virtual reality technology, we’re in that moment. We get to see the world through the lens of another, and the possibilities are endless.

Read Hayley Pappas, www.ryot.org

The Apple Watch will expose how little publishers know about their readers

Nieman Lab :: The arrival of any new class of devices leads the journalism-inclined to ask: What does it mean for news? And today, at least, the answer is: not much. 

Read Joshua Benton, www.niemanlab.org

Path sells to Asian tech giant to pursue the only country where it’s still popular

Tech in Asia :: Path, the ailing social network that launched in 2010, has sold the app to Korean tech giant Daum Kakao. Path founder Dave Morin confirmed the move today in a Medium post (via The Verge) but didn’t reveal the financial terms of the deal.

Read Steven Millward, www.techinasia.com

BBC iPlayer boss defensive after third monthly fall in viewers

Guardian :: The number of TV and radio programmes watched on the BBC iPlayer has fallen for the third month in a row, prompting its chief to defend the popularity of the catch-up service.

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

FT's Dominic Good on the evolution of time-based metrics: "It's all about quality"

The Media Briefing :: 50% of ads served worldwide aren't actually viewed by humans. Time to rethink metrics to be more quality related

Read Chris Sutcliffe, www.themediabriefing.com

Why beat your competitors on numbers, and not trying to beat them by being newsier. Keeping content relevant

Digiday :: Keeping content relevant — and resonant – in a given news cycle is a problem facing brands and publishers alike. Publishers like Bloomberg have been experimenting with making native advertising newsy by pulling in data to see what’s hot in the cycle at that moment and cutting down the approval processes necessary so content can move faster.

Read Shareen Pathak, digiday.com

Only 17 percent of BuzzFeed’s traffic goes to news

Digiday :: The viral news publisher has made a push into hard news, with nearly half its editorial staff devoted to traditional news stories. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com


Costolo says Twitter's future is more curation, relevance and media

TechCrunch :: Onstage at Code in Southern California this morning, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo fielded questions about whether he'd be keeping his job in the face of outside criticism and angst over the rate of user growth forTwitter.

Read Matthew Panzarino, techcrunch.com

Google teams with GoPro to bring VR to YouTube

Recode :: VR comes to YouTube.

Read Mark Bergen, recode.net

The tablet explodes: over-50s and three-year-olds join the charge towards tech

Guardian :: Popularity of the iPad and its rivals has mushroomed, with 54% of UK households owning one, according to an Ofcom report.

Read Mark Sweney, www.theguardian.com

Stockbait? BuzzFeed announces IPO as clicks and videos keep public hooked

Guardian :: Chief executive Jonah Peretti has not offered a timeline for the move, but investors will want to know after site was valued at $850m in August.

Read Sam Thielman, www.theguardian.com

Why aren't there more African-American journalists? - Deseret News

Deseret News :: Kenny Irby was about 12 when he first saw the photo that made him want to become a news photographer. It was a shot of one of Irby's Washington, D.C. neighbors being led away in handcuffs during his arrest.

Read Chandra Johnson, national.deseretnews.com

Culture, structure and interaction processes are at the core of how news orgs innovate

Journalism.co.uk :: New research shows culture, structure and interaction processes are at the core of how news organisations come up with new ideas

Read Mădălina Ciobanu, www.journalism.co.uk

For Turkey’s ruler, criticism from New York is not fit to print

New York Times :: Having already moved from the prime minister’s office to the new presidential palace, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seems to have assumed a new, unofficial role this week as Turkey’s chief press critic.

Read Robert Mackey, www.nytimes.com

In Canada, mobile drives significant gains in time spent with media

eMarketer :: Adults in Canada will spend almost 10 hours daily with major media in 2015 over an hour more than in 2011. 

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com

5 ways Time Inc. is trying to make paywalls work

Digiday :: Time Inc. is struggling to reverse its ad-revenue declines, so like other publishers, it’s looking to consumers to make up the difference. But hard paywalls risk loss of traffic and associated advertising. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

First Look publishes open source code to advance privacy, security, and journalism

The Intercept :: "And today we're excited to contribute back to the open source community by launching First Look Code, the home for our own open source projects related to privacy, security, data, and journalism."

Read Micah Lee, firstlook.org

News Corp to axe commuter newspapers MX

mUmBRELLA :: News Corp Australia is scrapping its struggling free MX commuter newspapers, Mumbrella understands. The news comes just two months after a shake up in the division which saw staff redundancies and a redesign of the newspapers.

Read Nic Christensen, mumbrella.com.au


Why more public media content should be licensed under Creative Commons

Current.org :: Follow ProPublica's model for bringing the widest possible audience to stand-out news coverage of NPR and its member stations.

Read Melody Kramer, current.org

How Reddit’s fixed salary policy is diversifying its workforce

Venture Beat :: Reddit is taking an unusual measure towards diversifying its workforce: It has stopped negotiating salaries with potential hires.

Read Dylan Tweney, venturebeat.com

“Rampant commercial piracy”: Google closes down Play Books Publisher to new users

Publishing Perspective :: The Digital Reader reports that due to concerns over “rampant commercial piracy,” Google has closed the Google Play Books Partner Center to new users.

Read Dennis Abrams, publishingperspectives.com

Social & TV: Google integrates search and Rentrak data into Adometry TV Attribution product

Adweek :: Nearly four out of five people are distracted while watching TV, but only a fifth of these people are taking social actions. The rest of the people are browsing the checking email or browsing the web. This last group is who Google is trying to help marketers better understand.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Alaska pubcasters prepare for cuts to state funding

A pending 23.5 percent reduction in subsidies has Alaska stations rethinking their priorities.

Read Henry Schneider, current.org

The right to be forgotten and internet governance - legitimate concerns for the news industry

WAN-IFRA :: Companies such as Google and Yahoo! have released statements saying that they wish to achieve a “satisfactory balance between individual privacy interests and the public’s interest in free expression” - in your opinion, should private companies like Google act as the judge when it comes to these matters, because they facilitate finding this information?

Read Teresa Berezowski, blog.wan-ifra.org

What happened when a college newspaper abandoned its website for Medium and Twitter

Nieman Lab :: The Mountaineer student newspaper at California’s Mt. San Antonio College no longer exists. About two months ago, the paper dropped its print edition, abandoned its website, ditched its longtime news production process, expanded its coverage base, and rejiggered its entire reporting philosophy. It also changed its name to SAC.Media. 

Read Dan Reimold, www.niemanlab.org

Sky commits to European arts coverage

Broadband TV News :: Sky has announced a major content initiative that will be available to 21 million customers across Europe. 

Read Julian Clover, www.broadbandtvnews.com

‘Fact check this': How U.S. politics adapts to media scrutiny

American Press Institute :: Media fact-checking has become a fact of life for political professionals, especially at the national level and in places where local news organizations have dedicated reporters to verifying statements by elected officials, candidates and their supporters.

Read Mark Stencel, www.americanpressinstitute.org

Data from smartphones and Twitter can accurately show the size of a crowd: how Twitter can help first responders

Business Insider :: Data from smartphones and Twitter can accurately show the size of a crowd, helping first responders in an emergency, a study on Wednesday said.

Read Staff, AFP, www.businessinsider.com

Snapchat has such engaged customers that its CEO doesn't even bother counting the app's monthly active users

Venture Beat :: Spiegel said onstage today at the Code Conference that Snapchat has close to 100 million daily active users “in developed countries.”

Read Dylan Tweney, venturebeat.com

Facebook tinkers with iPhone design that copies Path’s flyout buttons

TechCrunch :: Resistance is futile when it comes to Facebook. If your feature benefits the social network’s 1.44 billion users, it doesn’t care if you built it for a smaller audience first. Whether it’s Twitter’s Follow button and verified profiles, or Snapchat’s disappearing photos you can draw on, Facebook will quickly try to assimilate the competition.

Read Josh Constine, techcrunch.com

Timeline: When tech companies hire journalists

Digiday :: Journalists are in high demand at tech companies. Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat are on the hunt for media talent that can both tell their stories and help the companies cozy up to media organizations. 

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com


TV-centric social media platform Beamly claims it stole the Eurovision show from Twitter

Recombu.com :: Beamly brags that it handled over 9 million messages during the Eurovision 2015 final, compared to Twitter’s 6 million. 

Read Thomas Newton, recombu.com

Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy sues employer Al Jazeera for $100m

The Star :: He accuses Qatar-based news agency of operating with a bias that led to Egypt jailing him and two colleagues. Al Jazeera denies the allegation.

Read Sharif Abdel Kouddous, www.thestar.com

Why The Tulsa Frontier thinks it can succeed with a hard paywall and no ads

Nieman Lab :: Not long after his family sold The Tulsa World to Warren Buffett’s BH Media Group in 2013, Robert E. Lorton III, the paper’s former publisher, began thinking about how he could get back into the news business.

Read Joseph Lichterman, www.niemanlab.org

Periscope goes live on Android

Stream Daily :: The Twitter-owned live-streaming service has been available for two months on iOS, garnering a reported one million users in 10 days.

Read Bree Rody-Mantha, streamdaily.tv

Netflix projected to top 100 million subscribers by 2020: report

Stream Daily :: Research firm Cowen and Company predicts the SVOD's total revenue will hit $6.9 billion in the U.S. and $10 billion internationally in five years.

Read Bree Rody-Mantha, streamdaily.tv

News clichés from all over

New York Times :: This week’s grab bag of grammar, style and other missteps, compiled with help from colleagues and readers.

Read Philip B. Corbett, afterdeadline.blogs.nytimes.com

Iran to put Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian on trial. hearing that will be closed to the public

Guardian :: He faces ‘absurd’ charges of spying in a hearing that will be closed to the public.

Read Roy Greenslade, www.theguardian.com

Why Quartz, Ozy, Capital New York and The Briefing's newsletters aren’t designed for clicks

Digiday :: Email newsletters are increasingly popular as a way for readers to cut through the online clutter. That trend has given rise to newsletters that are designed to be read entirely in email. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Bloomberg, Wall Street, Yahoo, Business Insider: Who’s winning at business news on the Web

Digiday:: The face of business news is changing fast, forcing established players like Bloomberg Businessweek and The Wall Street Journal to catch up as faster upstarts join the fray. We took a look at how the top business/finance news sites stack up by a variety of metrics.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Desktop and mobile combined - Multiscreen video ad campaigns the norm in Australia

eMarketer :: Multiscreen video ad campaigns are widespread in Australia, according to recent research, which finds that more than two-thirds are run on both desktop and mobile. 

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com

Breaking news or breathless news? - Is 'breaking news' the new normal for ABC?

Huffington Post :: You can't entirely blame ABC News for desperately trying to find a way to remain relevant. After all, they're hard-wired into a 6:30 p.m. time slot in a world where our connected devices deliver real-time updates. 

Read Steve Rosenbaum, www.huffingtonpost.com


Fusion Media aims at millennials, but struggles to find its identity

New York Times :: Disney and Univision’s fledgling network isn’t delivering concrete results, raising concerns that it’s not connecting with the youthful, diverse audience it covets.

Read Ravi Somaiya, Brooks Barnes, rss.nytimes.com

Changed reporting practices & stronger laws required to protect sources in the digital age

WAN-IFRA :: As traditional source protection frameworks are eroded in the digital age, the attention of investigative journalists and their editors is necessarily turning to risk-assessment, self-protection and source education.

Read Julie Posetti, blog.wan-ifra.org

Sudan seizes print runs of nine newspapers in media crackdown

Guardian :: Editors are not given reasons for seizure as security service also suspends publishing licences of four papers

Read AFP, www.theguardian.com

VH1 turns to Periscope for ‘Love & Hip Hop’ wedding red carpet livestream

Adweek :: Veteran New York castmembers of ‘Love & Hip Hop’s’ Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are tying the knot tonight, and the wedding will be broadcast live on VH1 at 8pm EST.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Charter Communications Inc. is near an agreement to buy Time Warner Cable Inc. for about $55.1bn in cash and stock

Bloomberg :: Charter Communications Inc. is near an agreement to buy Time Warner Cable Inc. for about $55.1 billion in cash and stock, according to people familiar with the matter.

Read Alex Sherman, Ed Hammond, www.bloomberg.com

Ad Blocks’ Doomsday Scenarios

Monday Note :: On the ad blocking front, the situation keeps getting worse. Until now, the media industry pretended to ignore the problem, perhaps waiting for a miracle cure. This might turn into a long lull.  

Read Frédéric Filloux, www.mondaynote.com

Now ScoopWhoop wants to become India’s Buzzfeed+Vice (+Vox)

Quartz :: Now, with an 80-member team, over 12 million unique views making it India’s 119th most popular websites, according to Alexa, and $1.6 million (Rs10 crore) in funding, the homegrown upstart has a new, almost audacious, ambition: It wants to become India’s version of Buzzfeed and Vice combined.

Read Devjyot Ghoshal, qz.com

Tracey Spicer claims The Guardian is exploiting freelance writers to produce branded content

mUmBRELLA :: Journalist Tracey Spicer has accused The Guardian of “exploitation” of freelance workers after she was asked to write a 1,000-word branded content column on women’s financial empowerment for client ANZ for $140 – 14 cents per word.

Read Staff, mUmBRELLA, mumbrella.com.au

Expansion planned for Guardian’s programmatic alliance w/ CNN Intl, Economist, Financial Times, Reuters

Beet.TV :: In beta testing since, now the alliance – which numbersThe Guardian, CNN International, the Financial Times and Reuters as well as The Economist – is already set to expand its membership in the next few months.

Read Robert Andrews, www.beet.tv

Fairfax accused of forbidding coverage of protest rally as regional Australia faces job cuts

mUmBRELLA :: The journalists’ union has accused Fairfax of breaching its own charter of editorial independence by silencing coverage of a rally which saw 200 people demonstrate against planned job cuts.

Read Steve Jones, mumbrella.com.au


Will Periscope and Other Live Streaming Sites Kill the Cable TV Star?

The Wrap :: With the power to broadcast live now in everyone’s hands, those high barriers to entry are gone.

Read Jon Erlichman, www.thewrap.com

Firefox’s optional Tracking Protection reduces load time for top news sites by 44%

Venture Beat :: Former Mozilla software engineer Monica Chew and Computer Science researcher Georgios Kontaxis recently released a paper that examines Firefox’s optional Tracking Protection feature.

Read Emil Protalinski, venturebeat.com

Charlie Hebdo struggles with aftermath of attacks

Guardian :: Four months on, staff are still dealing with emotional trauma as well as wrangles over the donations that flooded in from around the world.

Read Angelique Chrisafis, www.theguardian.com

Trinity Mirror’s Simon Fox: ‘Dealing with hacking is not why I joined, but we’ll get through it’

Guardian :: The publisher’s chief executive on the civil claims, the future of print – and his potential deal to buy the Express from Richard Desmond.

Read Jane Martinson, www.theguardian.com

The BBC has a combined weekly global audience of 308 million people

Broadband TV News :: The BBC has a combined weekly global audience of 308 million people, according to new data that measures the reach of international BBC content, both news and entertainment.

Read Julian Clover, www.broadbandtvnews.com

Total cost of Met Police's journalism investigations rises £4m in eight months to £37.4m (€52m, excl. legal fees)

Press Gazette :: The Metropolitan Police has now spent £37.4m on investigations into journalism, with the figure rising by nearly £4m in the last eight months.

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Twitter's REST API adds support for video uploads - The Next Web

The Next Web :: With this new API access, developers can allow users of their Twitter apps to add a single 30-second video or GIF up to 15MB in size to their tweets. 

Read Abhimanyu Ghoshal, thenextweb.com

How publish and be damned took on a new darker meaning at the Mirror

Press Gazette :: The Daily Mirror built its circulation to more than 4.5m in the years after the Second World War with a mantra which journalist Hugh Cudlipp described as "publish and be damned".

Read Dominic Ponsford, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Russia 'will block' Google, Twitter and Facebook if they withhold blogger data

Guardian :: Russia’s media watchdog has written to Google, Twitter and Facebook warning them against violating Russian internet laws and a spokesman said they risked being blocked if they did not comply.

Read Staff, Reuters, www.theguardian.com

New York Times: we can no longer review every movie

Guardian :: Chief critic AO Scott says newspaper lacks staff for universal coverage in move that could hit small documentary-makers’ chances of Oscars qualification.

Read Ben Child, www.theguardian.com

A Chinese secret: why mobile publishers are spending big bucks on their own in-app purchases

Venture Beat :: Seeding is definitely necessary,” NG told GamesBeat in an interview. “It’s important to keep your ranking in the app stores. Overseas, you only need to keep your download ranking, but in China, you have to worry about the revenue.

Read Jeff Grubb, venturebeat.com

Pakistani Journalists resign from developing Pakistani television network, Bol, to cut ties to its parent Axact

Guardian :: Several senior journalists resigned from a developing Pakistani television network, Bol, on Saturday, in the latest fallout from a crisis engulfing the channel’s parent company, Axact, a software firm that profited immensely from international sales of fake diplomas.

Read Saba Imtiaz, www.nytimes.com


Why does so much bad news about Africa emanate from foreign media outlets?

Sahara Reporters :: However, a few days later, the BBC would recant this story and apologize for misinforming and misleading the public. But it did not apologize for tarnishing the image of Nigeria in the international community and for scaring tourists away from us.

Read Chinedu'm Nna'r, saharareporters.com

Yemeni Oscar nominee Sara Ishaq banned from entering Palestine for literature festival

Mada Masr :: Israeli border staff barred filmmaker Sara Ishaq from entering Palestine to participate in the Palestine Festival of Literature on Friday at the Allenby Bridge between Amman and the West Bank.

Read Habiba, www.madamasr.com

Snapchat to hire journalists for 2016 US presidential race

Guardian :: Photo-sharing platform continues move into news and media by building content team.

Read Jasper Jackson, www.theguardian.com

Marooned in the desert - 3,000 Palestinians remain forgotten and stateless in rural Egypt

Slate :: Palestinians in Egypt now find themselves at the epicenter of a perfect political storm. Egypt classifies them as foreigners, but shies away from calling them refugees and placing them under the mandate of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the branch of the U.N. tasked with assisting and relocating asylum-seekers.

Read Emily Crane, www.slate.com

Data driven design: How Netflix is using a mountain of data to get you to watch more stuff

The Verge :: "It's the difference between what people say they want, and what they actually want," says Todd Yellin, Netflix's VP of product innovation. "Consumers say they want to see every title in a catalog, but who the heck has the time to go through every title?"

Read Josh Lowensohn , www.theverge.com

Solutions-based journalism: Hyperlocal New York Magazine is rallying around small businesses

Huffington Post :: The community news organization The Lo-Down has launched a crowdfund campaignto raise money to support small businesses on New York City's Lower East Side. It's actually a brilliant example of solutions-based journalism. Here's why.

Read Catherine Taibi, www.huffingtonpost.com

David Cameron backs plans for Ofcom to block 'extremist messages' on TV

Guardian :: PM appears to support Theresa May’s proposals despite business secretary Sajid Javid’s statement that measures would amount to ‘state censorship’.

Read Rowena Mason, Alan Travis, www.theguardian.com


How a Nieman fellow is using flash drives to change Cuban journalism

Fast Company :: Only about 5% of the country has access to the Internet. Internet cafes sell access for about $5 per hour, which is about as much as an average Cuban worker makes in a week (note: the original link has disappeared, but the content is still accessible here: geekwrapped.com/archive). All of which means an online-only publication is likely to be read mostly by a foreign audience.

Exploring ecommerce: Snapchat is investing in shopping app spring

Recode :: Another day, another messaging app that wants to explore e-commerce.

Read Jason Del Rey, recode.net

How The Arizona Republic found success with storytelling events

Nieman Lab :: In the beginning, Megan Finnerty knew she’d have to tell a story in front of a group of strangers. That’s not counting however many friends and assorted colleagues at The Arizona Republic she could draft into service on the first night of Arizona Storytellers. 

Read Justin Ellis, www.niemanlab.org

TVbeat launches TV analytics in Croatia

Advanced TV :: TVbeat, the next generation TV analytics company delivering real-time TV audience measurement solutions has launched their Croatian dataset to broadcasters and agencies in Croatia. 

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

110 photojournalists run National Geographic’s Instagram account

Poynter :: Three years ago, National Geographic started an Instagram feed. Now, it has close to 7,000 images, more than 19 million followers and recently reached its billionth like.

Read Kristen Hare, www.poynter.org

Chinese Army newspaper calls for military role in Internet culture war

Ars Technica :: An article published today in the People's Liberation Army Daily, the official newspaper of China's military—and reprinted in part by Qiushi, the official magazine of the Chinese Communist Party—calls the Internet "the ideological 'main front' and 'the main battlefield'" upon which China must fight an ideological war upon the West to defend itself from the creeping evils of Western thought.

Read Sean Gallagher, arstechnica.com

What do traditional media bring to the branded content party?

WAN-IFRA :: There’s a growing consensus amongst industry experts that branded content will be at the heart of every marketing strategy, but less agreement about what it actually is.

Read Justin Kirby, blog.wan-ifra.org

Newspapers in decline, digital slowdown - what's new in the news?

Conversation :: More surprising, and more worrying for the press as an industry, are the figures for digital subscriptions, which appear to be slowing down. Some are doing better than others, and no doubt news consumers are responsive to the functionality and aesthetics of the competing digital offerings. Some organisations have learnt the rules of the interactive media age better than others.

Read (author unknown), theconversation.com

It's all about speed - For Business Insider, growth beats profits (for now)

Digiday :: When Condé Nast and Time Inc. veteran Julie Hansen joined Business Insider in 2008, it was still called Silicon Alley Insider, a blog devoted to New York’s tech scene. In the seven years since, BI has become a traffic juggernaut.

Read Brian Morrissey, digiday.com

In Canada, mobile apps reign for mobile Internet time

eMarketer :: The vast majority of time mobile internet users in Canada spend with their iOS- and Android-based devices is spent with mobile apps. According to recent research, apps accounted for 86% of time spent with such devices in March 2015.

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com


Mirror phone-hacking trial: How hacking became 'standard practice' at the newspaper

Independent :: On the 22nd floor of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf two newspapers – the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror – shared the large open space. The People was nearby. There were a few glass-walled offices for the senior editors, but largely everyone was in view.

Read James Cusick, www.independent.co.uk

'TrueView': Google just made YouTube ads shoppable

Venture Beat :: Google is introducing a new feature to its YouTube video ad offering that allows users to shop featured products. The new feature, called TrueView ads for shopping, will allow users to shop an ad by clicking on a banner in the video ad. 

Read Ruth Reader, venturebeat.com

How The New York Times is trying to combat the backfire effect

The press has forever operated on a relatively simple model: Journalists provide information, and readers in turn become more informed. A blissfully naive reader comes across an article on her favorite restaurant’s health code violations, and, armed with her newly acquired knowledge, decides to make dinner at home tonight.

Read Laura Dattaro, www.cjr.org

What do traditional media bring to the branded content party?

WAN-IFRA :: There’s a growing consensus amongst industry experts that branded content will be at the heart of every marketing strategy, but less agreement about what it actually is.

Read Justin Kirby, blog.wan-ifra.org

Geolocation service: Deutsche Welle wants to simplify the process of gathering eyewitness media

Journalism.co.uk :: Deutsche Welle wants to simplify the process of gathering eyewitness media by taking a more proactive approach to engagement in a new version of their app due to launch in June.

Read Catalina Albeanu, www.journalism.co.uk

A trade mag's challenge to make online features more immersive

Journalism.co.uk :: Two Inside Housing editors talk through the process of piecing together an interactive longform story as their first truly digital-first project.

Read Catalina Albeanu, www.journalism.co.uk

Twitter's new search results interface expands to all web users

Techcrunch :: Twitter is now rolling out a new search results interface to all logged-in users on the web, introducing a cleaner look-and-feel and more filtering options that let you sort results by top tweets, “live” tweets, accounts, photos, videos, news and more. 

Read Sarah Perez, techcrunch.com

Qatar detains international journalists for the second time this year

CPJ :: For the second time in two months, an international news crew was arrested and interrogated by Qatari security officials while they were reporting on the human rights situation in Qatar in the run-up to the 2022 World Cup.

Read Staff, Committee to Protect Journalists, cpj.org

Twitter and LinkedIn appear to be the social media channels of choice for chief executive officers (CEO)

The Drum :: Twitter and LinkedIn appear to be the social media channels of choice for chief executive officers (CEO) of top companies according to a study by PR agency Weber Shandwick. However, Facebook and Google+ usage among the execs lags.

Read Nesh Pillay, www.thedrum.com

Will wireless carriers really kill mobile advertising or Is It just a bluff

Adweek ::  Roi Carthy is ready to flip the switch that blows up mobile advertising. His company is threatening to hand a nuclear option to wireless carriers that would eliminate most mobile ads that make money for big tech companies, especially Google. This is a huge deal with significant money at stake, but is it a bluff?

Read Garett Sloane, www.adweek.com


Russia threatens to ban Google, Twitter and Facebook over extremist content

Guardian :: Communications watchdog says US companies could face sanctions over alleged ‘illegal activities’ under controversial bloggers law.

Read Alec Luhn, www.theguardian.com

Spotify video: Streaming music app to offer videos and news clips from BBC amid major expansion into podcasts

Independent :: Spotify will offer users comedy videos and news clips from the BBC as the music‑streaming platform launches a range of new entertainment content.

Read Adam Sherwin, www.independent.co.uk

Journal seeks buyouts amid ‘serious realignment’

Capital New York :: Buyouts are underway in The Wall Street Journal newsroom, Capital has learned, signaling a shift in resources at News Corp's U.S.-based broadsheet as it heads into a new budget year.

Read Joe Pompeo , www.capitalnewyork.com

Crossing the streams: Why competing publications are deciding to team up on podcasts

Nieman Lab :: Low financial risk and a desire for word-of-mouth sharing have led news sites to collaborate, sharing audience and infrastructure.

Read Simon Owens, www.niemanlab.org

Journalists protest mass lay-offs, demand syndicate take action

Mada Masr :: At least 425 journalists and media staffers have lost their jobs since the beginning of the year, and they've decided to protest against what they lambast as the "punitive measures" taken by their former employers.

Read Jano Charbel, www.madamasr.com

Charlie Hebdo cartoonist 'Luz' resigns because job is 'too much to bear' after massacre

Independent :: The Charlie Hebdo cartoonist who drew a weeping Prophet Mohamed on the first cover after the massacre at its offices is leaving the magazine.

Read Lizzie Dearden, www.independent.co.uk

How virtual reality could revolutionize ads in the sports industry

Adweek :: From front row views during fashion week runways to 360-degree city tours, virtual reality is revolutionizing the way consumers experience video content.

Read Michelle Castillo, www.adweek.com

Do Google and Facebook threaten the free press?

Specatator :: What are newspapers for? The answer, of course, is not just to tell us what’s going on and explain the implications, but also to select the most important items from the background noise. 

Read Emma Woollacott, blogs.spectator.co.uk

Efficient lobbying: Email shows how Google gets things done In Washington

Buzzfeed :: Days after a damaging Wall Street Journal article, a Google lobbyist in Washington pushed the FTC to issue a statement that would help clear the air. The statement came soon after.

Read William Alden, www.buzzfeed.com

Yahoo shares plunge, and Alibaba rises, thanks to IRS chatter

Buzzfeed :: Yahoo stock fell 7.6% to $40.98 a share today, with the plunge happening in the final half hour before the market closed.

Read William Alden, www.buzzfeed.com

Stories from the inside out- Why gonzo journalism is crucial to our understanding of cities and their tribes

The Guardian :: Clashes in Waco, Baltimore and Brixton underline the need to embolden local ethnographers and journalists to tell their stories from the inside out.

Read Bradley L Garrett, www.theguardian.com

Adblock browser: Android app lets users browse the internet without ever seeing ads

Independent :: A new browser has been built especially to allow people to browse the internet on Android phones without ever coming into contact with ads.

Read Andrew Griffin, www.independent.co.uk

The Financial Times bets on new ad format: Brands pay for time, not pageviews or clicks

Fortune :: Some media outlets are pushing for better metrics, however, and one of the newest candidates is the amount of time that a visitor is exposed to an advertisement.

Read Mathew Ingram, fortune.com

Facebook launches Instant Articles; why aren't more publishers on board?

The Media Briefing :: Facebook reportedly courted twenty publishers as potential launch partners. If nine have bitten, the majority have not. Why?

Read Neil Sharman, www.themediabriefing.com

Listicles, aggregation, and content gone viral: How 1800s newspapers prefigured today’s Internet

Nieman Lab :: “Many 19th-century newspapers are comprised primarily of content from other newspapers.”

Read Joseph Lichterman, www.niemanlab.org

Time magazine has hit on a way to keep people’s attention on mobile and to boost time spent

Digiday :: At a time of fly-by traffic, Time magazine has hit on a way to keep people’s attention on mobile. With an audio version of its daily newsletter, The Brief, listening time on mobile averaged 14 minutes in April. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Time magazine has hit on a way to keep people’s attention on mobile and to boost time spent

Digiday :: At a time of fly-by traffic, Time magazine has hit on a way to keep people’s attention on mobile. With an audio version of its daily newsletter, The Brief, listening time on mobile averaged 14 minutes in April. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Publishers beware: ad blocking has gone mobile

Digiday :: Add ad blocking to the list of things publishers have to worry about with the shift to mobile. While ad blocking has long been an issue for publishers on desktop, it hasn’t been a major concern when it comes to mobile.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

Mic’s hit video series on Facebook has gotten 33 million views in two months

Digiday :: On Tuesday, Mic released the eighth episode of its debut video series, “Flip the Script,” which addresses cultural stereotypes. The series has been a huge hit on Facebook, drawing more than 33 million views across eight episodes. 

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com

How Alibaba is pushing to leverage its consumer data for brands

AdAge :: Alibaba, China's e-commerce giant, knows a lot about its shoppers. It knows what they're searching for, what they buy and their path to purchase. It has data on what videos they watch. It has access to map data from smartphones.

Read Angela Doland, adage.com

Microsoft is reportedly developing an iPhone chat app called Flow

The Verge :: Microsoft is reportedly developing a new smartphone chat app, set to debut on iPhone, that works as an accompaniment for its Outlook inbox app.

Read Rich McCormick, www.theverge.com

Latin America to register highest Twitter user growth worldwide in 2015

eMarketer :: Twitter uptake in Latin America was seemingly one of the healthiest worldwide, with 23% of internet users in the region actively using the social network in Q4 2014.

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com


For Yahoo’s strategy, Marissa Mayer downplays programmatic advertising

Digiday :: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer dissed ad tech last night by saying Yahoo isn't interested in simply placing ads on other people's websites. And yet this is a big part of Yahoo's business, and it is core to the most successful digital media businesses. 

Read Brian Morrissey, digiday.com

WordPress Parent Automattic Buys WooCommerce, a Shopping Tool for Web Publishers

Recode :: Last year Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, raised $160 million. Now the publishing software company is spending some of that money, by acquiring WooCommerce, an e-commerce tools company.

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

UK Publishers Association: Publishing needs copyright as incentive to invest

Publishing Perspectives :: Discussing copyright while participating in the recent Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, the UK Publishers Association’s CEO Richard Mollet noted that there is the familiar battle between those who wish to tear everything down, and those who argue that it is these very structures that allow and support creativity. 

Read Roger Tagholm, publishingperspectives.com

Pinterest puts its own spin on video ads with these cinematic pins

AdWeek :: Pinterest ads are now more on point. The social network has started letting brands target audiences, and it has a new kind of Promoted Pin—one that's animated.

Read Garett Sloane, www.adweek.com

Lessons on using WhatsApp for publishing – an election experience

Online Journalism Blog :: During this year’s general and local elections a collection of my Birmingham City University students used WhatsApp to publish regular updates throughout the two days of voting. 

Read Paul Bradshaw, onlinejournalismblog.com

TV majors unite for video advertising voice

Advanced TV :: For the first time, an association will combine the biggest broadcast networks, cable networks, and distributors to advance the power of video advertising.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

The era of news partnerships: more with fewer resources

AJR :: At any gathering of newspaper veterans of a certain age – and many of them are at funerals nowadays – you’ll hear simultaneous laments for the “golden age” of newspapers and self-congratulations for having been lucky enough to have been a part of it.

Read Martha Hamilton, ajr.org

Kik joins Facebook in hunt for more publisher, brand deals

Digiday :: In the latest land grab for consumers’ time on platforms, Kik is stepping up efforts to court brands and media companies. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com


CharlieHebdo columnist Zineb El Rhazoui, 33, has been suspended

Daily Mail :: Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been accused of hypocrisy after it suspended a journalist who has received death threats for her articles attacking Islamic extremism.

Read Jenny Awford, www.dailymail.co.uk

Qatar claims BBC journalist was arrested for 'trespassing' while reporting on migrant workers

Independent :: The Qatari government has defended its arrest of a BBC journalist reporting on the living conditions of migrant workers by saying that he had “trespassed on private property” while trying to "break in" to a camp.

Read Lizzie Dearden, www.independent.co.uk

Nine audience engagement insights from ProPublica’s Amanda Zamora

WAN-IFRA :: Building audiences through social media has been a 'vital means of getting attention' for ProPublica's stories according to Amanda Zamora.

Read Angelique Lu, blog.wan-ifra.org

Trinity Mirror: digital development of titles is 'absolute priority', no 'immediate plans' for more print closures

Press Gazette :: Trinity Mirror’s chief executive described digital development as the publisher’s “absolute priority” today as it launches a new national newspaper app.

Read William Turvill, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Making Infomercials for the iPhone Generation

AdAge :: Over the past decade much of retail innovation has centered on technology, but the next step is about disruptive business models. Enabled by technology, e-tailers like MikMak and Jet are adapting to changing consumer needs and how they work with merchants.

Read Ashley Rodriguez, adage.com

Facial-Recognition Lets Marketers Gauge Consumers' Real Responses to Ads

AdAge :: Watch what they do, not what they say with new tools.

Read E.J. Schultz, adage.com

JK Rowling wins right to call Daily Mail 'dishonest' in legal dispute over libel statement in open court

Press Gazette :: The Daily Mail has lost its challenge against a High Court ruling that author JK Rowling should be allowed to read a unilateral statement in open court as part of the settlement of a libel claim.

Read Staff, PA Mediapoint, www.pressgazette.co.uk

Korean newspaper boss: Publishers should look at untapped potential of chat apps

mUmBRELLA :: The boss of one of South Korea’s biggest newspapers has urged publishers to look at the potential of chat apps like Snapchat, Viber and Line. 

Read Nic Christensen, mumbrella.com.au

Nielsen to expand Twitter TV tracking to appease TV networks

TheStreet.com :: Nielsen's measurement of Twitter conversations about TV shows will soon be done around the clock as part of its latest effort to provide a fuller picture of television-viewing habits beyond just linear TV.

Read Jeff Berman, www.thestreet.com

Digital drives culture change at Condé Nast. Call it replacement

Digiday :: Condé Nast, like most legacy media companies, is trying to bring both its business model and culture into the digital era. The effort, spearheaded in part by president Bob Sauerberg, has included replacing execs with more digital-savvy successors.

Read Ricardo Bilton, digiday.com

Instant Articles - More publishers shrug off concerns, are eager to publish on Facebook directly

Digiday :: Facebook launched its Instant Articles product with a select group of prestige publishers last week. Now, others, if they had any reservations before, are determined not to be left behind. 

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Twitter's Dara Nasr: most people don't realize how transformative and impactful mobile publishing can be

The Media Briefing :: Twitter's head of sales for the UK Dara Nasr understands one of the fundamental obstacles facing media companies as they grapple with mobile publishing: Despite mobile devices' omnipresence, most people don't realise how transformative and impactful mobile publishing can be.

Read Chris Sutcliffe, www.themediabriefing.com


What works best on Facebook is key question for news teams seeking traffic

Guardian :: New digital skills of deeper understanding of data, higher volumes of cheaper video and pictures and more automation are the future.

Read Emily Bell, www.theguardian.com

In Mizoram, Facebook groups take readers where newspapers fail to tread

Scroll.in :: Why read a paper when you have organic sources of local news on the internet? Is this the future for all of us?

Read M Rajshekhar, scroll.in

Israeli viral content startup PlayBuzz vies for social media stardom

NoCamels :: NoCamels sat down with PlayBuzz co-Founder Shaul Olmert to find out how his site, which creates silly quizzes and polls, became the world's most shared website.

Read Jordana Wolf, nocamels.com

UK government quietly rewrites hacking laws to give GCHQ immunity

Ars Technica :: Changes to the Computer Misuse Act were secretly introduced over a year ago.

Read Sebastian Anthony, arstechnica.com

Why NBC News took Facebook’s Instant Articles deal

Poynter :: After Facebook’s Instant Articles program went live Wednesday morning, many media commentators wrote about its potential drawbacks for publishers.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

US politics adapts to media fact-checking, study finds

Journalism.co.uk :: Study commissioned by the American Press Institute shows politicians are distorting fact-checking reports as weapons against their opponents

Read Abigail Edge, www.journalism.co.uk

News division ad revenue down 12%: News Corp’s paywall isn’t paying off

Guardian :: The latest results show falling sales and print ads, as expected, but little to compensate from the digital realm: not even subscriptions.

Read Peter Preston, www.theguardian.com


Germany: one in seven adults (aged 15+) watch the majority of content online

Advanced TV :: Fifty four per cent of German TV viewing adults (aged 15+) has watched online content, with one in seven now watching the majority of content online.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

Germany: one in seven now watching the majority of content online

Advanced TV :: Fifty four per cent of German TV viewing adults (aged 15+) has watched online content, with one in seven now watching the majority of content online.

Read Staff, Advanced TV, advanced-television.com

YouTube Spaces has a Field Day, a channel dedicated to the work of boundary-pushing creators

Stream Daily :: YouTube Spaces has announced that it is launching Field Day, a channel featuring content from creators who push the boundaries of their creativity through the use of unique locations and enhanced production tools, from prosthetic makeup to aerial drones.

Read Todd Longwell, streamdaily.tv

Pro-Scottish independence newspaper to publish six days a week from Saturday

Guardian :: Pro-Scottish independence newspaper the National is to publish six days a week in thewake of the SNP’s general election success.

Read Press Association, www.theguardian.com

Netflix opens up about plans to launch streaming video service in China

Ars Technica :: Netflix CCO tells Cannes crowd, "China is too big to have an asterisk next to it."

Read Sam Machkovech, arstechnica.com

Mobile operators plan to block online ads. Plans to target Google to force it into giving up a cut of its revenues

FT :: Several mobile operators plan to block advertising on their networks, setting the stage for a battle with digital media companies such as Google, AOL and Yahoo.

Read Robert Cookson, www.ft.com

Venezuelan court bars media executives from leaving country

CPJ :: The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns a decision by a Venezuelan judge that prohibits 22 news executives from three independent media outlets from leaving the country.

Read Staff, Committee to Protect Journalists, cpj.org

Is it time for Google to rank news content behind paywalls better?

Search Engine Land :: If Hollywood's paid content can be shown without fear of upsetting searchers, why not news? But with more visibility, all access subscription may be needed.

Read Danny Sullivan, searchengineland.com

AP expands its computer-written news program. Should reporters be worried?

CS Monitor :: Automated Insights' software can automatically generate data-driven stories on sports, business, and, soon, other industries.

Read Tess Danielson, www.csmonitor.com

New report looks for patterns in Twitter harassment

The Verge :: Twitter harassment is a problem, but how do you even judge its scope, let alone fix it? That's a question that feminist activist group Women, Action, and the Media set out to answer last year. 

Read Adi Robertson, news.google.com


The TV Watch: George Stephanopoulos and the Line Between News and Entertainment

New York Times :: First Brian Williams and now George Stephanopoulos. Credibility, or in this case, incredibility, is the Dutch elm disease of network anchors — once it spreads, it’s ferociously damaging and hard to stop.

Read Alessandra Stanley, www.nytimes.com

“Quartz is an API”: The path ahead for the business site that’s reshaping digital news

Nieman Lab :: “So when we say Quartz is an API, we don’t mean publish once and send it everywhere. We mean Quartz can go anywhere our readers are, in whatever form is appropriate.

Read Zachary Seward, www.niemanlab.org

London Live and Al Jazeera America. Tragic News - millions for nothing

Huffington Post :: Here are two tragic news stories that appeared back to back last week: London Live and Al Jazeera. In both cases, the projects were extremely well funded. And both are abysmal failures.

Read Michael Rosenblum, www.huffingtonpost.com

New York Times ramps up search for David Carr’s replacement

Variety :: The New York Times is zeroing in on a possible replacement for David Carr, the influential media-industry columnist who died suddenly in February, according to people familiar with the situation.

Read Brian Steinberg, Brent Lang, variety.com

Facebook publishing for local news outlets could arrive ‘in the coming months’

CJR :: Smaller publications, including local news sources, may have an opportunity to try Instant Articles for themselves soon, as Justin Osofsky, Facebook’s vice president for media partnerships, told CJR in a statement today.

Read Corey Hutchins, www.cjr.org

BuzzFeed’s record-breaking Obama video due to earned media not Facebook

PBS Mediashift :: A quick Google search using the entire BuzzFeed Video headline shows a huge media bump from February 12 to 13, with media outlets linking or embedding the video on their sites. It wasn’t the tidal wave of social media shares on Facebook. 

Read Jess Duda, www.pbs.org

How TV Newsrooms are pushing original video on Facebook

PBS Mediashift ::  Facebook posts are repopulated for several days in users’ streams, so there is a very real chance someone won’t see that 15-second video tease until a day or two after the story aired. 

Read Dale Blasingame, www.pbs.org


Public broadcaster PBS is 'reimagining the very core' of its 'educational value proposition'

Current.org :: The public broadcaster is “reimagining the very core” of its “educational value proposition.”

Read Dru Sefton, current.org

Why are we still coordinating disaster relief over radios?

The Verge :: Tuesday night, Philadelphia's emergency dispatch channels lit up. The city was the site of a catastrophic Amtrak derailment, resulting in seven deaths and dozens of injuries, and first responders were scrambling to cut through the chaos.

Read Arielle Duhaime-Ross, www.theverge.com

In Jun, Spain, Twitter is the main way the government communicates with the people who live there, and vice versa

Yahoo! Tech :: If you use Twitter, then you’ll know it’s an interesting, if often frivolous social network. However, did you realize that when managed correctly, it could be used to run a small town? That’s what’s happening in Jun, Spain, where Twitter is the main way the government communicates with the people who live there, and vice versa.

Read Andy Boxall, www.yahoo.com

As podcast revenues climb, NPR board questions effect on radio sales

Current :: With podcast revenues and downloads climbing, the NPR board discussed underwriting standards and the impact on broadcast underwriting.

Read Ben Mook, current.org

Is source protection dead? Protecting journalists’ sources in a post-Snowden age [pdf]

Paper :: It was a major scoop by any standard, but the Edward Snowden revelations also sent a chill down the spines of journalists. They confirmed what many already suspected. The scope of mass surveillance and the extent of the authorities’ power is especially troubling for a profession that places uncompromising source protection above most, if not all, other professional virtues.

Read Carl Fridh Kleberg, www.lse.ac.uk

Rappler gets funding from top media veterans led by Marcus Brauchli, North Base Media

Tech in Asia :: Rappler, an independent social news startup in the Philippines, has secured funding from an investment firm led by Marcus Brauchli.

Read Judith Balea, www.techinasia.com

London Live chief executive: 'We can't keep propping it up'

Campaign.co.uk :: The days of Evgeny Lebedev's government-backed local television experiment, London Live, could soon be numbered, as its chief executive admits it is has been ring fenced from the rest of the group and placed under "constant review".

Read Arif Durrani, www.campaignlive.co.uk

Transfer of power from the media tribe to technology tribe: Why publishers had to partner with Facebook

The natural order of the universe was disrupted yesterday when BuzzFeed, NBC News, the New York Times and a number of other prominent media companies shockingly ceded to Facebook the marketing and monetization of portions of their valuable content. 

Read Alan D. Mutter, newsosaur.blogspot.com

Mobile RSS: The snatch of the content value

MyThoughtsOnIt :: Smartphones have drastically changed the way we consume news. And mobile news aggregators are the new winners of this race. But while offering an RSS feed, and in some cases, the full content without the publisher’s consent, is helpful to the end-user, it elbows news sources out of the value chain. 

Read Gilles Raymond, mythoughtson.it

Alibaba founder Jack Ma leads $128m investment in live-streaming sports site

Tech in Asia :: The investment in LeTV Sports was led by two of China's most prominent billionaires, Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma and Wanda Group chairman Wang Jianlin.

Read Paul Bischoff, www.techinasia.com

From new native ad unit to long articles - Media take different approaches in publishing direct to Facebook

Digiday :: Major news publishers took full advantage of Facebook's multimedia features in kicking off their first uses of Facebook's new Instant Articles product but missed some chances to tailor their content to mobile users.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Despite concerns, interest in mobile audience targeting rises

eMarketer :: Last year, marketers gave mobile ad targeting average grades for effectiveness, and research showed that many advertisers were skeptical of the data used to target mobile display ads to specific audience segments on smartphones and tablets.

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com


Boston Globe sues police over public records dispute

Poynter :: The Boston Globe on Tuesday filed an open-records lawsuit against multiple law enforcement organizations after being stonewalled by the police.

Read Benjamin Mullin, www.poynter.org

NBC Universal and Defy Media make Hispanic content push

Stream Daily :: Content will be produced in Spanish and English to capture what NBC execs call "the new mainstream" demographic of mobile, multicultural and young viewers.

Read Bree Rody-Mantha, streamdaily.tv

Want to know what’s trending on TV at any given moment? Whipclip has launched ‘TV Now’

AdWeek :: Want to know what’s trending on TV at any given moment? Whipclip – the legal TV clip sharing app – today announced the launch of ‘TV Now,’ its embeddable video widget, on TV Insider.

Read Adam Flomenbaum, www.adweek.com

Nielsen study: viewer habits and ad spends aren’t lining up

Adweek :: A new Nielsen study published today combines viewers’ purchase data and TV habits and shows just how specific buyers can get when planing their spend. 

Read Karen Fratti, www.adweek.com

Getting the news to everyone, not just the wealthy

The Atlantic :: People with lower incomes have just as much of an appetite for information, but few media outlets keep them in mind. Can that imbalance be fixed?

Read Joe Pinsker, www.theatlantic.com

POLITICO launches Pro subscription news service in Europe

Axel Springer ::  Modeled on the real-time policy-based news service in Washington, D.C., the European edition of Pro will offer policy professionals intelligence on technology, health care and energy as it relates to Brussels and industries on the continent. 

Read Michael Schneider, www.axelspringer.de

Tory officials threatened BBC during election, says Miliband's strategist

Guardian :: Tom Baldwin says senior BBC executives faced repeated threats of far-reaching reforms if they didn’t change election campaign coverage.

Read Patrick Wintour, www.theguardian.com

Spotify faces an uphill battle to make a dent in video

Digiday :: Spotify’s plan to build a digital video business has prompted equal parts excitement and skepticism across the media industry. 

Read Eric Blattberg, digiday.com

AOL’s content sites face an uncertain fate

Digiday :: Verizon is paying $4.4 billion for AOL’s ad tech and video businesses. The future is less certain for AOL’s content sites like The Huffington Post and smaller properties such as Engadget and TechCrunch. The conventional wisdom is Verizon doesn’t want to be in the content business and will sell them, but there’s advertiser value in those sites.

Read Lucia Moses, digiday.com

Up to $500m will be paid back to News Corporation shareholders

The Newspaper Works :: Up to $500 million will be paid back to News Corporation shareholders as CEO Robert Thomson signals his confidence in the future of the company after its 2013 de-merger. 

Read Staff, The Newspaper Works, www.thenewspaperworks.com.au

Top-notch experience expected, but digital video quality issues persist

eMarketer :: As consumers spend more time viewing video digitally, they expect a top-notch experience. However, poor quality issues, such as low resolution and buffering, remain problems for viewers.

Read Staff, eMarketer, www.emarketer.com

Facebook starts publishing the New York Times, BuzzFeed and more with its ‘Instant Articles’ program

Recode :: An "experiment" that's going to be very big for the media business. Here's how it works.

Read Peter Kafka, recode.net

Jeff Jarvis: Facebook just gave publishers almost what I was wishing for

Buzzmachine :: Facebook just gave publishers almost what I was wishing for. It is enabling news companies to go to readers where they are (we used to call that home delivery), embedding their articles, photos, videos — and ads — in users’ streams of attention and keeping all the revenue they sell or a share of the ad revenue Facebook sells.

Read Jeff Jarvis, buzzmachine.com

Screen Australia sees more cash stripped away in budget while The Conversation loses funding

mUmBRELLA :: Screen Australia has been hit with a further funding cut of nearly $1m per year in yesterday’s budget whilst the government also confirmed The Conversation will not receive any more funding.

Read Alex Hayes, mumbrella.com.au

Cablevision Ending Bid for Daily News

New York Times :: The cable company is planning to step back from the purchasing process of The Daily News, a New York tabloid

Read Staff, New York Times, www.nytimes.com

Fairfax is refocusing its efforts in the mobile space, hiring more than 40 new staff

mUmBRELLA :: The head of Fairfax’s mobile operations says the publisher is refocusing its efforts in the mobile space, and is in the process of hiring more than 40 new staff in an attempt to make it truly “mobile first”. 

Read Nic Christensen, mumbrella.com.au

The "Gang of Girls" risks their lives to report from inside a war zone

ELLE :: Amid the rubble of Syria, a band of women are risking prison, or worse, to report, write, and edit the civil war's paper of record.

Read Christina Asquit, www.elle.com


Tony Hall tells BBC staff to be 'bold and inventive' as licence fee battle looms

Guardian :: Director general says BBC is not immune to change and will publish its own proposals following appointment of culture minister known to be against licence fee.

Read Jane Martinson, www.theguardian.com

Why AOL is poised to take on Facebook and Google

Adweek :: What do you get when you combine the one-time champion of dial-up and the current wireless subscription leader? You get an advertising technology player that could compete more closely with Facebook and Google, according to top industry leaders.

Read Garett Sloane, www.adweek.com

BitTorrent launches 'Bleep,' a private messaging app

Huffington Post :: The company on Tuesday officially released Bleep, a new mobile messaging app that purports to keep user information private.

Read Damon Beres, www.huffingtonpost.com

How the New York Times' nail salon exposé became 'the rare viral investigative story'

AdWeek :: The two-part story, written by Times staff reporter Sarah Maslin Nir, was released online last Thursday before being published in the newspaper's Sunday print edition. Since then, the story has been reported on by news outlets around the world and even resulted in a policy change.

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Knight Foundation invests $1m in creator-driven podcast collective Radiotopia

Nieman Lab :: The money will help PRX’s collective of public media-minded shows develop sustainable business models and expand with new shows and producers.

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Will Huffington Post Spin Off From AOL Rather Than Go Under Verizon?

AdWeek :: This morning, Verizon seemed to be on the verge of taking ownership of one of the Internet's flagship news sites, The Huffington Post. But now doubts are swirling around whether the mega-blog will be part of Verizon's $4.4 billion acquisition of AOL.

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Interactive TV channel YUN!Q to launch in Germany

Broadband TV News :: German media company onMedia.TV wants to launch an interactive TV channel shortly aiming to take viewers between 14 and 34 years of age back to linear television.

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Verizon will buy AOL for $4.4 billion

The Verge :: Verizon, it has just been announced, has agreed a deal to buy AOL for $4.4 billion. That's a price of $50 per share and the transaction is expected to be completed this summer. 

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Local media's programmatic growing pains, in 5 charts

Digiday :: Advertisers are shifting budgets quickly to programmatic channels. So much so that eMarketer projects that more than half (55 percent) of digital display advertising will be sold programmatically this year. Local newspapers and broadcasters are also jumping on the programmatic bandwagon, if more slowly.

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News Corp launches initial stock buyback program

The Wrap :: CEO Robert Thomson calls the offer a “vote of confidence” in digital strategy days after weak Q3 earnings report.

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ProSiebenSat.1 takes over Putpat TV

Broadband TV News :: German commercial TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 has acquired interactive music TV service Putpat TV.

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How TV newsrooms are pushing original video on Facebook

PBS Mediashift ::  Newsrooms don’t have to post every single story every single day to Facebook native video. Newsrooms don’t have to create multiple pieces of pre-produced content every day just for social. Start with something simple.

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Fashionable content: How ASOS built a brand mag with over 500,000 monthly readers

Contently :: We often talk about how stitching hard sells into your content marketing is a bad look, but we should probably make an exception for the fashion industry. The world’s hottest clothing brands are proving that commerce and content can live in harmony.

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