Google has launched a major project that aims to make the entire mobile web load a lot faster

Google has launched an ambitious initiative that aims to speed up loading times across the entire mobile web. The new open source project is called Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s basically a new kind of open source HTML code framework that Google is asking publishers and developers to adopt into their websites and apps. It could become as important for the mobile web as when website owners adopted “responsive design,” which automatically re-sizes web pages to fit users’ mobile screens — rather than just letting users navigate not-fit-for-purpose desktop sites, which tend to have text that’s unreadable on mobile and buttons too small to press. Google says AMP HTML will “dramatically improve” the performance of the mobile web by allowing website owners to build lighter-weight web pages that reduce reliance on often clunky technology such as JavaScript. Pages that previously took three seconds to load will take milliseconds, according to one of the initial AMP partners, news app Nuzzel. Several...

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