How Empire magazine came to reign over podcasts, too

Digiday :: Empire, Bauer’s film title, has honed its podcast over four years, and grown its weekly download figures to up to 100,000.

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Inside AgĂȘncia PĂșblica, the Brazilian investigative journalism agency led by women

Journalism.co.uk :: Co-founder Natalia Viana shares insights into what it's like to work with a majority-female investigative team in Brazil.

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New York Times Names Elizabeth Spayd Its 6th Public Editor

New York Times :: A former Washington Post editor and current editor in chief of The Columbia Journalism Review, Ms. Spayd succeeds Margaret Sullivan, who left last month.

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New York Times' documentaries: Not only live and reactionary video, but slow-churn efforts have a following, too

Digiday :: Live and reactionary video is the current format du jour for publishers’ video efforts. But The New York Times is finding that its slow-churn efforts have a following, too.

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New York Times' documentaries: Not only live and reactionary video, but slow-churn efforts have a following, too

Digiday :: Live and reactionary video is the current format du jour for publishers’ video efforts. But The New York Times is finding that its slow-churn efforts have a following, too.

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How The Sun’s fantasy football site uses Facebook Live

Digiday :: Dream Team, The Sun’s fantasy football division, has struck on a winning Facebook Live strategy: Offer viewers behind-the-scenes access to matches -- and, failing that, just film fans watching the game.

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A 'Snapchat algorithm' is coming: watch another social network regulate how many of your fans will see your posts

Digiday :: Snapchat is developing an algorithm to control how publishers’ content is doled out to followers, according to sources familiar with the plans. Publishers are becoming increasingly beholden to Snapchat for audiences, especially young ones, and an algorithm would affect the reach of their content.

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Fashion unfiltered: How four creative directors are using Snapchat

Digiday :: Instagram has sent shockwaves through the fashion world,;for publishers and retailers alike. But increasingly, industry attention is being driven toward a much more unfiltered competitor in the social app space: Snapchat.

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Snapchat’s newest power users: Entrepreneurs with advice for startups - without worrying about grammatical errors

Digiday :: More and more, startup entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have been using Snapchat as a platform to share their knowledge and dole out some friendly advice. Box's Navid Nathoo shares his insights on entrepreneurship, investment as well as sales and marketing.

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I worked on Facebook's trending team – The most toxic work experience of my life

Guardian :: A former contractor says that while the social media company did not impose political bias upon news ‘curators’, she and other employees were subject to poor management, intimidation and sexism that left them feeling voiceless

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£15m (€19.2m) BBC online cuts announced including closing of services: Newsbeat, Food, News Magazine and Travel

Press Gazette :: The BBC has announced it will be closing a number of online services including the Food website, the online News Magazine and the website and app for Radio One news bulletin service Newsbeat while reducing others.

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It's easy to mine sensitive data from call records, study shows

The Verge :: Even the least invasive surveillance tools can provide a detailed look at a person’s life, according to a new study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Twitter to exclude photos and links in a tweet's 140 character limit

Bloomberg News :: Twitter Inc. will soon stop counting photos and links in their 140-character limit for tweets, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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The BBC is reportedly planning a 'Britflix' competitor to Netflix

The Verge :: The BBC is pushing forward with plans for a subscription streaming service that'd rival offerings from Netflix and Amazon, and it has an adorable working title: Britflix.

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Journalism is slow to grasp new technology

Boston Herald :: With a burning desire to adapt, innovate and even disrupt, news organizations are finding it harder to cope with a lack of skilled workers who can straddle the line between journalism and technology. 

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With 1 million monthly listeners, 80 percent of whom listen through downloads, lifestyle magazine Monocle found money in radio

Digiday :: More media companies are increasing their podcast output, Monocle, a lifestyle magazine, went even further by launching a digital radio station. Four years later, it has 1 million monthly listeners, 80 percent of whom listen through downloads.

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The Washington Post is taking its sponsored content to a new level. Massive content packages can cost more than $1m

Digiday :: The Washington Post is taking its sponsored content to a new level. The publisher has been investing in its WP Brand Studio and coming up with massive content packages for advertisers that can cost more than $1 million.

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Unlimited? You decide. - Amazon is reportedly expanding its private label to food, coffee, diapers

Venture Beat :: Amazon may be looking to expand its private-label brands to include more perishable food and household items such as nuts, spices, coffee, diapers, laundry detergent, and baby food.

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Warren Buffett and Dan Gilbert Unite in Bid to Acquire Yahoo

New York Times : The unusual presence of Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Buffett in the bidding suggests just how far Yahoo and its advisers have cast their net to find potential buyers.

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Want security clearance? Feds will now check your Facebook, Twitter first

NOLA :: Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts of thousands of federal employees and contractors applying and re-applying for security clearances.

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Discovery buys majority in India’s FoodFood network

Broadband TV News :: Discovery Communications today announced an agreement to partner with India’s top culinary celebrity Sanjeev Kapoor, by acquiring a majority share in Turmeric Vision Private Limited, which owns and operates pay-TV network, FoodFood and its digital products.

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North Korea expels 3 BBC journalists, complains of coverage

Washington Post :: North Korea on Monday expelled three BBC journalists it had detained days earlier for allegedly “insulting the dignity” of the authoritarian country, sending them off on a flight to Beijing.

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On a three-day press tour with the Russian army in #Syria

Washington Post :: Russia's military is crafting a new, media-friendly (or at least media-tolerant) image. Novelties include televised briefings, a blood-pumping medley of events called the International Military Games, and a chain of clothing stores that carry patriotic leather jackets andchildren's T-shirts.

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Marty Baron: WashPost doesn't take coverage direction from Jeff Bezos

Poynter :: Responding to accusations from Donald Trump that Jeff Bezos is orchestrating editorial coverage to his own ends behind the scenes, editor Marty Baron snapped back Friday.

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Tanzania cuts live parliamentary coverage, ending vital news source for citizens

CPJ :: On April 19, the live coverage of proceedings in the Tanzanian parliament ended as a government decision to halt the service went into effect. The move, announced by Information Minister Nape Nnauye in January, has led to protests from the opposition party and journalists' groups.

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New York Times employee union says pay gap persists for women, minorities

The Wrap :: A union representing New York Times employees claims a pay gap for women and minorities persists at the paper, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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YouTube kicks off broader content deal with NFL

Stream Daily :: The football league will make full games available to fans, including three historical matches from each of its 32 clubs.

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No, New York Times media columnist, Trump's win does not prove that data journalism is “wrong”

Slate :: The results of the presidential primary race are in, and the New York Times’ media columnist has declared a loser: journalism. “Wrong, wrong, wrong,” writes Jim Rutenberg. “To the very end, we got it wrong.”

Read by (author unknown) • 14.05.2016 at 23:30, www.slate.com


Nate Silver unloads on The New York Times

Columbia Journalism Review :: FIVETHIRTYEIGHT’S NATE SILVER ripped into The New York Times in general—and the paper’s new media columnist, Jim Rutenberg, in particular—on the FiveThirtyEight election podcast on Monday. The minutes-long rant included loaded words like “dishonest” and “unethical.”

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The value of data journalism

Real Clear Politics :: Ryan Cooper of The Week is having a good laugh at Nate Silver’s expense, calling into question the usefulness of data journalism in the process. This subject is fair game; the genre has not exactly covered itself in glory this election cycle.

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Detention of journalists Amr Badr, Mahmoud Sakka extended for 15 days

Mada Masr :: The detention of journalists Amr Badr and Mahmoud al-Sakka was extended for 15 days pending investigations, according to lawyer Khaled Ali. Both were arrested on May 1, when security forces stormed the Journalists Syndicate building where they were staging a sit-in. 

Read by laura.gribbon • 14.05.2016 at 21:04, www.madamasr.com

The politicians investigating Facebook’s bias are looking for the wrong kind of bias

Quartz :: The US Senate is concerned about political bias at Facebook. Specifically, it wants to know how the company chooses news stories that appear in its “trending topics” section.

Read by Joon Ian Wong • 14.05.2016 at 19:30, qz.com

Automatic lays off 28% of its workforce, aims for profitability in 2017

Venture Beat :: Automatic is laying off 24 of its employees, which equates to about 28 percent of its workforce. The connected car platform company said that the layoffs are distributed across the organization, impacting those in engineering, support, quality assurance, and other areas.

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Daily Mail open to further acquisitions as it touts online video growth

mUmBRELLA :: The Daily Mail has used its Newfronts presentation to signal it may look at more online acquisitions if they can be found “at the right price”.

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Woody Allen gets The Hollywood Reporter banned from Cannes event for publishing rape allegations

Raw Story :: The Hollywood Reporter was banned from a Cannes Film Festival event featuring Woody Allen after publishing a guest column by Ronan Farrow, his son with ex-wife and actress Mia Farrow.

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Removal of top editors signals trouble for independent Russian paper RBC

New York Times :: Fellow journalists see the abrupt turnover at RBC as the latest ambush in an extended Kremlin campaign to exert control over all reporting.

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Gannett readying for long fight for Tribune/

Politico :: Both Gannett and Tribune Publishing are settling in for a protracted battle, as Gannett marches forward in an increasingly hostile takeover attempt of Tribune.

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How The Independent plans to pay for its journalism as a digital-only player

Digiday :: The Independent spends £250,000 a day to fund its journalism, and is bullish about maintaining those standards in its future as a digital-only publisher. While print ad revenues have hardly been a safety net for any newspaper publisher for some time, carving out commercial differentiation in the cut-throat online ad space is tough.

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Retargeting print subscribers on their online journeys: Hearst offers print-to-digital targeting

Digiday :: Print magazines have struggled to compete with the rise of digital media and the specific audience targeting it affords. But now, Hearst is touting its ability to retarget print subscribers on their online journeys, starting with a campaign for Toyota Prius campaign.

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How the data team at the FT is moving forward as audiences go mobile

Journalism.co.uk :: The publisher's data specialists are looking to improve how journalists at the organisation tell stories with data and visuals.

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BBC fears government will win battle to impose board members

Guardian :: Campaigners vow to take to the streets in protest against measures to reduce corporation’s political independence.

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BBC Reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes Faces Expulsion From North Korea For Improper 'Reportage'

Huffington Post :: North Korea detained a BBC journalist over his reporting and he was to be expelled, media reports said on Monday, the fourth day of the congress of the country's Workers' Party, the first in 36 years.

Read by Jade Walker • 09.05.2016 at 07:59, www.huffingtonpost.com

Twitter reportedly told Dataminr to stop supplying information to US intelligence agencies

The Verge :: Twitter Inc. cut off U.S. intelligence agencies from access to a service that sifts through the entire output of its social-media postings.

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How The Washington Post puts tech at the heart of its business

The Media Briefing :: For many media companies these days there's a genuine debate to be had whether publishing or technology is at the core of their business.

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Obama official says he pushed a ‘narrative’ to media to sell the Iran nuclear deal

Washington Post :: One of President Obama’s top national security advisers led journalists to believe a misleading timeline of U.S. negotiations with Iran over a nuclear agreement and relied on inexperienced reporters to create an “echo chamber” that helped sway public opinion to seal the deal, according to a lengthy magazine profile.

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Top Tribune Publishing shareholders at odds over sale to Gannett

Los Angeles Times :: The second-largest shareholder of Los Angeles Times owner Tribune Publishing has ratcheted up the pressure on the company's board to reconsider a sale to USA Today publisher Gannett Co.

Read , www.latimes.com

Ex-ABC editorial director Paul Chadwick named first global readers’ editor of The Guardian

mUmBRELLA :: Former director of editorial policies at the ABC Paul Chadwick has been appointed to the new position of global readers’ editor for The Guardian, overseeing complaints about the publication.

Read by Alex Hayes • 07.05.2016 at 20:49, mumbrella.com.au

Fairfax boss Hywood says it is ‘inevitable’ SMH and The Age will close weekday print editions

mUmBRELLA :: Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood has said it is “inevitable” the company will close its weekday Metro masthead print editions in favour of “weekend only or more targeted printing”. 

Read by Alex Hayes • 07.05.2016 at 20:49, mumbrella.com.au

BBC follows Netflix in using online viewing data to help it pick new shows

Guardian :: Commissioning teams experiment with using data from Twitter and Facebook as well as from 6 million-plus people who have signed up for BBC iD.

Read by Jasper Jackson • 07.05.2016 at 20:39, www.theguardian.com


Snapchat wants a $40 CPM for new video ads

Digiday :: Snapchat is feeling emboldened with its latest ad offering, doubling prices for views of its new interactive videos. The messaging app is charging a minimum of 4 cents a view on its new ad product, which it calls 3Vi ads — which stands for vertical video views and interactive.

Read by Garett Sloane • 06.05.2016 at 16:00, digiday.com

How the data team at the FT is moving forward as audience go mobile

journalism.co.uk :: The publisher's data specialists are looking to improve how journalists at the organisation tell stories with data and visuals.

Read by (author unknown) • 06.05.2016 at 14:11, www.journalism.co.uk

Youtube claims it has bigger prime time audience on mobile alone than TV

mUmBRELLA :: Youtube has again used the digital Newfronts in New York to take aim at the television industry, telling media buyers that its mobile audience is now larger than the prime time audience of traditional TV networks in the US. 

Read by Nic Christensen • 06.05.2016 at 08:19, mumbrella.com.au

How The Sunday Times recruits new readers beyond its paywall

Digiday ::The Times and The Sunday Times have a strict paywall that is working, with digital readers spending around an hour on the publisher's digital platform a week. Even so, it’s experimenting with growing that digital audience outside its subscribers. 

Read by Lucinda Southern • 06.05.2016 at 06:35, digiday.com