Raju Narisetti named CEO of what was Gawker Media

CNN Money :: Raju Narisetti is the new CEO of the Gawker-less Gawker Media Group, which is being renamed the Gizmodo Media Group.

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Fanning the flames: Reporting on terror in a networked world

CJR :: Terrorism is a brutal and violent practice, but it is also a media phenomenon. Terror is vital news: a dramatic, important story that the public needs to know about and understand. But terrorism also relies on such publicity to disrupt society, provoke fear, and demonstrate power. This problematic relationship predates digital technology. 

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Social media during terrorist attacks: How useful is it for journalists?

GEN :: The role that social media plays in the process of gathering, and sharing the news of a terrorist attack, is bigger than it looks. How useful is social media for journalists covering terrorism?

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Apple adds ABC News to Apple TV's 'Live Tune-In' support

Apple Insider :: Apple on Thursday added ABC News to the roster of apps supported by Live Tune-In, a feature of the fourth-generation Apple TV.

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Old Gawker Media stories are getting new life in Spanish

Poynter :: The Spanish-language media company is also experimenting with ways to magnify the audience of the newly rechristened Gizmodo Media Group. 

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Google's Jigsaw subsidiary is building open source AI tools to spot trolls

Venture Beat :: Can Google bring peace to the web with machine learning? Jigsaw, a subsidiary of parent company Alphabet is certainly trying, building open source AI tools designed to filter out abusive language. 

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Elle teams up with Twitter in activation at Australian HQ

mUmBRELLA :: Elle is partnering with Twitter Australia on September 12, in a ‘world first’ activation that gives exclusive insight into the production of the women’s magazine.

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Time Inc. looks to counter print decline by pursuing a share of digital video advertising spending

Wall Street Journal :: The magazine publisher is launching the ad-supported app and streaming service on popular web-connected devices and on People’s website to help offset decline print revenue. The network will feature shows on celebrities, human interest stories and live events.

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Can social media be tamed?

Forbes :: Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter have all been the target of passionate groups of users claiming that the sites have embraced censorship. There’s a complicated balance being tested, with limited success, as social networks try and retain their atmosphere of openness while creating an advertiser-safe environment.

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Social media's prominent role in broadcasting tragedy: The trauma of violent news on the internet

New York Times :: “The world has always been messy,” President Obama said in 2014 after a string of doom-and-gloom news events. “In part, we’re just noticing now because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through.”

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Hong Kong: Media outlets become a platform for novice politicians. A threat to China's election debate?

Listening Post :: Hong Kong's election last week saw a record turnout of voters. We look at how a new generation of journalists are challenging an establishment media increasingly influenced by Beijing and creating new public forums for young politicians to make their mark.

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What is the future of book publishing in a data-driven world? Turning the book-selection process into a science

Digitalbookworld.com :: From the invention of the moveable printing press, in the 13th century, to the introduction of ebooks, in the mid-90s, there has never been a moment when the publishing industry has not been evolving to catch up to the way people select and purchase books.

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ASNE stops trying to count total job losses in American newsrooms

Poynter :: After a decade of documenting job losses for journalists totaling more than 20,000 since 2006, the American Society of News Editors has abandoned the effort.

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At industry conference, publishers vent about power of social media companies

AdAge :: The angst was palpable at Digital Media Strategies 2016, an annual industry conference held on Wednesday and Thursday at a hotel in Times Square.

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WikiLeaks release excludes evidence of €2 billion transfer from Syria to Russia

DailyDot :: A trove of hacked emails published by WikiLeaks in 2012 excludes records of a €2 billion transaction between the Syrian regime and a government-owned Russian bank, according to leaked U.S. court documents obtained by the Daily Dot.

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Guardian launches news 'chatbot' as part of early experiments with artificial intelligence technology

Pressgazette :: Without much fanfare, the Guardian has launched a news chatbot on Facebook Messenger in a further experimentation with the format that it first used to share recipes this summer.

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An algorithm may soon cover your local sports team

Motherboard :: David Llorente, co-founder of Narrativa, said was inspired to develop an AI-powered content generation system after he tried fruitlessly to find coverage of minor league soccer games from other countries in his native Spanish.

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Report: 32 percent of global page views now impacted by ad blocking

Marketing Land :: Worldwide ad blocking (page views) now stands at 32.4 percent, while analytics blocking is 5.2 percent. This means that 32 percent of all page views Blockmetry is monitoring globally witness ad blocking. That’s up from 28.5 percent in May. However analytics blocking has not grown as much; it was 5.1 percent in May.


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Why Facebook's trending topic spam problem can't be solved

Fast Company :: The decision to nix Trending's human editors has proven controversial in mere days—but Facebook has long put too much faith in automation.

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Dow Jones boss slams digital players for serving up ‘junk food masquerading as journalism’

Mumbrella :: The boss of News Corp’s Wall Street Journal owner Dow Jones has attacked digital-only media firms, accusing outlets such as Buzzfeed of churning out “made-up lists masquerading as journalism”.

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