Facebook, Google, consolidation: What drove media deals in 2016

Digiday :: Media ownership is being overhauled as companies try to figure out their place in a world where 85 percent of digital dollars are going to two companies: Facebook and Google. The platform giants' dominance were factors in AT&T's $85 billion bid for Time Warner and other mega deals that were announced in 2016.

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Amazon Echo murder case amplifies the question of what ‘always on’ really means

VentureBeat :: Some people have wondered if smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo devices, or its closest contender, the Google Home, are constantly capturing audio data, rather than just listening when the right wake word is uttered. Now a court case is bringing the issue to the fore.

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Facebook agrees to settle class-action over message scans

Mediapost :: Facebook has agreed to resolve a battle with consumers who sued the company for allegedly scanning the "private" messages that users send to each other, according to new court papers.

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20-year-olds buy radio station, build omnichannel ad, media company

Mediapost :: Bold Broadcasting will become the parent company, or holding company, for a variety of media companies spanning live events to digital, radio and eventually print.

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How The Economist is getting more reach for VR content

Digiday :: Virtual reality doesn’t have the big audience numbers to attract all types of brand advertisers. Publishers like The Economist are making sure their VR content is available on more platforms. 

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Twitter is experimenting with breaking news alerts

Mashable :: Twitter has been quietly testing a feature that could push it further into the news business.

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Greylock names Twitter product VP Josh McFarland as its newest partner

Venture Beat :: Investment firm Greylock has named Josh McFarland as its newest investment partner. The selection ends an eight year courting process Greylock had engaged in to bring Twitter’s current vice president of product on board. 

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Twitter CTO Adam Messinger is leaving the company

Recode :: Messinger, who’s been at the company for five years, tweeted the news Tuesday afternoon. He was most recently running product, engineering and design — a big chunk of the company.

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You Can Now Listen to Live Audio Content on Facebook

Adweek :: Facebook Live isn't just for video. Today the social network launched a new feature dubbed Live Audio that lets users listen to broadcast voice recordings, pushing more audio-only content into newsfeeds.

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EU watchdog probes Facebook over WhatsApp merger

AP :: The EU is looking into whether it was mislead by Facebook during its WhatsApp merger with specific concerns that it can match its user accounts with WhatsApp user accounts.

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The Boston Globe uses Facebook groups to create direct connections with readers

Digiday :: While many publishers are trying to forge direct connections with readers as a defense against Facebook, The Boston Globe is using the social giant itself to engage its readers.

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Platforms must take responsibility for fake news, Tom Friedman says

Recode :: “Let me get this right, you ‘platforms,’” Friedman said on the latest episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher. “So you want all the New York Times readers, you want all the New York Times advertising, but you don’t want to have the New York Times editors? That is bullshit.”

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Snapchat plays hard to get with celebrities and influencers

New York Times :: The musician Jay Sean has visited the headquarters of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has reached out to tutor him on the best time to post photos for maximum impact.

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Magazine audits suffer another massive blow as publishers aim to turn narrative to readership

Mumbrella :: News Corp has delivered a potential deathblow to Australia’s independent magazine circulation audit system, becoming the second major publisher in less than a week to withdraw from the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA).

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Messaging apps will go mainstream in newsrooms and become essential tools in everyone’s distribution toolbox

Nieman Lab :: Messaging apps will go mainstream in newsrooms. They will become essential tools in everyone’s distribution toolbox, and you’ll begin to hear “how do we message that” around the newsroom just like you hear “tweet it” today. 

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Condé Nast Entertainment eyes programmatic video, plants ‘big stick’ in VR

Beet.TV :: Condé Nast Entertainment—which produces about 5,000 unique premium videos each year—is testing programmatic ad sales in what could be a prelude to a big programmatic push in 2017.

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How fashion publishers are experimenting with Instagram Live

Digiday :: Just like Instagram Stories, which launched in August, and Facebook Live, which debuted in June, publishers are experimenting with Instagram's newest addition — Instagram Live — and identifying ways to use it connect with their audiences.

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Day in the Life: BuzzFeed UK’s new special projects editor Louise Ridley

Digiday :: BuzzFeed is giving just as much attention to its long-form content as it is to its short-form, as it continues pushing to establish its reputation as a provider of quality, investigative news alongside the lists and quizzes it has thrived on.

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In the shadow of Facebook, Twitter loses traction with publishers

Digiday :: Social publishing is becoming a zero-sum game. As media companies clamor for readers on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter is losing the attention battle.

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News app retention: How ESPN uses “live cards” to keep people in their app

Digiday :: For ESPN, getting users to watch video on its mobile app is a pretty big deal. But the sports media giant thinks it can serve you video in a way that doesn’t prevent you from accessing other content on the app — and in doing so, getting you to stick around longer.

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Takeaways from world’s first constructive journalism conference

WAN-IFRA :: Constructive journalism is about reporting problems – like traditional journalism – as well as providing solutions that inspire readers to take action rather than leaving them feeling hopeless.

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Journalism that bursts Britain’s Eurosceptic bubble

Guardian :: This year’s European Press Prize, as always, reveals a diverse, outward-looking culture far away from the familiar Brussels stereotype.

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Who on earth would want to be BBC chair now?

Guardian :: The mighty new corporation board needs a big player to run it. But who will take such a high-stress job on Mrs May’s austerity wages?

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Facebook reportedly cloning Snapchat Discover to add more real news to your feed

Fortune :: Facebook’s envy of Snapchat has been well-documented—as have its attempts over the years to imitate various features of the mobile video-messaging service. Virtually none of these efforts have managed to gain much traction with user

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Twitter may have predicted the election

MIT Technology Review :: The votes for Brexit and Donald Trump contradicted pollsters, but some researchers say Twitter was sending accurate signals all along.

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Have Facebook, Google, Twitter played crucial roles in the growth of terrorist organizations in recent years?

Bloomberg :: The family of a woman slain in the 2015 Paris attacks claims in a lawsuit that Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google profit from targeted advertising linked to terrorist propaganda promoting violence.

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Changes to LinkedIn's platform have significantly increased the traffic it drives for business-focused publishers

Digiday :: Like many other platforms, LinkedIn has swung back and forth between serving up traffic to publishers and not offering much traffic at all. But over the past year, a number of changes made to its platform have significantly increased the traffic LinkedIn drives for business-focused publishers

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Daily Mail group refuses to rule out sale of newspaper titles

Guardian :: The new chief executive of the Daily Mail & General Trust, the parent of the Daily Mail and Mail Online, has refused to rule out a potential sale of the newspaper, saying there are “no sacred cows” in his strategic review of the business.

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The Financial Times claims a first by earning more revenues from digital than print

Guardian :: The Financial Times has passed another significant milestone by securing more revenues from digital than print. It means that it can claim to be the first mainstream UK newspaper to be able to describe itself as a truly “digital content business.”
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Traditional production methods failing to meet increased demand for video content

Rapid TV News :: Production houses may be missing out on cashing in on huge video demand after research reveals that TV professionals don’t have time to learn how to use the advanced technology that the industry has traditionally relied on.

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Traditional production methods failing to meet increased demand for video content

Rapid TV News :: Production houses may be missing out on cashing in on huge video demand after research reveals that TV professionals don’t have time to learn how to use the advanced technology that the industry has traditionally relied on.

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Reuters now employs an algorithm to detect breaking news on Twitter - Digital Trends

Nieman Lab :: When it comes to automating the process of spotting breaking news, solving one problem can create several more. Reuters discovered this firsthand over the past two years as it built Reuters News Tracer, a custom tool designed to monitor Twitter for major breaking news events as they emerge. 

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