Now Condé Nast: looks like industry facts ring down the curtain on 'publisher'

Media Life Magazine :: Condé Nast eliminates the title in a big shakeup, following the lead of Time Inc., which first did it last summer.

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With The Scope, Huffington Post joins the vertical craze

Digiday :: Once upon a time, many publishers wanted to establish authority on every topic, and cover everything they possibly could. Today, a growing number of them still want to cover everything, but now they're trying to build standalone brands around each interest or topic.

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Day in the Life: Merriam-Webster’s social media manager subtweets truth to power

Vox :: White House counselor Kellyanne Conway coined a new term this weekend: “alternative facts.” And the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a 186-year-old authority on English language use, had to weigh in.

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Recent departures: Industry jobs are enticing to journalists looking for job security, regular hours and higher pay

Benzinga :: The recent departures of media bigwigs generated significant meta-news. Nevertheless, one industry expert said the incidents weren’t unprecedented.

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Google’s 2016 bad ads report: 1.7bn ads removed, including fake news ads

Search Engine Land :: The company says efforts to crack down on payday loan ads, ads that look like system errors and fake news ads were among those that led to an increase in removed ads in 2016.

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From preferential tax treatment to a more focused CBC: 12 ways Canada can strengthen its struggling news ecosystem

Nieman Lab :: Canadian journalism is in crisis. While the news business north of the border faces many of the same structural challenges as the American industry Canada's size and highly centralized media ownership has allowed little room for digital upstarts.

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Avid consumers of local news are often also more engaged members of their local communities

Nieman Lab :: Know your neighbors? You also probably know something about what’s going on down at city hall.

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Crowdfunding platform Patreon is helping The Asheville Blade connect directly with readers — and skip over advertisers entirely

Nieman Lab :: Patreon wasn’t built with funding journalism in mind, but it’s become an effective way for creators of a wide variety of work, including journalism, to fund their projects

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A new collaboration: NPR stations nationwide are working together to spot trends in state governments

Nieman Lab :: Last September, NPR’s All Things Considered aired a story about how outside interests lurked behind a glut of ballot measures nationwide. To cover the story, NPR turned to reporters from member stations in Colorado and Maine to compare and contrast what was happening in each state, while also sharing lessons that could be applied nationally.

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The Snapchat-ing of Instagram brings a few new story options you should have heard of

MumBrella :: Instagram has rolled out its live video addition to the social media platform, as well as images that delete after viewing in the ‘direct message’ section of the app.

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How the Financial Times keeps up editorial experimentation

Digiday :: The FT's special projects are usually temporary experiments that don't always lead to a permanent product. Sometimes they are tied to the newsroom agenda, like a multiple experiments around Brexit or the U.S. election; other times they fulfill the dreams of reporters.

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Anonymous sources are here to stay. Here’s how we’ll be more careful

Tech in Asia :: Anonymous sources reveal the truth, but could also be a ticking time bomb. Here are some guidelines to make sure we do things right.

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“Can I give you more?”: How Politico, Motor Trend and The Young Turks make subscriptions work

Digiday :: For publishers, relying on ad-supported revenue models can be fraught with problems--like programmatic vendors that eat up publisher dollars and the need to write stories that scale via sensationalism and clickbait.

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Publishers see the rise of fake news as a chance for quality journalism to stand out

Exchange Wire :: Publishers see the rise of fake news as a chance for quality journalism to stand out, even as they worry about the increasing power of big tech platforms, finds Reuters Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions Report 2017.

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Content mills test whether false domains boost Facebook traffic

Digiday :: When posting on Facebook, several content mills use multiple domains for the same article. The websites who use this tactic claim they are A/B testing URL names. But most sources suggested that URL names have no effect on user engagement and that using multiple domains can come off like an algorithm trick.

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How Bloomberg is fighting to reclaim homepage traffic

Digiday :: Publishers are grappling with a decline in home page traffic. Bloomberg Media seems to have found a remedy, though. When it relaunched its tech vertical, rather than implementing the traditional infinite scroll of articles, Bloomberg Media decided to send people to the vertical’s homepage.

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Creating an authentic sense of presence: 360/VR filmmaking technology in service of journalism

Huffington Post :: I’ve seen people cry and make huge donations on the spot after watching VR films. But for breaking news coverage like this, it’s more about creating an authentic sense of presence.

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Snapchat's crackdown on content sets itself apart from Facebook and Twitter

Yahoo Finance :: While Mark Zuckerberg has refused to call Facebook (FB) a media company, Snap Inc. may be working in the opposite direction with its ephemeral photo-messaging app, Snapchat.

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BBC Worldwide content deal with Amazon India

Advanced TV :: BBC Worldwide has agreed a deal with Amazon that will give Amazon Prime members in India access to more than 600 hours of factual and pre-school content from the BBC.

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‘Alternative Facts’ and the costs of Trump-branded reality

New York Times :: The falsehoods put forth by members of the Trump team imperil one of the country’s most valuable assets: its credibility.

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Facebook Journalism Project is nothing but a much-deeded PR stunt

Monday Note :: Facebook had to do something for the news ecosystem. But its freedom of movement is limited by the structure of its revenue stream. Hence a project that blends cynicism and naïveté.

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Trump inauguration sets live video streaming record

Advanced TV :: According to content delivery network specialist Akamai Technologies, video streaming coverage of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration is the largest single live news event that the company has delivered. 

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In Sweden Aftonbladet paid for ads to amplify a story, targeting the people who had commented on a fake news story

Digiday :: Sweden, with one of the oldest free presses in the world, has seen a worrying rise in hate speech and fake news, according to Ehsan Fadakar, social media columnist at tabloid Aftonbladet. But publishers there have a more direct connection with their readers than in other countries, making combating fake news somewhat easier.

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Sky show to promote newspaper content

News Media Works :: Breaking news stories from the following day’s newspapers and key issues will be a focus of a new television program on Sky News, the network acquired last year by News Corp Australia.

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Snapchat has updated its guidelines for publishers, aiming to raise the bar on the quality of its news service

New York Times :: Risqué and misleading images will now be much less prominent on Discover because early on Monday, Snapchat updated its guidelines for publishers

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Business Insider launches sub-Saharan site

Talking Biz News :: Business Insider announced Friday that it will launch a sub-Saharan version of its site in conjunction with Ringier Africa Digital Publishing.

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Subbing hub move sees 78 Trinity Mirror regional newspaper journalists face redundancy

Press Gazette :: Trinity Mirror has announced 78 redundancies across its network of regional newspapers today as it creates new subbing hubs in an extensive restructure of its operations.

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USA Today’s VR show shoots second season to draw brand experiences

Beet.TV :: USA Today is currently in production on a second “season” of its own virtual reality series, as it gears up to offer brands new ways to sell in to the medium.

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With The Lily, The Washington Post is looking for new audiences in new places

Poynter :: The Lily was the name of the first U.S. newspaper edited by and for women, starting in 1849. But don't feel too bad if you didn't already know that.

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How automated journalism and loss of reading privacy may hurt civil discourse

Slate :: Can technology be autonomous? Does it lead a life of its own and operate independently of human guidance?

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Post in the machine: How Blockast is taking a shot at local news collection

Streetfightmag :: Were I to count the ways mainstream news outlets, hyperlocals and other hopefuls have tried to tackle the challenge of successfully covering local news for a mobile audience (which is to say… everyone), I’d need more hands.

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Obama: “My instinct is everybody hates media right now…that has to be an opportunity”

Nieman Lab :: President Obama appeared on the latest episode of the new podcast Pod Save America, in what was billed as his last interview as president of the United States before Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

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Twentieth Century Fox and Fox Networks create a new division for video-gaming, and VR/AR productions

Advanced TV :: Twentieth Century Fox and Fox Networks is creating a new division for video-gaming, location-based entertainment and VR/AR productions headed by Twentieth Century Fox Film content management chief Salil Mehta.

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Apple and Amazon end decade-long audiobook exclusivity deal

The Verge :: Apple and Amazon have agreed to end an exclusivity agreement that made Audible the only seller of audiobooks inside of iTunes.

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The Christian Science Monitor is betting big on constructive, non-depressing (but paid-for) news

Nieman Lab :: The 109-year-old publication’s digital future will be based around a voice that is “calm and fact-based and fundamentally constructive, and assumes that our readers are looking to have a fundamentally constructive approach to the news.”

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Facebook blocks Russian media outlet RT until after the inauguration

Fortune :: RT has been blocked from posting content to its Facebook page. The ban, according to the Facebook bot, will last until Saturday 10:55pm Moscow time (2:55pm EST) and will extend across US president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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How to publish your podcast on a variety of platforms

The Media Briefing :: Back in October 2014 we published an article entitled 'How to publish your podcast on a variety of platforms'. Over the past few months, we've noticed it's begun creeping back up our most-read list as publishers begin to seriously look to podcasts for revenue and engagement.

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UK: Media select committee plans fake news inquiry that could see Google, Facebook and Twitter bosses grilled by ministers

Press Gazette :: Digital bosses from Facebook, Google and Twitter could be called in for questioning by MPs if the media select committee goes ahead with a fake news inquiry said to be planned for the coming months.

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47% of Republicans disapprove the president-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter use, poll finds

Wall Street Journal :: Negative reviews of the president-elect’s favorite social media tool aren't just partisan; 47% of Republicans said his use of Twitter is a bad thing

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German publishers seek more dialogue with Facebook on its fake-news crackdown

Digiday :: Facebook has chosen Germany as the next country outside of the U.S. to test tools that filter out fake news, but details of how exactly this will work have been thin, leaving publishers keen for more face time with the social media giant.

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From live video to VR: Publishers are gearing up to produce hours of live video for Inauguration Day

Digiday :: Publishers are gearing up to produce hours of live video for Inauguration Day. This includes all-day live coverage from CBSN and The Washington Post, as well as a four-hour live virtual reality stream from the USA Today Network.

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From live video to VR: How publishers are tackling the inauguration

Digiday :: Publishers are gearing up to produce hours of live video for Inauguration Day. This includes all-day live coverage from CBSN and The Washington Post, as well as a four-hour live virtual reality stream from the USA Today Network.

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Publishers are abandoning quick-hit content or de-emphasizing it, as display ad prices continue to decline

Digiday :: Once upon a time, volume was the name of the game in digital publishing. But today, with many major publishers cranking out hundreds of stories daily, a growing number are going the other way.

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You can call it Outbrain for newspapers, if you want. Headlines Network launches

Politico :: You can call it Outbrain for newspapers, if you want. Or perhaps a tamer Taboola. Tim Landon doesn’t particularly care how you characterize his latest network effort. Just click on his widgets – which you’ll soon see on hundreds of daily newspaper sites across the country, starting over the next two weeks – and help re-build flagging newspaper company revenues.

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Virginia Perez, Público: Media crisis comes from elitist thinking, distance from the people

EurActiv :: The media has lost its credibility because publishers do not realise they are writing for the establishment while the middle class is slowly losing its economic position, argues Virginia Perez.

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Regional publishers: how do those that remain survive?

Guardian :: As audiences shift from print to online platforms, regional publishers are reinventing their business models to ensure they still deliver.

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New York Times 2020 report: 'Journalism That Stands Apart'

New York Times :: This report, by a team of seven Times journalists, outlines the newsroom’s strategy and aspirations.

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Facebook shifts its focus away from 'professionally' produced live video

Poynter :: Publishers don’t expect Facebook to renew the deals it was pushing last spring; now Facebook wants something else.

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For Trump, the medium is not just the message, it is the office, too

CJR :: While Donald Trump might represent an alien being to political reporters, his modus operandi is unsettlingly familiar to those who have covered corporate media. Trump’s behavior is not that of a “normal” president, or even a regular politician per se, but of a loud, competitive, digitally attuned, populist media organization.

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The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer: Last call to put people at the center of everything we do

Quartz :: For nearly 20 years, communications group Edelman has been gauging the public’s trust in key institutions like business, government, and the media. You don’t need a survey of more than 33,000 people in 28 countries to know that there is an anti-establishment mood sweeping the globe, but the numbers are even more stark.

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Plenty of publishers are creating separate editorial products dedicated specifically to Donald Trump

Digiday :: Back when everyone in liberal America assumed that Donald Trump was going to lose the presidential election, plenty of editors worried about what they'd do without the extra traffic he provided. But now that he's won, plenty of publishers are creating separate editorial products dedicated specifically to Trump.

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Publishers like BuzzFeed, WaPo, The Sun and El País use Facebook Instant Articles to bundle daily must-reads

Digiday :: Facebook Instant Articles update, allowing publishers to post multiple articles in each post, is a way of replicating daily email newsletters right in Facebook’s platform. Ten publishers, among them BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, The Sun and El País, are testing out the new feature before a wider roll-out.

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How second-price auctioning can create headaches for publishers

Digiday :: The second-price auction design of header-bidding partners can create inefficiencies for publishers that don’t maximize yield.

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How second-price auctioning can create headaches for publishers

Digiday :: The second-price auction design of header-bidding partners can create inefficiencies for publishers that don’t maximize yield.

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Facebook introduces fake news filter in Germany in time for federal elections

TNW :: The Financial Times is reporting that Facebook is to roll out its fake news filter in Germany. The move comes in time for Germany’s federal elections, which are due to take place later this year.

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In interesting times, the BBC gets the most unexciting board chairman imaginable

The Guardian :: The new BBC board chair is another wealthy white male. And while Sir David Clementi is a solid chap - where will the vision for broadcasting’s future come from now.

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The BBC will struggle to make iPlayer as good as Netflix

The Guardian :: Broadcaster boss Tony Hall says beloved platform needs reinventing, but budget restraints and duty of care stand in the way.

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Publishers see short-form video views on Facebook cut in half

Digiday :: Publisher’s short-form Facebook videos have been on the wane after the algorithm has prioritized Facebook Live and the news feed has become flooded with content.

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E! News plans more original content for Snapchat Discover

Digiday :: NBCUniversal’s E! News is doubling down on original content for Snapchat Discover. With viewership for its weekly Snapchat series “The Rundown” up by 82 percent since the show’s September premiere, E! News plans to double the output to two episodes per week.

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Half the work people do can be automated: McKinsey

Tech in Asia :: A McKinsey Global Institute study across 50 countries finds a potential impact of automation on 1.1 billion workers.

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‘Consumers will rebel’: Publishers face creative challenges with Facebook’s mid-roll video ads

Digiday :: Publishers are hopeful about the chance to finally turn their Facebook videos into a revenue stream, but creative challenges await them.

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Hungarian reporter Petra Laszlo who kicked migrants gets probation

Fox News :: The Hungarian camerawoman who was filmed kicking and possibly tripping migrants along the country's border with Serbia was sentenced Thursday to three years' probation for disorderly conduct.

Continue here: www.foxnews.com

Hungarian reporter who kicked migrants gets probation

Fox News :: The Hungarian camerawoman who was filmed kicking and possibly tripping migrants along the country's border with Serbia was sentenced Thursday to three years' probation for disorderly conduct.

Continue here: www.foxnews.com

California lawmakers want to teach students how to spot fake news

Huffington Post :: Two bills introduced in the California legislature aim to stem the spread of fake news by teaching students to better evaluate online media.

Continue here: www.huffingtonpost.com

Texas congressman calls for CNN correspondent to be fired

Politico :: The day after Donald Trump refused to take a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta at a press conference, calling the network “fake news,” a Republican lawmaker has called on the channel to fire the reporter and for the reporter to be blocked from future press briefings.

Continue here: www.politico.com

Google is rolling out AMP Lite for people on low-RAM devices and slow networks

Venture Beat :: Google today said that it has started to show an even tinier version of websites for certain people browsing the internet on mobile devices. 

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How Global Radio is using new ad formats to get audio on the media plan

Digiday :: Global Radio is tackling some of digital audio’s sticking points in order to get it on the media plan. GroupM has an element of digital audio on half of its media plans, twice as many as it did last year. Global is creating new formats, like 3-D audio and dynamic creative. As well as introducing new ways of measuring what users do after hearing an ad.

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Publishers are bigger on email newsletters than ever, but they cause also a lot of design headaches

Digiday :: Publishers are embracing e-newsletters, but they can be a design nightmare or blessing, depending on your point of view. There are a plethora of email services to design for, each with their own quirks.

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Breitbart’s man in Rome: A gentle voice in a strident chorus

New York Times :: Thomas Williams, a former priest, gives an organization that sees itself as an expanding empire a foothold in the ancestral home of the Crusades.

Continue here: www.nytimes.com


How far should journalists go to get an interview with a president?

Washington Post :: How far should journalists go in pursuing an interview with a president? That debate roared recently, after MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were spotted among some revelers at Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve.

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Facebook debuts mid-roll video ads giving publishers 55% of the revenue

Recode :: Facebook will begin testing mid-roll video advertisements, giving publishers the opportunity to insert ads after viewers have watched for at least 20 seconds, Peter Kafka reports. Facebook will start selling the ads itself and giving publishers 55% of the revenue.

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Better data about your users

Nieman Lab :: The problem is not having more data. The problem is having the right, actionable data and the context of its provenance.

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Veteran Hong Kong journalists launch new, non-profit Chinese news site in defence of press freedom

Hongkong FP :: A new non-profit Chinese-language news site called Citizen News launched on January 1, 2017 in Hong Kong.

Continue here: www.hongkongfp.com

Nothing can stop the mighty Ofcom: except, perhaps, the BBC

Guardian :: The media watchdog is in charge of everything from internet speeds to Murdoch’s mergers. But regulating Broadcasting House is a challenge like no other

Continue here: www.theguardian.com


Hearst reaches agreement with AT&T

Broadcasting Cable :: Hearst Television and AT&T reached a new retransmission agreement ending a blackout of Hearst stations to DirecTV satellite subscribers that has lasted since New Year's Day.

Continue here: www.broadcastingcable.com

The NBA is streaming a game live to Facebook for the first time — but only in India

Recode :: The NBA will livestream a regular season basketball game directly to Facebook for the first time on Sunday, but there’s a catch: The game, a matchup between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings, will only be available to Facebook users in India.

Continue here: www.recode.net

Facebook's new Head Of News has deep Republican ties

Huffington Post :: Campbell Brown, a former television journalist who became an education activist, has been tapped to run Facebook’s news partnerships team.

Continue here: www.huffingtonpost.com

Facebook has hired a top TV journalist who thinks “hunger for ratings” created Donald Trump

Quartz :: Facebook said last month that it was seeking a “news executive” with at least 20 years of experience to manage its relationships with media organizations…

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Facebook says people sent 63 billion WhatsApp messages on New Year’s Eve

VentureBeat :: Facebook-owned WhatsApp today announced that people sent 63 billion messages on New Year’s Eve, setting a new record for the app that lets people have chats and make voice and video calls.

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Will a South Carolina political blogger go to jail to protect his sources?

CJR :: “I’m not going to rat a source out.” That’s what political blogger Will Folks, who runs FITSnews.com in South Carolina, told CJR this week on the eve of his latest deposition in a libel lawsuit brought by a former state lawmaker.

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Obama administration releases searchable archive of social media posts

The Verge :: President Obama’s entire social media presence as POTUS is now available in a single online archive.

Continue here: www.theverge.com

Is non-profit the way forward for papers?

journalism.co.uk :: Rachel Oldroyd, managing editor of the U.K.-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, posits that non-profit status could provide a way of saving journalism. "The ability to focus purely on journalism – rather than clickbait (the latest obsession in newsrooms desperately chasing allusive digital advertisers) is a huge draw – leading some of the US media’s brightest young and some of the country’s most senior journalists to this new model," she writes.

Continue here: www.journalism.co.uk

Vine app will shut down and become Vine Camera on January 17th

The Verge :: You'll be able to post short looping videos to Twitter, but Vine's own network will be gone.

Continue here: www.theverge.com


Fox News offered Megyn Kelly $20 million a year. Instead, she chose NBC’s promise of work-life balance

Quartz :: After Megyn Kelly announced today that she was leaving Fox News to join NBC News, many reacted with surprise at the TV journalist turning down a reported $20 million a year to stay with Fox. What’s getting less attention is one of the reasons why she made the move

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'Forbes' reaches record U.S. traffic, credits mobile users

MediaPost :: Forbes.com raked in 44.4 million unique visitors on mobile in November. Including desktop and tablet traffic, the Forbes comScore total in the U.S. last month is 56.5 million unique visitors.

Continue here: www.mediapost.com

Sunday Times says it never would have published Lance Armstrong investigation under Section 40 as media ramps up campaign

PressGazette :: The Sunday Times has warned that its historic exposure of drugs cheat cyclist Lance Armstrong would never have happened had Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act been enacted.

Continue here: www.pressgazette.co.uk

Publishing directly to platforms is a double-edged sword for publishers: Forbes' Snapchat strategy

Digiday :: Forbes is using Snapchat to reveal part of its “30 under 30” list of influential entrepreneurs. This is the first time the business pub will publish one of its big franchises first on a platform it doesn't own.

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